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Summer had come, the search for the missing college student had died down and was forgotten by Spring. The python, meanwhile, had not left the dorms, but always hid well within the vents or areas that the majority of humans would not go.The human bulge had been completely digested and disposed of elsewhere far away, but the python returned to his new territory, finding the humans to be more delicious and just as filling if not more filling than other prey he'd consumed. And the prey was also eas

The dark woods was no place for a young boy, even one that believes himself to be fearless like Arthur or Wart as his uncle calls him. He was alone in the dark woods where even the light seemed to be darkened by the trees above.Still he was on a mission to find the arrow that Kay had lost due to Wart falling on him. Plus it was better being in here than dealing with that man's wrath.. or so he thought for now.The boy lacked any instinct to be on alert even with the warning that wolves were in th

The girl had become used to night foraging for roots and berries when most of the pokemon were asleep and less likely to bother her as she ventured through the land. She needed to feed her family and Pokemon at home after all, every little bit counts. And this night felt like every other night, if only she'd noticed that the land was quieter much faster. Usually there would be nocturnal sounds from the wilds, but tonight it was quiet.. but peacefulness didn't come with it. She noticed later on t

In Toro's CageThe carnotaurus was nearly at their heels as Darius and Kenji ran for their lives in the most literal fashion as the dinosaur hunted them down, missing her target when they turned quicker than her and she hit trees or gravel, much to her embarrassment. Still she refused to give up and continued the chase.The two boys saw the fence and their freedom, hope flaring in their bodies that gave them a boost of energy as they ran towards the fence and towards what looked like a feeding cag

The hydra yawns each of their mouths in near unison as they slip out of their cave close to the beach that he slept the night before. The hot sun shining upon dark scales, warming the body up and helping the large snake-like hydra with movement towards the beach.Today was none other then the VoreCity Summer Bash that he had heard of in the Spring with a fellow predator who was planning on attending as well. The Hydra, Nathair watched the summer prey and predator enjoying themselves.It is a whole

The large 40 foot adder had escaped the mansion that was it's original territory after having been nearly killed by some annoying humans and their guns.Yawn managed to venture further and further from where Raccoon City had been, leaving behind it's smaller brethren to find a new home and safety away from those guns that the humans used against it. The mountains became but a memory to the large adder as it ventured further and further from them and down into other places, travelling by night so

The Hidden World had it's safety from the humans that wanted to bring extinction to the dragons. It had it's own vast beauty within the world, right down to some of it's inhabitants like Dart.She is one of the first Night Fury and Light Fury hybrid, a Nightlight as her species would be called. She had grown up to be a beautiful dragon that shared more of the dark scales of her father along her back, but still had some white on her feet, tips of ears and tail, nose, and along her belly. Her blue

He had left his village upon Lord Moreau's orders; which to him was a great honor, to serve under one of the four lords.What he didn't expect was the experimentation that followed from the strange man, if that is what one could call Lord Moreau after seeing him and undergoing experiments to please Mother Miranda. The experimentation was painful enough, but the fish-like man had gone a step further into the Lycan transformation and added to the already monstrous form. Making the change extra pain

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As with all artists sometimes you just need a break. I know I opened requests and commissions, and I apologize for this.
Reasons: I need to focus on college and my life a little more. And unsure if this will be a few weeks or months.
I will still be around to fave, comment, and talk just to check in. But as of now, everything is on hold. If anyone had requested a commission, you can take your commission/requests elsewhere, no harm done.
Thank you for reading and understanding.

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No problem. Spectrier is an underrated and underappreciated predator. I can't even find much vore with that horse.

It's a crying shame, really.

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