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Kong belched, and picked a long, auburn hair from between his teeth,
flicking it aside with one hand. He rested his other hand on his
belly, which at the moment was stretched around a large, wiggling,
oddly shaped lump in his midsection. A woman's muffled cries could be
heard from within, audible but unintelligible.
Nrrrgh! Plzzzzz!" Pauline screamed from the ape's gorged gut,
but no one paid her any mind, least of all the gorilla she was stuc

here!" Allie exclaimed, clapping her hands in delight as she
spied the delivery truck out the window, with 'EXOTIC IMPORTS'
stamped in huge red letters on the side. She dashed outside
excitedly, eagerly awaiting her package. A young man stepped out of
the cab, reading a slip of paper with an apprehensive expression.
you... Allie?" he asked her, looking down at the young girl, who
nodded emphatically.
yes! Did you bring it?"
read the card again

we come, Mommy? Please?"
Mommy, it's been ever so long since we've been to the market!"
said no, children. You know it's too dangerous," Magdaline
chided her young children as she and her husband Frederick prepared
themselves for a venture to the marketplace.
whined Ethel, a skinny little girl of nine years.
why?" pouted her brother Hannes, a chubby boy three years
I've stated only just now an

Hannah, over here!"
is it, George?"
found something! I think this might be it!"
Flanders stood on a patch of hard desert rock, staring at the ancient
stone slab before him. The sun beat down on him with furious heat,
and the warm breeze pelted him with sand, but he didn't care. His
attention was focused entirely on the intricate, eerie carvings
etched into the stone, worn by millenia of erosion but still
miraculously visible.

give it up for Bertha!" Jamie shouted with big smile, gesturing
grandly at the monstrous hippopotamus that he shared the stage with.
The crowd cheered and applauded in response, as Bertha knelt on her
front legs, bowing as she had been trained.
does it for us, thanks everyone for coming!" cried Ella, Jamie's
fellow trainer and performer. As the crowd emptied out of the arena,
the pair of circus employees led their star back to the pens to put
her away for the

grimaced in disgust as Jabba's tongue slid up her neck. His breath
was foul and hot, and she resisted the urge to retch. She had never
felt so utterly violated and humiliated. Her hands and feet were
shackled, preventing her to escape or resist Jabba's pleasures. Her
body was exposed, with only the most meager of coverings over her
privates, and the crowd of filthy undesirables filling Jabba's throne
room jeered at her. She set her jaw and fixed her gaze on the frozen
Han Solo, reminding he

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