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Name: Snaz Dragomaw
Age: 20
Species: Dragon
Sex: Male
Occupation: Busting my ass off in trucks to keep this company flowing/ author/ video editor
Hobbies: Sculpting/ messing with new vore toys/ airsoft/ gaming/ exploring
Style: Steampunk as always. "Once you go steam, you go fullsteam ahead!"
Personality: Shy/ funny/ random/ nice/

I am Snaz, a dragon that could make any vore dream a reality. Using my sculpting skills and experience with soft rubbers that mimic mouth tissue. I open the doors to endless possibilities for realistic vore itself. Making real life vore toys is my goal here at Dragomaw, as-well as making prices fair and cheap for everyone to enjoy these toys. So to answer those questions I get allot about, "Why my toys are expensive?" Understand that I hardly see any profit from developing these toys. There is allot of people who really want one these toys, but are either afraid or don't trust my work. Well you know what I say to that, you will never find out how the toys are until you actually try, your also missing out. Just like I did when I started Dragomaw. I told myself I have no experience whatsoever to work with this hard to understand material, until I finally mastered the skill, I began posting here. So in other words, I know what I am doing, and I know my toys are 100% approved by me before I ship any of them out to anyone. I will never... ever... ship out a toy I do not approve of. You just have to learn to trust me. I took the time to invest lots of money and time for people around the world could finally enjoy a realistic vore toy.

Frequently asked questions:

Question: "Can you make toys different colors?"
Answer: "Yes, I can customize any color you like. I even have translucent."

Question: "Can you make other vore toys besides dragons?"
Answer: "Don't let my name and species fool you. Yes, I can make other animal vore toys."

Question: "Do you do other vore fetishes as-well?"
Answer: "My goal is to make any VORE related fetish out there. So yes!"

Question: "Do you offer payment plans?"
Answer: "Yes, not on tongues though. Only vore throats and custom toys. Even for giant toys"

Questions: "Do you RP?"
Answer: "Sometimes. Just not when I am busy."

Commissions for Public toys: OPEN

Giant Toy Commissions. Only doing 2 per year:
<Snowee Giant Liger>


SAMPLE SET $6.50: http://dragomaw.webs.com/apps/webstore/

TONGUES: http://dragomaw.webs.com/tongues
1.Tongue Double Sided (Will no longer be double sided after December 15) $75
2. Mini Tongue $35
3. Orca Tongue $100
4. Dragon's Split Tongue $90

Throats Cost $220 and all are based on the throat system:
Buy throat here: http://dragomaw.webs.com/the-throat-order
1. Tight Squeeze
2. Dragons Throat
3. Tailhole
4. Orca
5. Uvula Throat

SALIVA: http://dragomaw.webs.com/saliva
8oz Non Scented Saliva $15
16oz Non Scented Saliva $25
Non-toxic and safe on skin

Befriend me on FB or Instagram, just ask.

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Posted by shadowwolfgp 5 years ago Report

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hun its me Neko


Posted by 9kirby99 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To dragomaw

The full sized vore creature, of course. XD The liger.


Posted by 9kirby99 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To dragomaw

How much is it going to cost in the end?


Posted by 9kirby99 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To dragomaw

Ever thought about making models for other animals? Deer, maybe fox, Orca (;3), and for pokemon lovers, Latias, Lugia, and the like?


Posted by 9kirby99 5 years ago Report

Hey, I heard you were making a Macro liger!


Posted by Anubkin32 5 years ago Report

You've got a wonderful idea here man, I wouldn't be surprised if you already have people lining up to buy them X3

Hyena Boi

Posted by Hyena Boi 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To dragomaw

Anytime <3


Posted by Anono1323 5 years ago Report

I wonder how far you can go in that toy....just curious...


Posted by kaze10 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To dragomaw

You're welcome


Posted by solarsheep 5 years ago Report

hey there, glad to see someone in the costume business finally doing this, kudo's to you fine sir or madam. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on you in the future. Again, thank the vorish gods for your existence XD

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