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The young Kirin ventured deeper into the darkness of the wood.As usual, he would find himself lost in the Equestrian woods after dark. He partly blamed himself for staying in to long, having discovered what he believed was a new species of seapony that lived in the rivers over the oceans.. much smaller to. But they fled when he got to close..Well, at least he wrote and doodled what these new.. Riverponies looked like. With a flash of his horn that glowed a bright blue, the parchments disappeared

He had to take this time to look back on what exactly somehow brought him to this moment in the foggiest and creepiest wooded area he'd ever seen in his life..The dare sounded simple enough. To go into the Slumbering Weald and stay in there for thirty minutes.. a dare that he had seen others do. A sort of strange rite of passage where you just sit in the woods for a bit and come out and somehow you're a new person..Sounded simple... the reality now though was weighing on him. Having no Pokemon i

forests were perfectly made for something such as them due to their
own darker scales along their bodies, their other part of the pack
had broken off to pursue their own territory.
chose to stay due to how the feel of the forest, and how it wasn't to
chilly, and maybe he just happened to like the scent some of the
trees gave off... or the plentiful food here. Only he knows for sure,
and his thoughts change.
scale pattern was called Woodland, not that he'd know that. It fit
well along

seasons seem to come and go in the blink of an eye.
colder seasons were upon the land, and Kaa always found herself
exploring a more human inhabitated area due to their warm homes.
cold night air chilled her, but it was the best way to get through
the neighborhoods without detection aside from a few dogs barking at
her, causing her to slither quicker away before a human spotted her.
houses were always fun to her, like a gift she could open and always
win a prize or more. After al

like all trainers, had set out to begin her Pokemon journey in the
Galar Region. Her starter being a Grookey, and collecting Pokemon as
well as badges to be able to challenge the elite leaders as well as
control her pokemon better with the higher level they get.
8 is where she took the time to rest along the dusty steps, massaging
her feet after a nice long day of adventure.
dry grass rustling caught her attention and she looked to see
nothing, aside from the ground seeming to lif

perk some from the sounds of music growing louder with every few
steps his paws took along the grass and soft dirt that silenced his
approach. More curious than hunting as he slowly saw the strange den
that seemed to be the location.
and different colored lights flashing that was unnamed by the wolf,
but in human terms, were flashing orange and purple most out of the
red and black lights.
was a Halloween party where all were enjoying the last hours. Either
listening to the beat of

large red wings help glide him along in the sky, just above the trees
that he could nearly touch with his sharp white claws.
was a time that the dark sky was on his side. Where the moon's
absence hid the Dragon-type while he hunted, searching for something
to settle his stomach that wanted dinner.
as always, his luck will play out as, while he was in the darkness,
his eyes could see just as easily as if it were day.
had a peace about it. From the unique pillar formations

since breaking away from the Lockwood estate, she had swam the river,
keeping out of sight and only resurfacing for air and her location
which became less wooded sometimes, more inhabited by humans other
times, and at times in between.
was trying to get as much miles from the estate as she could. And
found fish to be just enough to get her by.
though she found herself in a more shallow part of the river and her
body threatened to reveal itself to potential danger.
was a ne

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College has started, so I shall be very slow with commissions and writings in general.

I'll still be open to commission. But, I will be slow. So if you can bare with me, than you can still ask for commissions!

Thank you for understanding.

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Posted by PikachuX2073 3 months ago Report

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You're welcome!
You did a great job on the story.


Posted by Wildwhombats 3 months ago Report

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Posted by HungryNacho 5 months ago Report

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you're welcome :)


Posted by StarGaver 7 months ago Report

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No problem Riley!


Posted by emilbootanimefreak 7 months ago Report

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No problem


Posted by MysteriousGuy 7 months ago Report

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No prob. Love the Pokemon story.

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Posted by humadragon2016 7 months ago Report

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no prob


Posted by scag2807 8 months ago Report

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You're welcome again x)


Posted by HereticRAIDAA 8 months ago Report

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No worries!


Posted by Skittles209 8 months ago Report

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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 8 months ago Report

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Ok, I see. And that's fair, hope inspiration will come back again then^^ and maybe when I have money again I'll consider taking a commission as well. But won't promise that yet^^; will definitely take a look and consider it tho. Will also definitely shoot you a message soon/in a couple days with some ideas and am gonna brainstorm until I have some^^ wishing you a good day and luck, keep up the great work<3

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