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welcome to my page
here you can find several stories about vore and unbirth. I'll try to answer everything you ask, just have a little patience
English is not very good, sorry for that, because I do not speak English.
I hope you like the stories.

If you see a comment in another language you can ask that I answer, is that I can accidentally forget to translate.

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The next day…


Dina had just woken up, she was still sleepy, with the new guest she could not sleep properly.

- That sleep…. If only Jane could fall asleep ...... and it looks like she's sleeping well .... while she does not wake up, I think I'm going to throw away what to eat ....

The elf takes a piece of bread and prepares a juice with some fruits that were on the table.

This story takes place in a fantasy world. Jane is a well-known pharmacist in town, as she was focused on her research she often forgot to eat, that made her thin, she always had her hair tied, she lived and worked in a small wooden hut along with her assistant Dina , a mongrel elf, with blond hair and fair skin, unlike the pure elves she had dark eyes and smaller ears, and unlike Jane she already had a larger body with well-defined curves.


[Saturday - 1:03 a.m.]

With the past events Alana had not been able to sleep, the anxieties were stamped on her face, it was obvious that she wanted to repeat that, but her cat would not let her do it again so easily. The way it was to get another victim for her amusement, but in the meantime, she would have fun with what she had.

[Saturday - 8:00 a.m.]


Alana wakes up sca

"Then I'll be going by tomorrow."

"see you tomorrow. Hey Alana, tomorrow will open a pizzeria near the subway station, you want to go with agent after work? "

"Sorry, I have to study for college, in case my grades drop I can lose my scholarship."

"Ah ... then maybe we can go another day."

"........ OK, then we'll book then."

After a few hours of fun, Sarah hears the cellphone ringing, with a broom she manages to pull it out of her reach, it was another of her colleagues calling to announce that the rematch date was today and asked to notify Anna Kayla and Mia, because I had not been able to talk to them.






One month after the start of intensive training Emma feels she can already test the results in practice. When she wakes up she gets her purse, but this time she puts another bag containing a frozen mouse and goes to the bathroom to take her shower. It was about time she wanted to teach a lesson in that office and she thought of a great idea. When she leaves the bath she starts to put on her blouse and combs her hair, when she is finishing her hair, she bends down. Kaa who was on the floor of the

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