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so I considered a few ideas on how to go about it and I decided to go with this process:

so the first step is comic selection, there's a few existing comics labelled as PROJECT ON HOLD in my scrap folder found here: or an announcement would be made on a current project that I want to get sponsored.

after a comic is selected, its the target amount will be determined by how much it would cost if it were a commission. An example would be something like this: would cost 30 USD....
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Posted by cara 10 days ago Report

For those unaware of what I’m speaking of:


Posted by cara 10 days ago Report

I looked up to you for a long time. Your art is some of my favorite stuff. You made me feel happy and accepted for my strange likes and desires. Now I found out you hate me, because I feel uncomfortable with a dick between my legs and looking like a man? This hurts. A lot. I’ve looked up to you forever, and now I know I’ve been proud to idolize an antisemetic anti-trans neo-nazi for years. Is it so hard to just… love and accept people???


Posted by ArcaneSigil 1 month ago Report

I'm just wondering if your commissions are open and if so where the prices are. I'd like to commission you for a piece at some point when I have the money.


Posted by imnotsneke 2 months ago Report

so, i have been a fan of the dude for a long time. and, his art is always imma have to side with the dude on this whole discord incident. because guess what? WORDS CANNOT HURT ME. whatcha gonna do? reach through the screen and grab me?


Posted by TheUltimateNerd 3 months ago Report

What is going on?


Posted by Achenar 3 months ago Report

Imagine unironically applying "if everyone hates you, maybe you're the asshole" to an entire population. "Shame on you" is far too mild, but unlike you, I follow the rules of where I post, so what I would actually like to say can't be put here.


Posted by RadioTunnel 3 months ago Report

Did someone hack your discord or something?


Posted by Sams69694 3 months ago Report

Happy vore day❤ again
Love your art style ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Posted by CheeseIsGood99999 4 months ago Report

I love your work, you are the one who got me into vore. Keep up the good work

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