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In a far off land there was once a great goddess & demon in love.
Together they created the immortal elves. Their beauty eternal, even if their bodies where destroyed on the next full moon they'll re-emerge from a single dew drop on the great oak tree. Love is a fragile thing, heart break consumed the great demon. In his anger he created the mighty Orcs & other shadow creatures to brutally abuse, rape and feed on the goddess's favorite daughters.
This is the world of OrcVille, where most of my work is set.

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Working on an animation for the next few hours if anyone wants to watch https://picarto.tv/live/channel.php?watch=l3objones is the link.

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Posted by Chaotiquos 1 year ago Report

It's been 5 years, and I'm afraid |30bjones22 isn't coming back. But I need to ask a question for all. The different flash animations stopped working due to the death of flash. Does anyone has a solution to be able to see them again ?


Posted by fiks 4 years ago Report

Does anyone know if |3objones22 is ok?


Posted by Kironin 5 years ago Report

love all your work lately, hope your ok an safe though.


Posted by fiks 6 years ago Report

Hope you're doing OK. Haven't seen you do anything in a while.


Posted by zachx88 6 years ago Report

Wish u a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Posted by tyughj0 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To l3objones22

XD Your fine art deserves!


Posted by Flamemaster5000 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To l3objones22

No prob

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Posted by Firenze 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To l3objones22

No worries :) Your comic series are awesome!


Posted by Malyc 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To l3objones22

Not a problem! I enjoy your spitroasting stuffs :3


Posted by VORPHIL 6 years ago Report

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Posted by Shinkx 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To l3objones22

I'm just confused as to why I didn't start watching you sooner, honestly.


Posted by crufl 7 years ago Report

<< Reply To l3objones22

You're Welcome. Thanks for all the animation!

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