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Just a writer of fatal vore. likes under age vore, feral preds, pythons, crocodiles, and human prey. And of course love to talk.

100% Prey. Lover of Reptiles.

Discord is open very selectively. PMs are always open

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It had been a month since Credence and Nagini made their escape from their abusive life at the circus that treated them less than the creatures that were exploited their for profit. Seeking out his mother was an unfortunate dead end thanks to a wizard that killed the one lead that Credence went on. It left him in a lost mood. Nagini had seen the soft side of his twisted magic of the Obscurus, and saw the darker side of it's wrath and hatred. The note remained clutched in shaking hands as he trie

Erica and Josh had recently got done moving into their new home. A new home, new job, and a baby soon to be on the way. They could not be any happier as they lived their life, getting used to everything. Even though Erica wasn't due to deliever for a least two more months, they still remained excited.A door bell rang one day while Josh was getting ready to go to work and walked out to see who it was. Instead he saw a shipping driver drive away and there was a box on their door step. He stared do

The take over of Death Eaters at Hogwarts had been a nightmare for many students through the year. One tiniest of rules broken could result in being tortured to near madness among other things. Worse is when one's blood status is discovered or anything of the like.Such as with the way of some Muggleborns that were found out. Their blood considered to be dirty and somehow were a stain on Wizardkind. The ones that were found out were taken away and not seen again. Killed was the rumor. By what? No

The story is always told of Little Red Riding Hood and how she has always gotten free of the wolf in the end, safe and sound. Always told over and over again.And like always, the play was put on at the elementary school for some credit and fun for the kids. And of course, she got the role to play Little Red Riding Hood. Jess was thrilled for the part, even if she would be eaten and all of that, it was still a fun role to play in.The sun set and the play was on.Everyone was inside, watching the k

Shanti was having the worst night as she entered the jungle that had been forbidden for her to venture into, given of the tiger and other dangers in there. But Ranjan, her brother, had gone in, and she was going to try and bring him back.. realizing part way in that she was in over her head.Bats and birds should not have been the scariest to find, but to her, they were out to get her. Even the bushes seemed to grab for her, much to her terror. She had no idea how Ranjen could have ever been so f

Kaa had been disturbed from his slumber by his old panther friend and a younger voice he hadn't heard before. It got him curious enough to allow himself to drop his head down through the branches and leaves to see something that was rarely seen in the jungle, especially one so young... a mancub.And this mancub was with Bagheera, so he was under the old panther's protection.. the old panther that had picked the wrong tree for them to sleep in. Believing that it was probably the safest place to be

It was almost so delightful when the python felt the dorms come alive again with the walking of feet. He had finished off the last of the freshman that was once called Matt. And, like the meals before, no one could find the missing student. They had discovered his belongings, but the trail went cold quickly. They only found the last text he sent. But it was clear he'd not left the dorms...But again, nothing could be found.And the python got away with another meal that filled his belly and satisf

When the Ministry of Magic began to recruit witches and wizards to the unpredictable magic that had began to flow into the Muggle world, he, like many others, signed up with the knowledge and risks of the tasks ahead.Nate Morrison had gained his experience in the few years in the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, facing Oddities and Artefacts like the rest. Always happy and cheerful to lend a helping hand.Like all days, this one seemed no different. A wizard's work was never done, so when he got th

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