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ulove the hard vore, hard digesiton and scaty, i hate the soul vore and the cock vore

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Loenayer a las 20:52

After running and escaping from the dragon cave, wounded and tired the fen barely managed to make a few meters. Falling exausted he crawl panting hard and getting up as he hear the dragon coming

Redpodayer a las 20:56

Dragons fly quickly to where the

17:22:30 [Amber_Darkangel
-> Sallha] hi2015-03-12
17:22:46 [Sallha
-> Amber_Darkangel] hello, ghow are you?2015-03-12
17:22:56 [Amber_Darkangel
-> Sallha] fine2015-03-12
17:23:54 [Sallha
-> Amber_Darkangel] Sallha
D, and i lvoe your character..., is a demon?2015-03-12
17:24:24 [Amber_Darkangel
-> Sallha] thanks2015-03-12
17:24:50 [Amber_Darkangel
-> Sallha] ty2015-03-12
17:24:53 [Sallha
-> Amber_Darkangel] Your welcome :D2015-03-12
17:26:35 [Sallha
-> Amber_Dar

2014-02-22 04:11:43 [Anonie ->
Predator_forest] Branda was lost in the forest, having gone too deep
and lost her direction. She was a chubby panda girl, standing on two
legs, nearly 2 meters tall. She had black and white fur, and a chubby
gut on her, a bit meaty but not overly so. Also she wore no clothes,
completely naked. As she walked she groaned nervously, realizing how
late it was getting and that she needed to get home soon.2014-02-22
04:16:46 [Predator_forest -> Anonie] Shashililia:

2014-02-11 21:09:55 [Predator_forest
-> Galactic_Gut_Diner] ncioe profile2014-02-11 21:10:33
[Galactic_Gut_Diner -> Predator_forest] Thanks. The idea seemed
fun to me, so I decided to make an alt for it2014-02-11 21:12:39
[Predator_forest -> Galactic_Gut_Diner] is ncie ide ajaa, i have a
lot predators jeje, you are opone for the rp in prey?2014-02-11
21:13:32 [Galactic_Gut_Diner -> Predator_forest] Hmm, I may be
willing to try out a scene with you, I suppose2014-02-11 21:15:23

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Redpod's Blog - Discord Posted 1 year ago

Redpod#1997 for vore rp and ask my characters ... characters

welcome to my belly and your end

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Thanks for the Fav!


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Thank you very much for the watch. :)


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Thank you for the watch!


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No hay de que, amigo


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Que tal! Apenas voy a volver! Así que ponte atento para el siguiente evento!


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No, no ya no lo hace y lo dudo, usted ser "Male".


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Est muy bueno... XP

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Me creerias que nunca se me ocurrio sobre que más escribir xD
Me quede estancado en Digimon y la idea sigue dando vueltas en mi cabeza seguro le tendre que dar un cierre para que se me ocurra otra cosa xD
A proposito, feliz cumpleaños atrasado.


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Sangre y mierda, que peste.


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Hueles a algo marron

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