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i swear i'm not here. oooo you don't recognize me oooo. why is my hypnosis not working?
if you do. hi. how the hell did you get here? i'm so fucking sorry you had to see this side of me.

to anyone else, i don't have a name so call me whatever you want as long as i'm able to tell you're referring to me. "rugae/rugey/rug" works. my username is a portmanteau of the anatomical term for the folds / ridges in the stomach wall, rugae, mashed with the musical genre reggaeton. i don't even like reggaeton. i like stereotypically stupid emo bands. i just thought the name was cool.

i'm here to try to safely indulge in my fetish, vore is a huge part of my sexuality, but my anxiety is really bad, so i'm full prepared to jump ship and clean up everything should i feel the need to. i am fleeting, if i do, draw, or write something you like, be sure to save it for yourself cuz it might be here one day and gone the next!

ehm, uh, my specific kinks i guess, they're pretty broad when it comes to soft vore (i'm not usually the biggest fan of hard), but i love a lot of emphasis on slimy n' slobbery mouths, throats, bellies, and intestines if you're so inclined. i REALLY love nasty and messy internals with a lot of grossout factor, full of half-digested food and whatever else~. stomachs and the digestive system in general are quite nasty in reality and i like that to be played with in vore. but from there, the kind of vore tropes i like n' such are real broad and flexible. i also kinda like vomit/emeto. especially paired with vore, eek. not always sure about vore-related scat but one could possibly make a few elements work if it's not too emphasized, but it's not really something i actively look for and i'm just fine without it. anything else, ask me! the worst i can say is "no". even then i have a bit of trouble turning people down.
i mainly like human or humanlike preds, but i'm kinda pred picky, tending to only play with oc's or certain fictional characters i REALLY like. never much cared for anthros or furries. also nothing underage or anything to do with ageplay. ew. needs to be 18+ and i don't care if you don't live in america and the legal age is different where you are. kiss my ass. felt it needed to be said cause this site seems quite raunchy in that regard and it made me uncomfortable. (for the record, this is here because i DO rp, but don't ask me unless you're responding to an ad or something, because chances are I'll decline otherwise)

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rugaeton's Blog - thoughts Posted 1 month ago

sometimes i just think about what my food hears and/or goes through inside my stomach, not even vore, just, damn, there's food in there being digested, i have a stomach?
not just me, but other people around me too.
it gets awkward a lot, uncomfortable too, for reasons you could probably imagine. eeugh. it's an unpleasant intrusive thought, just like how someone more normal might just suddenly imagine someone they REALLY don't wanna see naked, naked. checks all the boxes. turns perfectly normal situations awkward if i let my mind wander there too long. it's fine if i don't linger on it, but still, eek.
i also don't like thinking about my own when i'm having bad self esteem or body dysphoria. feels icky. really icky. eeeew...

but on the flipside, of course it...
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