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Jenny's Sister Samantha
Jenney was having the best day ever. She was graduating high school in a month, she had just turned 18 last week, her fianc had proposed to her the night before, and today she had been accepted to Princeton. Nothing could make things go wrong! Not even her annoying little brat of a sister Samantha. Jenney sat down to the computer, and started emailing all her friends; to let them no she had gotten in! Her life was really looking up. Jenny had been having the best year of her life. She was pulling in a 4.0 at school, she had led her softball team to state, And WON! She was getting married, going to Princeton; her parents had bought her a new car. Things where wonderful! Jenney was very popular at school. She was thin, highly attractive, with a thin, creamy skinned face. Deep green eyes, long sleek deep brown hair that was straight as an arrow. Nice plump ass and 36C breast. She was very smart, very sweet, overall a perfect girl. She was still a virgin; she even had a perfect driving record!
Samantha walked in the door, tired and angry. She had found out today that she was failing 5 of her 7 classes. She was going to be in a lot of trouble. Last week she has been suspended for smoking pot at school. She was only 12 and had already been to juvy twice. Samantha was opposite of her older sister. She was chubby, a bit on the husky side. Her cheeks were pudgy, sprinkled with zits. Her forehead always greasy. Her shoulder length brown hair was always oily and nappy. She had already lost her virginity, a few weeks back, to some 23 year old black guy. She came around the corner and found Jenney typing away on the computer. Jen, I need to use the computer" Samantha barked.
no, you can't. First of all, I'm on here, and second, your grounded from the computer, remember?" Jenney said.
so? Im so bored, and I want to check my myspace. Come-on let me use it!"
I dont think so, why dont you go do something productive, like your homework!" Jenney said angrily. Nothing made her angrier than her loser sister.
hey fuck you. I do my homework, miss perfect!" Samantha growled.
well, to bad it doesnt help you retarded ass. You should really try to amount to something more than a waste of space, a pot smoking loser! Why do you think mom and dad spoil me, and not you?" she giggled in a tone that made her sound like her shit didnt stink.
youre a bitch" Samantha said, then slumped off to her room. I hate her sooo much, Samantha thought, if I only I could teach her a lesson.
Jenney got up to get something to drink. She opened the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of juice. It was something new her parents had bought so nice foreign import stuff. She poured a glass, and chugged away. Mmmm it was good. Suddenly, she felt very woozy. Braced her on the counter, and then blacked out. She awoke what felt like 10 hours later, but she glanced at the clock, it had been about 15 minutes, it was only 3:30pm. She sat up, and in her daze, realized something wasnt quite right. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks, she gasped, began to panic, and realized she was now just 3 inches tall. She lay naked on the counter top, her clothes in a pile on the floor. OMG. What the fuck just happened. Her mind racing, how did this happen, how will I get back to regular size. She heard a door slam, and heard Samantha walking down the hallway. Ok, good, Sam can help me figure this out!
Samantha headed to the kitchen to grab a snack. Snacks always helped her calm down. She entered the kitchen, and there on the floor was a pile of clothes. "What the...?" the were Jen's clothes, but why had she taken them off on the kitchen floor? She glanced around the room, when something on the counter caught her eye. NO WAY! She thought. Is that Jenney? But how, that thing is like 3 inches tall. She bent down, and heard it yelling up to her SAM! SAM! Its me Jenney! Help me! I got shrunken, and I dont know how?" Samantha, with a puzzled look, murmuredyea ok, ill help you". But she had no idea what to do. None. Her tummy growled loudly, then an idea popped into her head, and a huge evil grin spread across her face.
oh I can help you alright Jenney. hehe. but not in the way youd want me to. Im going to help you learn that Im a bigger bitch than you thought."
What are you talking about!?" Jenney stammered, terrified of what Samantha might do to her.
"oh, you'll see Jen. ha-ha. trust me, it'll be fun!" she reached down and gently picked up her shrunken sister, and walked off toward her room. She locked the door behind her, laid down on her bed. With her shrunken sister in one hand, she carefully slid her pants off. she had to be careful as to not break or kill her shrunken sister. Jenney's head was racing. what could she possibly be doing with her? Samantha grinned very widely, then sat up, and got on her knees, bending over, so that her ass was up in the air. She moved her hand behind her, and positioned it so that Jenney was between her thumb and index finger. Jenney was staring straight at her sisters behind. Oh how nasty, Jenney thought, I dont want to see her ass. Samantha's chubby butt cheeks pressed together, hiding her tight pink asshole. with her other hand, Samantha pulled her butt cheeks apart, revealing her smelly little butt hole. she slowly moved her hand forward, pressing Jenneys tiny head against her asshole. "NOOO!" Jenney screamed at the top of her lungs. She watched her sisters asshole grow steadily nearer. The smell of shit wafted into her nostrils, and once she was just millimeters away, Jenney could see a thin layer of brown shit around her sisters anus. then, just as she feared, her face was pressed right into her younger sisters anus. oh god, this isnt happening, Jenney thought, as her face was coated with her sisters poop. the smell was horrendous; she couldnt believe Samantha was doing this. Samantha slowly rubbed Jenney around her anus, rubbing her around the entire outside. Jenneys hair, and face where covered in shit. Jenney began gagging as some got into her mouth. she tried spitting it out, but just ended up with more in as her face was rubbed around her sisters shit hole. finally, after what felt like hours, Samantha pulled her sister away from her ass. She brought her back around to her face, so she could taunt her "little" sister.
"ha-ha, I bet that was fun huh Jenney? I bet you enjoyed getting up close and personal with my rear end?"
NO! it was fucking horrible!" Jenney screamed, spitting out the shit that had gotten into her mouth.
awww, did I not wipe very well? opps. ha-ha. Jenney you not even worth being my toilet paper!" Samantha laughed.
