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I'm new to having an account, but I have been lurking on and off for about as long as the site itself existed.
I'm okay with just about everything that you'd expect from a "normal" bisexual human male for an oddly greater value of "normal" than normal, strong, smart and gentle men and woman, fitness ranging from pleasantly plush to body builder's contest day. The traits of a good caretaker or provider, the completely normal stuff that you'd be concerned for someone if they *didn't* like. As well as some of the ideals that are being pushed onto the public mindset, such as the dangerous dehydrated end of the fitness spectrum, even with Master granting me awareness I will not claim to be immune to them. All in all my sexual deviations are minimal when compared to genuine deviants.
-Trap; It's ya bro but he can pass for a hoe! What's not to love (other than the innate potential for deception)? (imagining the creepy smile is optional)
Tomboy; It's ya girl, but she's ya bro! Who needs hoes when your bro's DTF and compatible? I wouldn't, that's for sure.
Loli; my sexual attraction to them tends to vary wildly, from "yeah I would be easily aroused from relevant stimulus" to "Lizard Brain override code: BREED NOW!", though I've never actually hit that cap with loli, the first time I think I hit that was with Unbirth, but that limit could always be higher than I think it is.
Vore Kinks:
Unbirth, this is the big one here, the super sex star prancing down the catwalk in all her glory, especially if it's in the same-size range.
Anal vore is the "girl next door" follow up.
"Endosama" for both of them is nearly a necessity, but I can accept pleasurable digestion if it includes a type of reformation that can't be bypassed by the predator *period*, since that bypasses most of the "fridge horror" presented by such a thing.

Hammerspace is "eh", sometimes it's great sometimes it's just there.

Anti-fetishes: Cock vore, hard/graphic digestion, scat, piss, farting, and in a twist of poetic irony, pregnancy and inflation, as both of them are typically consequences of my preferred voreaphilia media.
Gore in all it's forms is void of sexual stimulation, *non-sexual* stimulation however, well, let's just say that the VR game Gorn makes me giggle like a schoolgirl when I'm not cackling like a super villain.
I *want* to dislike bone disposal for the obvious enough reasons, but some of the artists here are making that difficult, even for the vore types I *merely* dislike.
I HATE^8^8^8^8^8^8^8^8 Futanari, Dickgirls, Tgirls, Shemales, Gynomorphic Hermaphrodites, (and Andromorphic hermaphrodites to a lesser yet still "incomprehensible to mortals" extent) or whatever the hell they're called now. Yes, that's a *POWER TOWER* of hatred, and I'm still understating how much it pisses me off.

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I'm really happy you enjoyed my fic man! I'm surprised though, it didn't seem like one that would check your boxes.


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Thanks for the Fav!

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