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Alexa could get lost in her bed sheets forever. As summer spilled over into fall and each morning brought warm rays sifted through the blinds onto her bed, she swam in comfort. It was an ocean of pillows smothered by waves of comforter she'd had to shrug off for fear of sweat a week before. The tangle of blankets bound her and, in an erotic way she didn't ever want to admit, it felt good to be trapped and squeezed into the tight embrace.
"Alexa?" the voice of her mother was

wiped the sweat from her brow as she stood from her potting work.
Though the glint of the fleeting sun cast a gleam across the rest of
her effort-soaked, bovine body it was the drip of sweat in her eye
that had annoyed her the most. Even freshly slicked across her
forearm it caused a nuisance.
eyes drifted from the promising pots full of freshly transplanted
flowers out across the wavering fields of grain. The harvest would be
robust this year. Adding onto that the money and succulent d

Message: You have entered The Glutton's Inn. Welcome, tasters and
tasted to a place of singular desires. Relax on one of many
comfortable couches, by a fire or the stage if you dare. Shows happen
at the whim of the dancers. Get a drink at the bar from (Character no
longer exists) or help yourself. Have fun and respect the rules.
Darla: You've got to try boosting your LM.
Darla: The chances duplicate.
Darla: And no, Voz, the ancient skeleton overlords are not t

gasped as her eyes cracked open to see Chelsey's face. Her roomate's
concerned features were hazy from the morning sunlight peeking
through the blinds, but she was no illusion. The only phantasm was
Daisy's too-real-feeling dream.
was a split-second between Daisy's waking and utter embarrassment.
Her cheeks burned at the memory of being reduced to a meal – and
the slickness against her hand, tucked beneath the covers, told her
she'd enjoyed it. Fear seeped in with the embarrassment

what now?' Daisy asked herself as she opened the box of scented
candles and began restocking them. Work was quiet so late in the
evening, but it seemed plenty of people had needed candles earlier
on. The sweet scents of cinnamon and apple mixing stronger and
stronger with each candle placed.
got to be a better predator. You've got to show them who's boss!'
Daisy's inner enthusiast cried out to her. The mental image of
herself as a cheerleader jumped up and down with pom-poms shaki

just about ready,” Kendra said to the figure in the darkness of her
study as she leaned over her desk to type. She scanned the entries on
her V-List page and tried to remember if there was anything she had
forgotten. She thought, 'All the other preds and preys are notified.
Just Saleen left, right? But she's not online . . .'
you sure you want to do this?” the figure asked, softly spoken.
Their form obscured in the shadows cast by Kendra's body before her
computer screen.

Bing! Bing! Bing!
Daisy gritted through her teeth as she stumbled into her apartment
laden with grocery bags.
again?” Chelsey asked in a relaxed sigh from the couch while her
boyfriend bolted upright from somewhere closer to the floor.
Daisy said with a grumble, hauling the clattering sacks toward the
apartment's tiny kitchen.
uh, I'll call you,” said the male voice now out of sight from the
disgruntled Daisy.
cellphone continued binging

I was wrong. Please let me out,” Gina pleaded, voice muffled
through the predator's tightly drawn skin. The prey's hands pressing
against the stomach walls tingling with enzymes to form bulges on the
person-size swell of Daisy's belly.
could hardly believe she'd fit the entire redhead down her slippery
throat to an awaiting, certain doom. There was shock and delight
coursing through her as she claimed every curve, every fullness, and
every inch of those endless legs in their sh

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TessaYung's Blog - Un-Fin Continues! Posted 7 years ago

Hey folks.

So I got delayed even more with chapter 3 due to personal illness. Last Tuesday I got super lightheaded at work and since then I've had varying levels of lightheaded-ness and body pains. I don't mean to muddle things by talking about my personal life, but after visiting the ER my blood work and exam came back fine. No idea what caused it except for theories regarding an ear issue I'd recovered from rapidly. Anyway!

Chapter 3 is all story and no erotica. I am writing both a self-discovery narrative with romance and kink thrown in so occasionally the chapters will be all story. Chapter 4 and 5 should be purely erotic, however. At least predominately. I don't want to sacrifice the story I was writing just to make lewds, but lewds are part of the story - so...
[ Continued ... ]

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Hey. If you're still around, would you mind if your stories were used to help train a custom vore AI module for NovelAI or similar AI writing system? The stories would just be fed into this system to train the module, they would not be saved by the system or be recoverable from the final module file. I like your writing and think it would be good to include in this dataset, but want to check if that's OK with you.

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