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proposed details in comic sponsoring Posted 2 years ago
so I considered a few ideas on how to go about it and I decided to go with this process:

so the first step is comic selection, there's a few existing comics labelled as PROJECT ON HOLD in my scrap folder found here: or an announcement would be made on a current project that I want to get sponsored.

after a comic is selected, its the target amount will be determined by how much it would cost if it were a commission. An example would be something like this: would cost 30 USD....
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sponsor a comic? Posted 2 years ago
how receptive are you guys to the idea of sponsoring to have a comic page be fully colored to help it be completed and in its full quality, instead of always being pushed back on the schedule do to commission work?
I'm a bit of an attention whore Posted 6 years ago
so don't be shy and leave a comment or two if you can >uo its a good encouragement for me too!
posting images Posted 7 years ago
how do I post art in this site?