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i write crappy stories so you dont have to

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Traffic is a pain.
The feeling of not moving and the hun of other vehicles was more than enough to piss anyone off. This was the chaos of trying to get home during rush hour. It was a maddening process. Yet, for some it was opportune.
Julie had been tracking her target for weeks. A multi-millionaire named Eli Zane. Eli was a tiger hybrid with slicked-back fur on his head and green eyes. He was notorious for abusing people and then paying them off. It got to the point where most people didn&rs

She had warned you of the risks but you said it was fine. Afterall , you were just sleeping in the same bed as her. Yet she was adamant that you had to be careful, apparently she had lost many friends this way. She had even tried to get them out but something changed them once inside.
The night had started smoothly with you laying next to her. Then around midnight it happened. A gooey warmth spreads up your ankles. You were too tired to notice until the warmth had reached your waist. by then it

It was lunchtime at Avora university. Jerry had just gotten out of his previous class and decided to meet up with his friend Susie for lunch. They both had the same next class so they were planning to show up together.
*BUZZ BUZZ* Jerry’s phone vibrated as a text from Susie came through. It read :
“ Hey Jerry, meet me at the courtyard tables. The one in the shade .”
It wasn’t weird for Susie to pick where the two would sit for lunch. The courtyard was beautiful too, so Je

Dévorer insurance
“ thank you for calling Devorer insurance, this is Pam speaking “
“ Um hello Pam, my name is Michael Williams. I just wanted to call and check on my digestion policy “
“ Ah yes, Mr. Williams. It says you have the full Vore package. This covers you cod when you are eaten or if you eat someone.
All damages to a person or property are covered.
“ perfect, I’d like to file a claim. I was walking down the street wh

This is just another one of my lore dumps for my universe.
As you all know when being eaten there are many factors. They can screw a person, pred or prey, over
the person can sustain injuries during devouring or while escaping
The person can be incapacitated and miss days of work due to being eaten or digesting
Preds and prey can cause damage to houses, vehicles, and clothing over the process
These factors originally caused many family feuds to erupt over the centuries. Until the Vore insur

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doomed's Blog - previous two stories Posted 2 months ago

my last two stories were heavily focused on disposal rather than vore. if you are wondering why ,its because I'm practicing writing disposals

i wish to improve my writing style so ill do random binges where ill stay on one theme.

i apologize if the stories are not what you want.

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