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Welcome to my page, thanks for visiting!

I'm just a shy little vampire girl who draws silly characters eating each other.

Female/she, mid 30s, stuck at home drawing out my feelings with vore. Most of my work is oral vore with female prey and preds, but I'm branching out and exploring other areas.

Commissions and requests are closed for now

My ko-fi, for payments and donations:

I'm super sensitive to light in real life, due to a blood disorder (hence the vampire persona!), so there might be times I disappear for a while if I can't look at a screen for a few days. Eventually I get back to messages and PM, sometimes I just can't read them or reply.

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I tried and failed to stay active last month and well into this one. While I can say it was partly me feeling ill as usual, and partly me speaking too soon about the chaos around my building dying down, now I have a new problem. An unexpected family issue, which I won't go into detail about, but it's been stressing me out and messing with my head for a couple weeks now. I shouldn't have been involved, but it worked out that I had to relay messages between family that aren't talking, a hospital, and family friends who were strangers to me. Having to do this has also inadvertently revealed that someone's been lying to and about me for a few years now - but this is a completely inappropriate time to confront them - there may never be an appropriate time, actually. So I'm dealing with that,...
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Posted by SarahTheCuteVixen 2 weeks ago Report

adorable art,


Posted by Bowyer2 1 month ago Report

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I can't blame. All of your female characters got amazing butt.


Posted by Bowyer2 1 month ago Report

Out of all of your characters, who got the most amazing butt for how big, soft and jiggly is is?


Posted by YourFreeFood 4 months ago Report

You got some good art! I just wish I was that edible~


Posted by GurglingGoodness 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by cryan 6 months ago Report

After reading about your blood disorder, I'm curious: do certain parts of the spectrum affect you more than others? Like, blue light has more energy than red, so I would think it would agitate your blood more.

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Posted by cryan 7 months ago Report

i swear, your profile pic only blinks when its in the corner of my eye

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Posted by Yeschef21 9 months ago Report

Hey just had to say huge fan of all your work its so cute and also tasty at the same time, keep up the good work

just another one of your loving fans that wishes nothing but the best for you


Posted by Joily 1 year ago Report

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I’m glad I could help!~ I hope to be posting more stuff soon!

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