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Albert’s Decline
Wolfgang Wolfe
2011 6:55pm
happened again today at work. I think people actually noticed this
time too. I was told writing a blog can help reign in these feelings,
so uh, here we go. I’ve been doing really well the past 2 years you
know? Keeping everything under control, actually enjoying
my new job and all that. And let me tell you, I abhor office work,
but this has been…tolerable. Anyway, I’m rambling, here’s what
happened. I think it was T

Steve had always played around with the idea of eating Chris. But only Chris was surprised when Steve actually intended to do it. You see, Steve and Chris were voraphiles. The idea of something or…someone curled up in a big, burly belly always got them going. They were both gainers also; it was a bit of a two-for.

In flirtatious texts, links on YouTube, online role play sessions and several other mediums, the two shared their interest in vore and bellies. They even brought it into the

Caledonian Forest means a lot of things to a lot of people. Aside from being one of the last remaining forests in Scotland, it's also a host to a number of rare and interesting wildlife. Aside from this, it's a place of myth and legend to the Scottish, but to a few American tourists every year, it's a great place to get out, hike, and experience nature at its finest. But that is not all it is by any means, it's a place of secrets and of superstitions, and not all of these superstitions are false

With the exception of the few flickering, colored lights from a DS, the guard shack was absolutely dreary. Somewhere a moth drifted about, lured to the light that it so craved. In trying to get closer all it succeeded in doing was annoying the large guard bull playing the aforementioned handheld system. The moth would occasionally flutter by his muzzle and startle him, or land on his shoulder as though it were getting a better view.

This was quite unfortunately the only company he had most ni


It was always…funny walking into Torsten's home. Sure, Wolfgang wanted to be there, but there was something about having to stifle his desire for pouncing the bull in front of his parents that made him giggle just a bit. But finally they were sequestered up in Torsten's room and engaging in their usual activities; snuggling on the bed. Besides, after all that rigorous Guitar Hero playing, one had to take a break.

“Hangar 18 is the greatest song that ever hurt your han

Dramamine could hardly believe it as he opened the envelope, and as he got off the plane and out of the limo. He was in front of the door, so disbelief was not an option right now. His paw rose nervously to the doorbell, a knot forming in his gullet before he finally mustered up the courage to ring it.

“He's just a person.” Dramamine muttered to himself, trying to keep his heart from exploding out of his chest. “Just a person like anyone else…a hot, funny, rich person

Kenai felt absolutely miserable. Hearing Koda's story had put all the pieces into place. He knew why he was here, he knew why he was a bear, and he knew just what he had done wrong. He had killed Koda's mother. He tried to get as far away as he could, trudging through the forest so he could do anything but look Koda in the face and confess what he had done. How could he? Koda believed he had a brother and a friend, and instead he had simply made the acquaintance of a murderer.

He kept on walk

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While talking to a friend about writing and arting and all that good stuff, I am presented with a problem.

I really enjoy writing. Not just the porns and fetishy stuff I write here, but in general. However, as far as the stuff I post here, I would love to have (at the very least one, in an ideal world all) my stories illustrated.

Maybe something in comic form, maybe a few frames of particularly interesting plot points. The dilemma occurs from 2 things:

1) Me being cheap, or genuinely not having the dough to commission someone to do page upon page of work.

2) Me not wanting to be "that guy" who just buddies up to artists for my own needs. It's kind of a dick move.

I do legitimately want to collaborate and team up...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Mcleod 10 years ago Report

Ahhh; Wolfgang, I've enjoyed your stories for a number of years now. From when I first discovered the joys of vore back in 06': to now, and I hope in the future as well. You and your stories have been here (including other various site pretaining to vore.) for our viewing pleasure, and I just wanted to say thank you.

I particularly enjoyed that stories bases upon the Disney© movies. Which in-turn lead me to a number of your; for the lack of a better word original stories. Over the years that I've been on the internet I've found very few writers that can describe the process of vore as well as you do, nor do they incorporate the weight-gain associated with ingesting so many calories shall we say.

I apologize for not commenting on your literature over the years that I've been on the Portal. I know this single comment won't make up for lack of support over the years, but I just wanted you to know that I've been a fan for many years and will continue to be a part of your fandom.



Posted by BigBadBear 10 years ago Report

Heheh! Thanks for the watch ^^
Glad you like my Aethian and Rax comic *hugs*


Posted by zanten 10 years ago Report

Thank you so much! *hug*


Posted by zanten 10 years ago Report

Thank you for the favs and watch! :D


Posted by BigBadBear 11 years ago Report

Heheh, glad you like that com for Jag ^^ thanks for the fav


Posted by Snookums 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by Blue-Dragon 11 years ago Report

thankies for the watch ^^


Posted by Ante 11 years ago Report

Why hello there.


Posted by corgeh 11 years ago Report

Aww, you are too sweet! ;_; You are most welcome, and thank *you* for the watch and favs! :3

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