Samantha had to figure out what to do with her little sister. Maybe she would put her in her mouth, suck on her and make her think she was going to be eaten. ha-ha, yea that'd work. She looked down at Jenney now your going to be my snack jen, since you distracted me when I went to get one!" before Jenney could object, Samantha popped her into her mouth. Jenney landed on her sister big squishy tongue. it was hot, humid and smelly in her mouth. Suddenly Samantha began rolling her tongue around her mouth, quickly coating Jenney in a thick layer of smelly salvia. Jenney's hair matted to her face, covered in shit and saliva. god this gross, she thought, Im covered in my sisters poop and spit, so nasty! Samantha had no intention of really eating her sister, but she would play with her a bit more, she that she really did think she was going to be eaten. suddenly, Jenneys door burst open, her mother standing there, with a furious look on her face " Samantha, where have you been?" she shouted, Samantha, startled by her mom, swallowed hard. Opps. You where supposed to meet me at your councilors office! hurry up, lets go, we have a meeting with her today, remember?" oh shit, Samantha had forget about that. she felt Jenney now squirming around in her tummy. I better go throw her up, she thought. "mom let me use the bathroom first... but her mom quickly interrupted No we have to be there in 10 minutes, just hold it!"
As they got in the car, Samantha hoped Jenney would be alright. she was a smart girl; she could probably get out ok. besides, it was probably ok in there, there was no food, and from all the cartoons she had seen, it was easy to survive in a stomach. Inside her stomach Jenney was freaking out. how could Sam do this to me! I cant seriously be inside her stomach right now. it was very hard to breath inside her sisters stomach. it was super hot and humid; it smelled terrible of rotting meat and food. her stomach was in constant motion, making it hard to sit or stand. not to mention her skin was begging to burn from the digestive juices she was being churned in. this was crazy, what Jenney was going to do, she thought. how can I escape this? she franticly began searching for some hole to crawl through and escape from. Outside, Samantha was sitting down with her mom at the councilors office. she could feel something squirming around inside her stomach, figuring it was Jenney. she briefly thought about using the bathroom here to throw her up, but decided against, because she hated throwing up! she sat there listening to councilor ramble on, not really paying attention. she keeps saying something about how she was heading down the wrong "path". She looked at the clock, it had been nearly an hour since she had swallowed her sister, and now the squirming had all but stopped. she wondered if Jenney had escaped her stomach, and thats why she could be felt anymore. Finally they left the councilors and went home. Samantha rubbed her belly and wondered what is was like in there for Jenney. Little did she know at that moment her sister passed out. After hours of agony, feeling her skin blister and begin to melt away. After dealing with the heat, the wretched smell, and tha lack of oxgyen, Jenney slumped down into the digestive juices of her sisters stomach. Her body being melted away by Samantha's digestive acids. It was a little late for Samantha to try and throw her sister up now, she thought; she will just look for her when she goes to the bathroom next. she was positive her sister was fine, that she would be mad but fine when she got out.
Samantha ate dinner, stuffing herself with pizza, and then went to bed kind of early. As she slept, her stomach emptied the soupy remains of her sister, along with a few bones, into her small intenstines. After a few hours, her small intestine had absored as much nutrients out of her sister as possible, having to make room for Samantha's more nutrient filled dinner, Jenney's remains are pushed into her sisters lower intestines. She woke up with her alarm clock the next morning, at 6am, hoped up and started getting ready for school. she felt like she had to shit, so she headed to the bathroom. her parents had not noticed the letter of acceptance Jenney had received, and it was still lying by the computer. Samantha scooped it up as she headed toward the bathroom. she dropped her pants, and plopped her jiggly 13 year old ass on the toilet. Immediately her ass exploded. Oh god she thought, I hate diarrhea. forcing more out, the smell was outrageous! in seconds the hole bathroom reeked of her crap. she pushed more of the half solid shit out of her ass. Boy I bet Jenney hates this, she giggle to her self. as the last of her excrement came out, she quickly stood up, gazing down to find her sister. below was a huge, sloppy pile of dark brown shit. slimy and stinking quite foully, the huge pile contained no movement. then she saw a few small white objects. she pinched her nose and lowered her head to get a better look. it was a tiny, white skull. Wow, she thought, so her sister didnt survive! ha-ha, she thought. That smart ass brain of hers sure did her a lot of good, couldnt even stop her from being turned into her sisters slimy shit. Now Jenney, the once smart, super popular, thin, hot Princeton girl, was now nothing more than a slimy, horrible stinky pile of poop. All her good grades, her staying away from sex and drugs, her manners, turned into shit. Her lazy dumb sisters shit to add! Samantha grabbed the Princeton acceptance papers, bent over, and wiped her ass with them. she tossed them in the bowl with her sister. there ya go sis, see what good the acceptance to Princeton was, it didnt even wipe my ass very good! ha-ha! well Jenney, I had thought you'd be smart enough to get outa my stomach without being digested, but you weren't! I can't even tell the difference between you and my dinner. Now your just my diarrhea. I wonder if you like being my diarrhea? ha-ha! Dont worry Jenney, you have always been worthless in my eyes! God you stink, i cant stand it anymore!" with that, Samantha reached over and pulled the lever on the toilet. she watched the shit that was her sister swirl around, and then disappear down the toilet. Samantha wasn't at all sad what she had done to her sister. She deserved it, for being so snooty! she was impressed that after all those years of being picked on and put down, she had one ups her sister big time! now her parents couldn't love her more, she was just a turd!
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Posted by FutaFan 8 years ago

its pretty good indeed , but try not to put too many shit words in it , otherwise it seems lil bit too much about it :P


Posted by Redpod 7 years ago