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Matt’s stomach rumbled loudly. He gave it an uncomfortable rub through his shirt and

threw a glance at

the wall clock. Thirty minutes


until lunch. He sighed and took another sip of


coffee, hoping it would calm his empty belly

a little

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a spin-off to Dealer’s Dilemma, another story of mine. In chapter 3, Mitch swallows an unfortunate guy, and this story follows what they do afterwards. The story starts with a short recap from that chapter. Hope you enjoy!


“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Yeah’s that’s all.” Seth said

Frank’s Automobile Repair lay quiet in the night. The entire industrial area was eerily devoid of life at this hour and it would be a long time until the first workers showed up for their morning shifts. But the roaring sound of a car disturbed the silence. It rushed down the main road, heading for the repair shop. It speeded up the driveway to the shop and stopped right outside of the entrance, its tires screeching loudly as it braked.

To describe Seth’s situation inside Frank’s stomach like hell was not enough. It was more like purgatory. Not only was he entombed inside a hot, humid, stinking chamber where the giant’s every movement shook his world – he was also imprisoned together with Philip, his one true love, who refused to talk to or even touch him. Whenever the stomach walls kneaded them together, Philip would frantically try to push him off and get as far away as he could. Seth was devastated by

In all the years that Seth had eaten people he had barely given thought to what the experience was like for them. The experience for him had only been about putting them in his mouth, wetting them down a little, and then swallowing them. From there on his job was done and all he had to do was to enjoy their blissful struggles inside his stomach. What it was like for the tiny men themselves never crossed his mind, as it never was something he was going to experience himself.

Philip hung up the phone and put it down next to him on the couch. He was a bit perplexed after the call with that Frank guy, Seth’s boss. He had sounded a little strange after he had introduced himself as Seth’s boyfriend. Had Seth not talked about their relationship at work? Or was Seth not open with his sexuality? Sure, working at a car mechanics shop could mean a male-dominated and heteronormative culture, but Philip thought Seth had such thick skin that he wouldn’t care wh

Life proceeded for Seth in the strangest way. He continued dating Philip while simultaneously continuing his job dealing shrunken people for his boss, Frank. And Philip knew just as much about Frank as Frank knew about Philip: nothing. Zero. Seth had to keep those two worlds as far from each other as possible. Philip couldn’t find about him working in a criminal business that literally kidnapped, shrunk, trafficked, and killed innocent people. And Frank couldn’t find out that Seth wa

Power. It was all about power.

Man’s deep desire to rule, to dominate and to devour the weaker - both metaphorically and literally speaking. This primal need had existed within men ever since they had started walking on two legs. For thousands of years, they got to live out this destructive behavior without resistance. Nothing was stopping them. Every man was the king of his own world.

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