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Yo, this is Negi Lioncash here, writing and drawing down south in Melbourne Australia. This will be my first blog.... not that I ever blogged before. Anywho, I should start by talking a little bit about me-self eh? Well....

Why do I draw vore?
Firstly, because I enjoy certain aspects of vore (mainly SV, UB, and Absorption), and some of these enjoyments root back to as long as I can remember. Secondly, I feel that there isn't enough of certain artworks being produced here on this site, thus me contributing might encourage shy potential artists to come out from hiding. Thirdly, I want to draw art that's free, since a lot of the better artists have began commissioning their talents (not that I blame them, they have to control requests somehow).

What kind of...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TinyHero 2 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by zelphi 4 years ago Report

wowza, Negi has been gone for over a year. O-O awesome artist hope to see some more art from him in the future even if it's none-vore


Posted by Ezio45 4 years ago Report

miss ur work. evin more ur Unbirth.


Posted by 0Anesthetic4u 6 years ago Report

Where and why have you gone? I can see you still visit the site, but it's been years since you did anything. I almost forgot about you untill just tonight. You did good work.


Posted by xblurp 7 years ago Report

Merry Christmas and happy holidays negi!


Posted by NanoGirl 8 years ago Report

like the vanishing tween with the clit transformation into dick after absorbing?(just without the eyes...)and mybe show her fucking some boy with her new dick? that would be nice

and Neesa's Story seems great why dont you continue it? if you need idea for what hapening after that i will be more than glad to give you some idea's.

you still do pics right?? it would be shame if you quite cuzz most of the pic's in the site is(with no intention to offend anyone)wierd shit that can talk only to people with extremly strong loving for anything that relates to vore.
and dont get me wrong i love vore.


Posted by NanoGirl 8 years ago Report

do you read private messages? you been her today and you didnt seem to read my message so...

Date Masamune

Posted by Date Masamune 10 years ago Report

<< Reply To negi



Posted by Crushermach3 10 years ago Report

Request: Do something that involves the Negima! series please? ! or !? it doesn't matter.


Posted by hentaimasterthe 11 years ago Report

I hope you return to us


Posted by dragonman12 11 years ago Report

half demon kagome absorption idea

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