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Friendly, fuzzy woluf who just happens to be a struggling author in need of help in any possible way. Pred/Prey switch (under the right circumstances). Trying to make the money to survive and unable to find a decent job. Any help, at all, would be much appreciated.

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Cadence goes to bed late at night, tired. She walks in to find Chrysalis slurping up the last of Shining Armor. She finds it sexy and has sex with Chrysalis.

Cadance didn’t realize just how rough life as the “Crystal Princess” would be. The Crystal Empire was so very far out of the way of everything else, she was sure there wouldn’t be an actual need for her to Princess. Getting the occasional urge to go

Appetites of a Princess.

Princess Cadance was always seen as the “perfect pink princess”. She was pink, she was the princess of love, and she’d married her long time sweet heart and ruled her own kingdom. She’d also bore a daughter who just happened to be an Alicorn.

She walked down the streets of the Crystal Empire and ponies waved or bowed. Her guards always re

Kinky Dragon Queen.

Ruby had been Dragon Queen for years. No dragon had more authority than she did. The only creature who could hold that honor was the Princess of Equestria. And there were four of them. Four Alicorn Pony Princesses. The Sun one, the Moon one, the Love one and the Friendship one. She didn’t bother to learn their names; she didn’t deal with them. Ember did.

Rarity, Ponut Connoisseur


Much like Twilight Sparkle, Rarity had a certain proclivity for anal. Mares of many different varieties had graced her bedroom specifically to please her appetites. From time to time, those stallions would go away a few thousand bits richer. For their silence. Her secret could not get out. Ever. If it did it would ruin her.


Twilight Sparkle, Ass Mare.

Twilight had a secret. She liked butts. Big butts, little butts, firm butt, doughy butts. It didn’t matter to her, she simply liked butts. Her absolute favorite butt, however, was that of her mentor. Princess Celestia had the biggest butt in all of Equestria. She used to think that was a problem. She’d always loved butts, even when she was smaller. She’d take any opp

The Birthday Gift.

It was my birthday. A lot of excitement, huge party thrown by Pinkie Pie, nearly everyone in Equestria in attendance. I suppose it’s to be expected when your lover is the Princess of Friendship and Student of the Princess of Equestria. The cake was three times the size of the last one she’d made, which was in and of itself absolutely massive. It was easily big enough that the ponie

Hypno-Dash’s Friendly Buffet.

Part 1: Applejack

Rainbow Dash had always been adventurous. She never backed down from a challenge, nor did she leave something that sounded like it might be fun without having some part of it. Which landed her at Twilight’s castle, in one of her smaller, more personal l

Chapter 1: Magic Evolved.

Twilight Sparkle, the student of Princess Celestia. Barer of the Element of Magic. Princess of Friendship. Headmare of the School of Friendship. High Ambassador of Friendship to the neighboring Nations. Had a splitting headache. It felt like her horn was cracking right down the middle. She groaned as she lay in bed, her pillow over her face and flipping sides often to press the cool sid

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I have a very small complaint about living in an apartment building. We don't have access to the "Master AC". We have a dial in our apartment, yes, but it doesn't CONTROL the ac in our apartment. It just tells us how hot or cold it is in our apartment. Someone else, on the bottom floor, has the dial for the building. So... if they're too cold, they turn the dial up. And everyone gets to deal with extra heat they don't want. We can't do anything about it because it would require re-wiring the entire building which would be a lot of money that would get charged to everyone's rent. We don't have the money, or the will power (moving heavy things like our beds, couch and chairs down three flights of stairs, one of which doesn't have a balcony and is a sharp turn, is WAY too much of a...
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One other question: If a commission ends up expensive enough, could the payment be split in half?


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Are commissions currently open?


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Sure thing! My content is here to be shared :)


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I love how the Tradition of the the holiday and I like all of the parts about your story.


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How do I go about changing my password? I've been signed out, again, and had to resort to getting a temporary password to sign back in.


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That would be Karyn. Take it away girl

Kar: So the arms in about 83% of situations seem to survive digestion for whatever reason. Belched up, passed through, in most art of actual digestion they have survived in one way or other, possibly as just a form of sight gag.

Each new clone body however comes equipped with a new set. I often try and reclaim the old ones id they are in working condition and it's not too hazardous to do so. No point losing another set trying to retrieve the first.

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