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I have a story to tell.

 Rimedane - Strategy and Details Expert
 GooInABox - 3D Model Wrangler
 Slayerhero90 - Worldbuilder Extraordinaire

The Farmer and The Knight (Full Course Edition): https://mega.nz/file/RBYgASAY#wLN_lbhYzZJm77rJ_O0gPxL6AC3sM4zPL2nfAU2Afvo

Series 12 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDvQ0CyrvwFNnI5XqoxYK4m6fA3HfQMZE

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Reading Order:A Hunger Yet Unknown Part 1 to Part 32Parched Lips Part 1 to Part 4“The Diner”Parched Lips Part 5 to Part 22“Hwīt Sump”Grow Ever Onward Part 1 to Part 22Sloshing Depths Part 1 to Part 10“Worldbuilding”Sloshing Depths Part 11 to Part 17“A Gilded Union”Sloshing Depths Part 18 to Part 22“That Hof”Back For More Part 1 to 15“Niuwlīk Sād”Back For More Part 16 to Part 22“Twā Swestar”Gods And Gullets Part 1 to Part 15“The Dullahan Of Gloomfiend”Gods And

 A host of builders were fixing and redesigning the fortress that once served as the seat of power for the Terror In The South. Now, Ash worked among those builders, using her magic to disassemble unsalvageable components and set in place new sections of wall or brace. Her mother, Tynik I, worked alongside her, flying around with materials and helping on the upper portions of the structure. The bulk of the construction force was made up of locals of that Destroyed future who could tolerate

 Nadalia strode into the Overchurch, followed by Lauren and Strea. Rita and Melody had come with them to Grecinma, but they stayed outside for the time being. While Nadalia had returned to the Overchurch since her revival, she was still greeted with cheers and reverie by her fellow Guard-Knights and the clergy (and a single Dissolver passing by). Lauren received her own praises, of course, and Strea was offered her respects. The two Guard-Knights before the Approaching Chamber opened the do

A list of the best swordsters in TFaTK (and AToF):1. Aeris Famen2. Yiceclek “Vice”3. Hilpoaen4. Heidi Salzƿedel5. Uvilmagaþ6. Nikolas Roþſilds7. Heiko Blindherta8. Springari9. Tiān Hǔpò10. Barnard11. Sin Al-Faẓī’a12. Uehaka Ume13. Vimker Treisgar14. Ĵoqiyalči15. Steƿart Ƿalnut16. Alis Kuferin17. Farn Hrosgar18. Þeotman Ostburg19. Cateora20. Nadalia Seren21. Kuning Sterro22. Fefanƿy Sehne23. Hanno Ƿestklif24. Theresah Proudstone25. Kjærleikr26. Uehaka Uri27. Amiclas28. Iri

Vidindaĵo, the world of attractions, planet of parks aplenty, the getaway of all getaways, the ultimate locale for entertainment and relaxation – it was a premiere planet situated in a key corner of a system at galactic crossroads. To say that Vidindaĵo was a popular vacation destination would be understating its enduring popularity. All four of its moons were outfitted as transfer stations to limit space-traffic from slowing visitorship – and from clogging up one of the most brilliant nig

For a catch-up, eight siblings take a meal at their new favorite diner. The head waitress greets them by name, and they greet her by hers. They sit down at a circular booth, the largest in the diner. Lauren, the hungry sister, lists out her order on a notebook as she goes down the menu, said notebook being provided by Bates, the knowledgeable brother. Del, the unassuming sister, makes paper footballs out of the napkins to flick between the upraised fingers of Axy, the strong brother. May, the pa

La, foul Dullahan of Gloomfiend,He who has wrought ache and sorrow,With bone whip and dark coach in hand,You ride to spread a dread morrow.A thousand heads you take with glee -For your own one was ago lorn -From the seelie town of Tuaisceart,Whose Sidhe blood you share but do scorn.You wretched coachman may fell laugh,Hands stained, heart pale, and howl booming,An evildoer of grim hraith,But this cold morn does your doom bring.Widulainn, Mare of the Wald Gae,Proud Winter Knight of old Glaðalf,D

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VoidInVoid's Blog - Character Help Posted 3 weeks ago

Over the years of making The Farmer and The Knight - as well as A Taste of Freedom - I have created many characters, some who make regular appearances and some who have made only one. My friend GooInABox pointed out to me that some of these characters are hard to remember. As someone who frequently helps me with plot-development and editing, the fact that he had difficulty remembering these characters made me realize that my readers may encounter similar troubles in remembering minor (or even major) characters' names, roles, and relationships. I have also begun to redesign many names of characters (and places) from the Core Stead using my new Core alphabet, meaning that some familiar names may become foreign on a first glance. Although the Aryion blogs no longer have a...
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You're welcome, https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sebmausu/ I have some art if you're interested


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Happy to! The Dungeons & Dragons/Tabletop game scenario is really nice and fun to see, hope to potentially see more of it! ;D


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Your welcome. Your stories are hot and easy for me to fantasise myself as prey in them

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