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Just a writer of fatal vore. likes under age vore, feral preds, pythons, crocodiles, and human prey. And of course love to talk.

100% Prey. Lover of Reptiles.

Discord is open very selectively. PMs are always open

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The springs in the caves were rumored to be the most delicious and filling of waters. Or at least that is what he had been told by his mother and elder herd mates growing up.He has grown into such a handsome buck, with his dark shade of green along his body, and elegant dark horns and long bushy tail. He was a credit to the Kelbi race for sure.Today was almost like any other day, only he was in the need for an adventure to the rumored cave spring that was in the nearby mountains. "I am going to

The missing became an almost normal rumor. Every month or so, a student vanishes, there was no trace or trail to where they had gone, and things returned to normal. No one ever guessing that their fellow classmates had become food for a large python that made it's home within the campus. The python had found the abundance of food that came and went to be delicious. And the humans quite filling. Graduation was upon the other students that didn't meet their end as snake food. But like always, the

Life in Hawkins had been quite changed due to the heavy earthquake that tore through the town. It had been weeks since then and there were many that left and few that stayed, one of which was a certain Senior that had been trying to just fit into high school.Ryley Evren had moved with his parents to their mobile home on the outskirts of Hawkins, close to where Eddie and Max had lived, not that he had much chance of meeting them, nor having the courage to say anything besides a shy wave. He didn'

It had been a month since Credence and Nagini made their escape from their abusive life at the circus that treated them less than the creatures that were exploited their for profit. Seeking out his mother was an unfortunate dead end thanks to a wizard that killed the one lead that Credence went on. It left him in a lost mood. Nagini had seen the soft side of his twisted magic of the Obscurus, and saw the darker side of it's wrath and hatred. The note remained clutched in shaking hands as he trie

Erica and Josh had recently got done moving into their new home. A new home, new job, and a baby soon to be on the way. They could not be any happier as they lived their life, getting used to everything. Even though Erica wasn't due to deliever for a least two more months, they still remained excited.A door bell rang one day while Josh was getting ready to go to work and walked out to see who it was. Instead he saw a shipping driver drive away and there was a box on their door step. He stared do

The take over of Death Eaters at Hogwarts had been a nightmare for many students through the year. One tiniest of rules broken could result in being tortured to near madness among other things. Worse is when one's blood status is discovered or anything of the like.Such as with the way of some Muggleborns that were found out. Their blood considered to be dirty and somehow were a stain on Wizardkind. The ones that were found out were taken away and not seen again. Killed was the rumor. By what? No

The story is always told of Little Red Riding Hood and how she has always gotten free of the wolf in the end, safe and sound. Always told over and over again.And like always, the play was put on at the elementary school for some credit and fun for the kids. And of course, she got the role to play Little Red Riding Hood. Jess was thrilled for the part, even if she would be eaten and all of that, it was still a fun role to play in.The sun set and the play was on.Everyone was inside, watching the k

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Apologies to all that like and are awaiting updates on my stories, I appreciate it really!
However, as of August 16th and unknown how many times after, I will be unable to update due to focusing on my studies as I move into uni.
I will be around lurking, faving, and commenting. But as for updates, I am unsure when I will update again.
Again I am sorry to all, but real life comes first.

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