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Hey all and welcome to android hell. Or synth heaven.
It depends on how you view it. But one thing is for sure. We got vore. Plenty of vore for your soul.

I'm a Swedish Vore veteran who have been a member of this site for many-many years. But didn't start to contribute with content until 2019. I'm a male pred only artist. So if you are looking for F/? anything, time to move on. Or stay. It's pretty warm here~

I do fancy both M/F and M/M with a lot of focus on maws, throat play, slimy themes and ofc. Robots and cyborgs.


Want to share my drawings? Go ahead!
Want to draw my characters? Go on! (But please let me know so I can credit you)

Happy lewding peeps~

Do I take commissions? Yes. When i'm in the mood. Random slots will be announced on Twitter.

Do I trade? Oh, it can happen!
Do I take requests? No!
Contact? PM!

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Mecho's Blog - Art trades! (OPEN) Posted 2 weeks ago

So i'm up for some art trades.

What I can offer: I can do vore or none vore for you. It can go from fully rendered to flat colors or even sketches. Prey can be of any gender! I enjoy drawing humans, robots, furries, dragons, animals and so on. Pretty much everything your mind would desire~

Examples of fully rendered pics: (Dragon mawshot) (m/m furry/scalie) (Human pred) (Monster boy pred) (Robot pred)

My No's are following:

Fem preds

What you need to consider/rules:

Hold the...
[ Continued ... ]

4 Replies
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Posted by SeekGr 13 days ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

You have some very cool stuffs!

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Posted by ErmotSAAS 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

Sure practicing will make me get to places, tho I think there's nothing new under the sun about tutorials and learning by pure observation in other artists works. Might do some courses to fix and optimize my creative process, still can't sketch well

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Posted by ErmotSAAS 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

U welcome! you got amazing shading skill levels, hope I can study enough to be there

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Posted by MultipleCacti 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

ey I'll be honest bro, I was shocked to see I wasn't watching you already! I appreciate you keeping that good stuff coming!


Posted by BrokenBees 2 weeks ago Report

Thank you kindly lad for the watch, I can not promise activity


Posted by azazelthedemon15 2 weeks ago Report

:0!!! Thank uuu for the watch!


Posted by waistdeep 4 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

Thanks! I know its not for everyone but I like it.


Posted by raynsfw1 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

:flushed: th-thank u..


Posted by DrAgonStranger 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

I am the one who should thank you. Love your art~


Posted by lovelands 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

Thank you!! I appreciate it, and i love your art btw!!


Posted by CalDash75 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Mecho

No problem! I love your art! ^w^


Posted by E1R0R 2 months ago Report

Uh hey, sent a PM a few days ago but Idk if you even got it. Message system has been buggy the past few days.

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