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i write crappy stories so you dont have to

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It was lunchtime at Avora university. Jerry had just gotten out of his previous class and decided to meet up with his friend Susie for lunch. They both had the same next class so they were planning to show up together.
*BUZZ BUZZ* Jerry’s phone vibrated as a text from Susie came through. It read :
“ Hey Jerry, meet me at the courtyard tables. The one in the shade .”
It wasn’t weird for Susie to pick where the two would sit for lunch. The courtyard was beautiful too, so Je

Dévorer insurance
“ thank you for calling Devorer insurance, this is Pam speaking “
“ Um hello Pam, my name is Michael Williams. I just wanted to call and check on my digestion policy “
“ Ah yes, Mr. Williams. It says you have the full Vore package. This covers you cod when you are eaten or if you eat someone.
All damages to a person or property are covered.
“ perfect, I’d like to file a claim. I was walking down the street wh

This is just another one of my lore dumps for my universe.
As you all know when being eaten there are many factors. They can screw a person, pred or prey, over
the person can sustain injuries during devouring or while escaping
The person can be incapacitated and miss days of work due to being eaten or digesting
Preds and prey can cause damage to houses, vehicles, and clothing over the process
These factors originally caused many family feuds to erupt over the centuries. Until the Vore insur

“ Miss Sherry. “
“ Yea doc ? “
“Please send in the first client “
“the first patient is named Daniel Clive “
The doctor sat in his chair amused with his profession. Dr. Juniper Isaacs, or Doc June, was a prestigious therapist who specialized in vore-related mental health issues. From counseling people who lost loved ones to predators to helping prey who were addicted to being eaten. Doc June is the best.
At 250 years old, he’d been around

In my last lore dump about species. I made mention of things like a life force, hybrid, and monsters. So as a sort of prelude to my next story. I am going to give a rundown of some of the more special hybrids, as well as what happens when a person has too much life force when they die.
Plant hybrids
A plant hybrid is formed when a creature that is capable of reforming, is devoured by a plant during the plant's reproductive period. When this happens, rather than the prey be converted into nutri

Name: Anatoly O’Reilly
Nicknames/Titles: ana
Gender: feminine male
Age: 25
Height: 5”9
Weight: 130lb
Status: Alpha
Species: anthro arctic fox

Six years ago, Anatoly ( ana ) was just a young human femboy who had a taste for bigots and people who did not understand the way she dresses. Every day, she would walk around town in a new outfit. Each one catered to accentuate her form. Sometimes Ana wore leggings that held her curvy but slender legs with a crop top to sh

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have you ever just started writing a story . only for about halfway through another story idea comes to mind so you switch and do that one but still wanna do the first story but now you have lost your train of thought

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