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lol i've been gone a thousand years, earning bunches of money cause of my new position, which is awsome cause i can better fund my drawwinnnggss. but sucks cause it takes time away from actually being able to draw at the same time. anyways, now that things are calming down, im gonna try to keep my presents on here. hopefully ya'll will see more from me but i make no promises @[email protected]

anyways, what i actually aim to do here is just draw m/m vore cause i dont see much of it. I will excusively draw m/m only cause thats what im into <3 hopefully I master coloring soon so my stuff will be lit af. In case it wasn't obvious, I'm a prey boy~ love those internal shots and handsome preds~

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Okay so I was hoping to get some interesting ideas on what to do after the prey is swallowed. Like I love every part of vore, from being swallowed, to being someone's steamy turd or hot cum stain, and everything in between. Except one part. In that window between just swallowed, to digested.. I'm not sure how I could make that interesting ;_; like I want the pred to torment the prey somehow, but Idk how? Basically I want something interesting to be going on in that window, while the prey is being digested at the same time. Any comments are appreciated~ Plleeassseee helppp mee

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Posted by Vishis 2 years ago Report

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Yay filth!


Posted by Jerich07 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch and favs!

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Posted by Malezor 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by deletedga908614 2 years ago Report

thanks all <3 i hope i get my own gallery soon too haha. luv alllll your work ^^ i've been checking it all out waayyy before I made this account

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Posted by AshLovehart 2 years ago Report

Thanks again for the favorites! I guess you aren't very talkative though! :P Hope to see your art soon!


Posted by EnunaBaeLune 2 years ago Report

Another m/m fan? You've got good taste :9

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Posted by merlovinit 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the follow. Good luck with your art ^^

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