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On a continued quest to find the best voreception piece.

I sometimes write stories too. It's actually just the one story.


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Val SaysInspirational Quotes by Valentina CinezaVal says, “You’ve just yee’d your last haw.”Val says, “I’m about to wild my hand up the west side of your head.”Val says, “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, so get in,” as she opens her mouth.Val says, “I’m here to burn punks and abuse luck, and I’m all out of luck.”Val says, “I don’t care what they earn, raise the taxes!”Val says, “We don’t take kindly to disposal in

 Lauren and her friends sat in a circle in front of the gate, watching the Firstborn vessels descend onto the planet. “So, do you think we’ve peaked?” Melody asked, scratching her jaw. “We technically peaked fifteen minutes ago,” Nadalia responded, looking over her shoulder with a coy smile at the mountain upon whose other side a conquered Supreme Succubus lay. The group laughed. “But seriously…” Melody said as the laughter died down. “I should hope

 It was time. Obliteration Prime was a moonless planet orbiting a dying sun. Its sister planets had long since been destroyed in the fight for the more important rock. Fissures and craters ran across its eroded crust from the centuries of fighting. Vortexes of toxic fumes spun around the planet like dry hurricanes, and smoke had long since replaced any clouds. Constant detonations on the surface could be seen from space. Seven translucent shield, shimmering and gleaming, trapped the pl

 One week passed while the forge experts of the moon and the scientists from the Palace of Progress worked on the means that would allow the explorers to take the prized gate on Obliteration Prime. During that time, most of them elected to stay on the ship, as the beds in the living quarters at that secondary facility were uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Lauren, her friends, and her sister formulated their plan of attack, and Lauren’s friends gave input to the manufacturers. They could feel

 Lauren, her friends, and her sister stood in the command room, invited by Captain Erometc| for another arrival viewing. Delagai+ was there, as well, but she stood to the side, silent and distant. Captain Erometc| received signals from his busy crew, and he bade the explorers to ready themselves. The common sight, the stars stopped being flicking blurs, and the vessel passed into a system centered around a golden star. However, they were not at the moon of their destination nor the planet i

 It was six days after leaving the Palace of Progress and two days before the explorers would land on their destination. At a request from Lauren, Harland had granted Doctor Gene, Doctor McLain, Engineer Urashima, and Researcher Bredbury along with their works, notes, and materials the time to go with Lauren and company so that the former could continue offering their assistance to the explorers. Oflehxun was being kept under guard. Delagai+ and Lauren were not on speaking terms. And, Valen

 Lauren and Nadalia exited Conference Room 4B to see the other explorers grouped together in the hall. At first, Lauren thought they had had been waiting for her and Nadalia, but then she saw Doctor McLain, Researcher Bredbury, Engineer Urashima, and Doctor Gene standing in a line across from them. Sweet Su was looking at Doctor Gene with a hateful expression. “What’s going on?” Lauren asked. “Don’t know,” Valentina said back at her, with a shrug. “They just

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VoidInVoid's Blog - Bulk Posted 2 weeks ago

While we are a few months a few months out from it, I wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a break from posting parts for the The Farmer and The Knight following the completion of Series 11 until I am done with Series 12. To clarify, I will be working on Series 12, but I want to complete all of it until I post it for tightness and consistency reasons. As well, it will be longer than usual, so I want to do several read-overs to make sure I have not forgotten or messed up details as I have done in the past. Now, I know there have been some concerns over my mental health and potential burnout for a long while now, but this posting break is unrelated. I have planned this gap since last summer, if not earlier. After Part 22 of Series 11 is posted, I will put out another blog...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by HellPwnage1337 13 days ago Report

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You're welcome. Have you read my own stories?


Posted by Khidorahian 1 month ago Report

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No problem


Posted by Blake6636 2 months ago Report

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Keep up your work


Posted by Dragonknight007 3 months ago Report

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No problem love your work


Posted by darkemper 3 months ago Report

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the story was amazing, your skills at writing are top tier, keep up the spectacular work an have a epic day


Posted by Matteo42 3 months ago Report

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:catthumbsup: Gotta start somewhere!
Great work, btw; I really like it


Posted by Khidorahian 3 months ago Report

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I certainly will


Posted by Khidorahian 3 months ago Report

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Hey no problem, I saw your works while i was searching up anal vore stuff to read about and Smoky flavours part 13 came up and my god, your universe is so fantasticating. Please, continue to write about Lauren and company, I just need to catch up with the 7 other stories first!


Posted by GooInABox 3 months ago Report

Thank you again for the favorite, my friend.


Posted by chaos12 3 months ago Report

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You're welcome. Thank you for the cool story. :3


Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 3 months ago Report

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np it happens when you do good F/F only stuff :D


Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 3 months ago Report

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np thanks for the nice F/F lesbian etc storys

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