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Modeseven's Blog - June Update Posted 4 weeks ago
Patreon has been updated with June's PSDs!!J0YAyL7B!EKabeaezNLy2HQp0kVpKhA
MEGA has been UPDATED!
Amibooru updated!
Wafflebooru updated!

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Posted by Redpod 2 months ago Report





Posted by chrislangster 3 months ago Report

Hey, long-time fan of your work! (Dietician Gretal and Eliza)

I was wondering if I might use an old pic of Gretal as a reference pic in the Eka's chatroom? My character, Gooloria, was mentally designed after Gretal, and I honestly can't see her in any other form.

For clarity's sake, Gooloria is NOT Gretal. Completely different personality and abilities, I just imagine her as a black slime with total control of her substance, with her default form being humanoid with near-white skin and slime hair/clothes, like Gretal.

Even if you won't grant me permission, I'd like to thank you for at least reading this. ^w^ Take care!


Posted by Winny 4 months ago Report

Just wanted to shout out to you for being an artist that's awesome. I love the direction you went exploring all the new things! Keep on being a lovely strange degenerate~ <3 much love!


Posted by olddud 6 months ago Report

Man I just want to say I love your stuff, you do a lot of my favorite kinks.


Posted by TheVoreEngineer 6 months ago Report

While completely irrelevant to vore, just wanted to give a shout out for making such good music arrangements for KFAD2. Boss Battle (II) is a personal favorite. Also your art is really good as well :)


Posted by Numnumsnake 7 months ago Report

Hey Something weird happened. I tried looking at some are on other pages on your gallery and it shows that there are only one page, what happened to the other seven pages of art? Or was it just a glitch.. I'll show you a screenshot of you wanna know what I mean


Posted by ThirtyCelcius 7 months ago Report

good music


Posted by Pulchritudinous_Cenobite 8 months ago Report

I came here for Sonic Vs. Mario, thank you for all of your time here.


Posted by Eddibble 9 months ago Report

My brudda, u there?


Posted by overlordxu 10 months ago Report

Love your works for years! However, there is one thing that I have in mind... remember 'meaty appetite'? I wonder do you plan to finish this wonderful comic at some point?


Posted by Callen 1 year ago Report

I'd love for you to join my discord channel vore palace all vore is welcome and if you would like to bring friends feel free

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