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An ex’s punishment
by Gresh Parika

Charlie walked back from Daniella’s house. He had just received the best sex of his life. ‘When I get back to Jessica’s house, it’ll be hard to take my mind off of her’. He knew that deep in his mind was a thought that kept screaming at him to stop having an affair, but it was so much fun. He opened the door to his girlfriend’s house and called out to her. &ldqu

Unexpected surprise
by Gresh Parika

Sofu and Jumanji had only been married for a few months now, but it seemed like an eternity. They both loved each other and looked after each other, even in the worst of times. Sofu was a red and orange fox, with a yellow fringe and had a sort of childish demeanour around him. He was playful and always had a joke to crack at every little thing that happened. Jumanji was a leopard with a blue-tipped tai

Role reversal by Gresh Parika

Moaning could be heard coming from Bridget’s apartment. This wasn’t a new thing for his neighbours, but what was new was the other voice coming from that room. Bridget had obviously gotten a new slave to pleasure and eat. The hillbillies across the hall were already placing bets on what time she would be digested by. The new voice was Harukazo, or Haru for short. She was a small cute gi

Spare room

by Gresh Parika

Bridget stood out in the pouring rain. How was he to know that his boss wasn’t interested in him? He

didn’t seem that bothered

when he started playing with his breasts in front of him. It definitely wasn’t worth it to try and get a raise, and now he was completely jobless. Being a femboy could

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