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Welcome to my page, thanks for visiting! I'm a shy little vampire girl who draws silly characters eating each other.

Female/she, mid 30s, traditional art working toward digital, and hope to do commissions some day. Mostly female prey and oral vore, but will be branching out.

I'm super sensitive to light in real life, due to a blood disorder (hence the vampire persona!), so there might be times I disappear for a while if I can't look at a screen for a few days. Eventually I get back to messages and PM, sometimes I just can't read them or reply.

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Hello guys! Well, I've been on a good activity streak lately - thought I'd need more time after the AMC stuff, but I feel ready to dive into my next project now (more on that in a bit). Health hasn't been great this week, I'm just learning to plan my days and meals better to deal with it, buying myself more screen and drawing time than usual. And of course there was the variety of other problems going on at my house. Notice I say "was".

This past weekend was miraculous, in that a bunch of problems just solved themselves. I still had a family of squirrels in the walls keeping me awake, and freaking out my cat; one housemate constantly shouting and slamming doors and cupboards (usually not in anger, just a loud dude); construction still going on in the basement, and...
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Posted by Penguintiel 2 weeks ago Report

Are you feeling well? If you're not, just keep in mind we'll still be here when you return.

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Posted by Bowyer2 4 months ago Report

Happy New Year.


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Posted by CarnivorousVixen 6 months ago Report

Hope you've been feeling better

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Posted by Zangoosair 7 months ago Report

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Posted by Bowyer2 9 months ago Report

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I'm writing a character idea about a living doll character. I'm doing research on real doll for inspiration, and I thought to ask if you know any doll that you like and/or have when you're a child.

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