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Posted by LillyTheLovely 5 months ago Report

I wanted to give ya the best compliment I can! Keep up the amazing work! I love your art style and the ongoing comic you're doing is amazing! I consider it one of my manga readings, even if it isnt manga. <3


Posted by lunchymunchies 6 months ago Report

What happened to Modes 1-6?


Posted by SeekGr 6 months ago Report

Thanks a lot for watching me!
I do appreciate it, and just know that I've been a big fan of you even before I started to post anything here lol
So, it means a lot!!

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Posted by reliuskaiser 1 year ago Report

Odd..i stopped watching you for some reason. I corrected that now.


Posted by Raksuda 1 year ago Report

Hello there!


Posted by TheNamesJackson 1 year ago Report

Truely one of the old greats, even if you began to do a lot more off the wall fetishes, your old animations will always hold a special place in my heart.


Posted by salin 1 year ago Report

I noticed that you removed almost all of the works from your old account, like the stuff in this gallery here:

Do you have any plans to re-upload them on this account? I liked some of those old works.


Posted by Redpod 2 years ago Report





Posted by chrislangster 2 years ago Report

Hey, long-time fan of your work! (Dietician Gretal and Eliza)

I was wondering if I might use an old pic of Gretal as a reference pic in the Eka's chatroom? My character, Gooloria, was mentally designed after Gretal, and I honestly can't see her in any other form.

For clarity's sake, Gooloria is NOT Gretal. Completely different personality and abilities, I just imagine her as a black slime with total control of her substance, with her default form being humanoid with near-white skin and slime hair/clothes, like Gretal.

Even if you won't grant me permission, I'd like to thank you for at least reading this. ^w^ Take care!


Posted by Winny 2 years ago Report

Just wanted to shout out to you for being an artist that's awesome. I love the direction you went exploring all the new things! Keep on being a lovely strange degenerate~ <3 much love!


Posted by olddud 2 years ago Report

Man I just want to say I love your stuff, you do a lot of my favorite kinks.

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