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Hello! I'm a random guy on the internet who has been browsing this world for 2 whole years. I'm on deviantart as someonethatexists123. Love commenting on posts.

I am into:
Mass Vore, or anything that has a lot of people/things in it.
Giantess prey.
Expanded belly, butt, and beasts. (not ssbbw, I prefer clean and smooth fat rather than flabs covering everywhere. A good rule for me is if it makes the face pudgy, its a nono for me)
Anal and oral Vore.

I am NOT into:
Furry Vore, pred or prey.
Giantess pred (unless REALLY big belly)
Sex or sex-related objects. (This ain't a sex dungeon)
MALE VORE, ESPECIALLY AS PRED. (there are some exceptions, but they're few and far between.)
Cock Vore.
Unbirth/Womb Vore.

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