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On a continued quest to find the best voreception piece.

I sometimes write stories too. It's actually just the one story.


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no, wait, he’s just a Cambion,” Nadalia corrected. Lauren let out
a relieved sigh.
he covered in jizz?” Strea asked.
is Valentina on her back?” Theresah asked.
is Melody?” Rita asked.
are you okay?” Nadalia called.
right, time to get serious,” Lauren said. She steadied herself and
coughed up an engorged, smiling Melody, leaving herself trim again.
Melody’s stomach started shrinking. Lauren stood up off her knees
and straight

going a new route this time, and that route might be complicated.
I’ll probably figure out a way to simplify this down the road, but
I’m going to start listing them at their different sizes, along
with the addition of cup sizes. I’m telling you right now that
these cup sizes are only there for comparison’s sake. Feel free to
rewrite or rethink these with band sizes accompanied. After all, an A
cup can be larger than a DD cup. I responded to a comment way back in
one of the early pa

strutted down the sidewalk, adjusting the waistband of her gray
trackpants. Said trackpants hugged her shapely thighs, large rear
end, wide hips, et cetera. Her trackpants would have met up with her
shirt at her narrow waist if her shirt did not cut off just above her
navel. Her shirt was entirely red and did to her big breasts what her
trackpants did to her lower half, detailing the fact that Taylor wore
no bra. Taylor would have shielded her red eyes with sunglasses on
that searingly br

the time Lauren returned to hers and Nadalia’s rented room, the
Guard-Knight had woken. Nadalia was donning her shirt when Lauren
entered the room, but she had not yet put on her trousers over her
leggings and underwear. Lauren wanted nothing more than to undo the
clothing progress Nadalia had made and make love to her for hours.
Instead, Lauren gave Nadalia a quick kiss on her left cheek and
walked over to the small table and set down a loaf of bread she had
purchased from the baker on her

travelers journeyed down the road towards Irnstoln. Finding the
Harpsnur road from the apple grove had taken a few hours, and it had
taken them four hours from that point to journey back to the
intersection from the day prior. Lauren realized after rescuing her
friends from the Druid that a day had passed while she was
unconscious and imprisoned. That realization had prompted her to
forge her body against any future drugging attempts, since she had
forgotten to do so when Lyx attacked her. T

know what time it is? It’s time for time! As I’ve yet to
establish any kind of calendar, I thought I’d make a timeline for
Farmer and The Knight.
To start off simple, a year for the Core Realm is 200 days, because
Wread shortened the orbit from a 500-day one and overshot Illiyan’s
0 – Lauren and Nadalia meet, and fight off the Shade Thinner,
defeating her with Lauren’s Hunger-stopping pumpkin jam.
1 – Lauren and Nadalia start their journey towards Grec

fucking stepping on my foot,” Strea said.
not,” Lauren said.
it must be a ghost then, because I’m not stepping
on my own fucking foot!”“Don’t get me started on ghosts,”
Lauren said.
and Strea’s search for their friends was going less than perfect.
Stuck together at the stomach and the chest, Lauren and Strea’s
every movement was clumsy, frustrating and prone to arguments. Their
pace was slow, but Strea still had the other travelers’ scent.

Lauren travelled farther up the Fairy’s digestive system, going the
indirect way, she continuously tried to get the Fairy to release her.
However, the sap remained thick and obtrusive. She scorned Waverly.
She scorned the Fauns. She scorned the Fairy. Last but not least, she
scorned herself for not being careful when she knew that Waverly had
better knowledge of the region and that the creatures which had a
common presence there were tricky. Her confines grew tighter when she
entered the sm

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I probably won't have Part 10 of BFM out for at least a week, nor anything to tide you over like "Strut" or more useless data. My writing drive isn't burned out, but I may have damaged my sex drive working on these stories every day and night since November. That or my porn addiction. So, I'm going to give it at least a week, and we'll see if I haven't completely ruined myself. I hope not, or else I'll have to figure out a reason for why Lauren and co. are suddenly so straight-laced and boring.

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