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Hina's Resocialization Program (C) By ezkerbkun -- Report

The gang of delinquents lay defeated on the ground in front of Gehenna's Head Prefect Sorasaki Hina. "You got lucky this time, you prefect trash!" Said one delinquent, "Yeah just you wait till we get out of jail, we will get you next time." Said another gang member. "Next time?" said Hina. The gang members all turned their heads to look at small loli with the machine gun. "You lot have caused trouble multiple times. Jail has been shown to be ineffective when teaching you. I will have to handle this matter personally."

The gang members all looked at each other in confusion, "What did she mean by this?" is what they were all thinking. Hina looked over the whole group, like some sort of animal eyeing it's next meal, it sent shivers down their spines. "I guess I will start with the leader, the others would be less likely to run with no one to guide them." The small loli walked over and picked the gang leader up by her collar. Hina looked her up and down and then opened her mouth wide, she stuffed the gang leader face-first into her mouth, muffled cries and screams could be heard but it didn't deter her. She swallowed the girl up to her chest. The breasts were a little hard to get by, but it reminded Hina of her lack of chest which angered her and gave her the resolve to force the gang leader deeper inside her.

Hina's stomach was starting to expand, the gang leader was settling into her new home. The girl's legs were flailing outside of Hina's mouth but they were slowly disappearing. The thighs, then the calves, finally the feet, the toes of the gang leader could be seen in Hina's throat. *Gulp* Hina's throat flexed and her esophagus and tongue moved, the last of the gang leader was swallowed, she was just a bulge in Hina's throat, which Hina traced with her finger showing the other girls the progress their friend had made.

"Thank goodness she went down easily, how does it feel in there? Hopefully not too pleasant since this is your punishment after all." Hina stood confidently as her stomach began to thrash around. "If you would have put up this much of a struggle when you were outside, then you probably wouldn't have ended up inside my stomach." The prefect's stomach was merciless, even though it was another human inside there she did not care. The stomach began to growl and the struggling and screaming inside only got more violent. Then it stopped, the form of the former gang leader began to soften and round out. "Whew one down, five to go." Hina said, looking at all the other girls who were petrified in fear. They had just watched their gang leader digest right in front of their eyes, and they were next. They tried to stand up to run away, but their legs gave out from fear. They tried to crawl, but it was no use. They heard the clacking of heels behind them. "Now let's go with you next."

Girl after girl went past Hina's lips and down into her stomach. It was already filled with gastric juices that turned all of those poor girls into paste. Hina looked at the last girl, she was barely conscious from the fear alone. “Why do you look so scared? Your gang is waiting for you. They seem rather happy to be a part of the justice system.” The last girl mustered what strength she could to at least crawl away. If she could get to a sewer opening she could escape from there. She saw it! 3 feet away was a manhole, she just needed to reach it. 2 feet away, nearly there. 1 foot away, she was gonna make it! Then she felt it, a small but affirm grip on her ankle. “Did you really think I was gonna let you escape? '' The delinquent looked back to see the cold expression of Hina. “Since you want to escape so badly I will give you a fighting chance. I will start at your feet and work my way up to your head. You have until my lips close over you to escape. Good luck, you're going to need it.”

A warm and wet sensation tickled the delinquent's feet, Hina had already started to devour her. The thug tried to grasp anything she could, but the pavement only got further and further away as Hina swallowed more and more of her. Soon enough she couldn’t even put her hands on the hard asphalt, instead her hands were actually sinking into something soft. She looked down in horror. Her hands were sinking into Hina’s stomach, she could feel the remains off her comrades pumping throughout the Head Prefect’s body, the stomach let out a gurgle in response to the outside stimulation. By the time she snapped out her trance Hina had already made it up to her chest. The gang member accepted her fate, she could never win this fight, she slipped her hands inside and basked in the light one lastr time. She felt the hot warmth creep past her shoulders, then her neck, and finally her face. The pair of teeth with purse lips began to slowly close, the light was gone. The girls face was right at the edge of Hina’s throat, one swallow was all that was needed to send her down into the stomach.


The tight walls of the esophagus kept her from struggling at all, the delinquent hoped from some reprieve in the stomach, but there was none, it was still mostly full of acid and the remains of her friends, plus the all the liquid delinquent that was already swirling in Hina’s intestines took up even more room. She was cramped and could only sit in Hina’s acids and wait. “Urpp, not much of a fighter are you? Well your whole gang wasn’t to be honest. I am pleased you accepted you role though, now go ahead and digest, I still have a schedule to meet.”

Hina prodded her swollen belly with her finger, it let out a slight gurgle in response. "Phew… I thought you were gonna last longer than this." She began to rub her now rounded stomach, feeling the chime that used to be female students being gulped up by her intestines. She could feel all of that food being pushed along her digestive tract, to soon be distributed amongst her body. "You know, for a delinquent gang you hardly put up a fight when I started swallowing each of you. I must say though, you were delicious. It turns out criminals really agree with my stomach." Hina's stomach became slightly more active, the groans intensified. The last female inside the Heads Prefect Stomach let out a muffled scream but it was far too late. Hina rested her hand on her belly and felt the last girl break down, piece by piece. They were at least back together as a gang, but instead of robbing, they were wobbling as the ass fat of a very hungry loli. "Hmmm, I wonder if there were any more members of their gang in this area?" Hina said as she looked for her next victim, licking her lips at the thought of one more meal.

Big booty loli for  SpontaneousFlame who also provided story.
Good luck everyone rolling for Hina.

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Posted by pendingdeleteno9isf90b235 2 years ago Report

Let me smack that juicy ass~


Posted by ArchLinux 2 years ago Report

that is a bad person thing you shall to be punished


Posted by pendingdeleteno9isf90b235 2 years ago Report

I sure hope so


Posted by CakePisces 2 years ago Report

glad we have a hina vore art here! Lookin hot!!!


Posted by ShadowSun 2 years ago Report

About time we got some more Blue Archive vore. Looks amazing and the story is great.


Posted by doomed 2 years ago Report

Lmao this seems like excessive force and cruel / unusual punishment XD


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 2 years ago Report

My oh my such a lovely piece and story


Posted by GeekDawg3099 2 years ago Report

Uoooh ????


Posted by Makazawa 2 years ago Report

Sadly her breast not grow


Posted by algog8 2 years ago Report

You have to punish all those bad people! All of them!


Posted by Xiphelier 2 years ago Report

Nice Hina vore art!
I am happy to see more Blue Archive art!


Posted by Camacho 2 years ago Report

Hina meat Hina meat


Posted by BlueIce 2 years ago Report

She will be a great enforcer of justice