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On a continued quest to find the best voreception piece.

I sometimes write stories too. It's actually just the one story.


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 Rita let Lauren and Nadalia out of her stomach some four hours later, near to Nadalia’s home. She returned Lauren’s cape and set off down the road with that paunch in her lower abdomen, the reminder of her love for Strea. Nadalia opened her door, and both stepped inside. Strangely, the found neither of the duplicates: A puddle of pinkish liquid on the floor instead. “That is disturbing,” Nadalia said, Lauren agreeing with her. “And a waste of money,” Lauren sa

 Lauren had pushed her fellow travelers hard to reach Grecinma. Although she had wanted to reach the city’s walls by the evening of the day they had started, a series of complaints, whines, grumbles and mutterings convinced her begrudgingly to stop and make camp for the night off the side of the Throatway not long after passing onto it from the Hinry road. Out of the other seven travelers, Ash was the only one to make no irritating insistence about resting. Lauren hardly slept that ni

The biggest concession Lauren was willing to make was that her travelling partners had removed her clothes and gear before Ash had stuffed Lauren down her shaft. And she had overheard through the sexual layers that Ash would regrow them individual, so she appreciated that effort as well. However, as a thinking puddle of cum, Lauren was miffed at her current state and the lecherous events that lead to it. Lauren had hoped that shrinking potion would have worn off while she was semen and grown her

The farmer, the president, the privateer, the bandit seeker and the two Half-Dragons trudged along towards Meersyn. None of them were particularly happy about the situation, but they had decided to go anyways. Since Lauren and her friends had last visited Meersyn, the mire and the rot which surrounded village, spreading throughout the local region, had began to diminish, the fogs lifted and the sludge and decay flecked with the greenery of retaking life. Aural atmosphere of local fauna was retur

 The sky was the brightest blue with a punctuating amount of fluffy clouds drifting lazily across the sky. Soft waves crashed onto the beach, sea barely stirred by the breeze. As the water went deeper and calmer farther out, it highlighted against the sky with its own brand of blueness. A radio somewhere played light, bright music. The sun baked the sand to a point of high warmness, but retained comfort for the barefooted. Dunes, covered in their spindly plants, formed a hillock backbone of

 Upon waking, Lauren found herself staring into auburn cheeks, face pressed on by a firm softness. Lauren heard snoring from above. Of fucking course, Lauren thought. Lauren reached out to where she thought Strea’s thighs should be, grabbed them and shoved tossed Strea off of her face and the bed. Lauren sat up, and Strea thrashed awake with a shout. Although the inn’s rooms were near-identical, Lauren knew that she was in the one given to her by the fact that her gear

Grātandi Sterro was running for her life through the dark woods, like the grandmother she had never met once had. Of all her luck, she had a Demoness on her tail. Grātandi neither knew what type of Demoness the devilish spawn was, nor did she want to, and nor did she know where her pursuer had come from. Grātandi had been travelling along the path, aimless in direction, and the Demon had ambushed her from the wood-line. Grātandi had attempted to fight the Demoness off at first, but despite h

 Lauren and her present friends left Friwulfinnea the following morning. Valentina had won the bed after two rounds of coin-flipping, and she had not opted to share it with anyone else. Lauren had balled up her cloak to use as a pillow whilst sleeping upright against the wall. Theresah had fallen asleep facedown, and Strea had fallen asleep resting her head upon Theresah’s quite substantial derriere. Lauren had fallen asleep missing the touch of Nadalia. They took the short road

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For those of you read the things, would any of you be interested in me adding penis size of the few important characters who have one to my next "Assets" update?

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