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A lil' bit of self-promo + Update (Patreon) Posted 3 weeks ago
I think I've figured out (for now) a method for me to work with it so I don't burn myself out making rewards, but also gives me room to focus on making content on my own, which I'm going to start posting more over there so the "early access" perk actually means something.

I'm gonna start making more content with my own characters, drawings, comics, animations etc., this way I can better develope them, beyond them just being a pretty face capable of eating people just as big or even bigger than themselves. Show a bit of their personality, what they do besides vore. Now to get this out of the way, I'm NOT trying to distance myself or stop making vore over there, I'm just trying to give myself room to make more stuff apart from it, being other NSFW related content or...
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Commission queue FULL! Posted 1 month ago
The comms are closed for now, I'll open again when I'm done with the current batch!

Thank you all who bought~
VACATION OVER! ⭐️ COMMISSIONS OPEN ⭐️ Posted 1 month ago
If you are interested, send me a Note/PM and support me on Patreon, there you can get early access, discounts when buying commissions and other perks!

Commissions Closed Posted 5 months ago
Thank you everyone who bought it I'll work on them swiftly!
Back into action! (Patreon and SubscribeStar) Posted 1 year ago
I'll be releasing on both of them, 4 pages of a comic I'm working on that will have I think over 20 pages. I'll be releasing it to the public once it's done~

There you will get early access for my comics, vote for sprite animations for me to make and get 10% discount when buying commissions.

So far I don't really have a schedule for the live streams, but they will most likely happen late at night, I'll be working on it's cover.

Patreon -->
SubscribeStar --> (Still under review, just saying)
Big and long projects Posted 1 year ago
For a while I've been wanting to make a long comics, longer than the average that I usually do, the longest ones don't even get to 10 pages, wanting to make comics that goes to 20 or even chapters, with the theme not just vore for the sake of it, but something more.

Wanting to draw battles and power displays, like a "Shonen manga", and I already have some ideas in mind involving characters of mine, but I'm going to start after one that I'm currently working on with my friend  Jushy (which btw, give the boy some support, he makes good art~), I've made so far 5 pages, but there is going to be much more to come. Right now it's on hold, I'm going to finish with a costumer before going back to work on it and I'll begin to release first the pages on SubscribeStar and...
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I'm 25 now Posted 1 year ago
(My birthday was on the 18th actually)

Thank you everyone who have been watching me through all these years, and for those who came here recently, I hope you enjoy it~

Anyway, be safe everyone, take care
Commissions CLOSED and some things to come Posted 1 year ago
Thank you for the people who bought, once I'm done with the commissions in the queue, I'm gonna practice some more pixel art, that's something that I want to get nailed this year because I want to start working on making games and mods. I'll be opening a SubscribeStar later on now that I have a more clear idea of what to do with it, all I need to do now is practice, I'm even considering going after someone or just ask for help when the time comes.

I hope you guys are doing good despite this pandemic going on around the world. Stay at home, wash your hands and stay positive... Sorry I don't have much to say on that regard >wo"

Anyway, be safe~
Commissions OPEN Posted 1 year ago
ToS and Prices are linked in my main profile, if you want one, send me a note and we can talk about it~

I'm considering live streaming while I work on them during the night :3
2 0 2 0 Posted 1 year ago
For my new years resolution regarding art, I want to:

- Change a bit and Improve my style, specially in the way I color my art;
- Improve anathomy (so I can better mess with it);
- Get better at Digital Painting;
- Learn Pixel Art and Sprite Animation;

Nothing too out of the ordinary, I've started doing these things even before this new year to begin, but this year at least I hope to have them nailed, specially pixel art and sprite animation, because I would like to start making some mods for some games, like Starbound, and even try to make my own little game on GameMaker.

Anyway, Happy New Year Folks~