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I'm Tai "Red Fox", a full time artists that makes drawings, comics and recently getting into 2D animation and pixel art, eventually I want to get into 3D stuff, but one thing at the time. If you are interested in buying commissions, send me a note so we can discuss!

Here in my page I post mostly belly related stuff, specially vore in many forms and pregnancy. I rarely answers comments due me being a little shy, but I really do read them!

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TaiRedFox's Blog - My Hot Takes on A.I. Posted 2 weeks ago

It's a bit of old news at this point, but since it's an ongoing topic around... I don't do this very often but I'm gonna give my 2 cents on this topic about A.I. Art and stuff. I'll break it down into topics, some points I've seen some artists making and some general thoughts about it. Don't expect a long in-depth analysis of the economic, socio-political impact or deep philosophical argument about it, that just my laymans opinion about it

Raw A.I. Art
I think the best way to put it it's just lazy slop content, NOT ART, CONTENT, just way to entertain views and get favs. Most cases there is no creativity behind, not even to try to create their own OCs with it, it's just people pumping fan art of popular IPs for engagement and money in some cases. It...

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谢谢收藏 By the way, this is the entrance to the full version:https://aryion.com/g4/view/905632


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Year late reply, sorry, but appreciate the watch! Also your stuff is great!


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