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Hey all!

Mecho is my name and as you may see and might know I have been part of our community for many, many years. *Vore veteran almost* But didn't start to make my own vore art until March this year, so my kinky art journey has just begun. Join me in the process of digital vore art! \[o3o]/

I mostly draw robot preds of the male kind. Most of it is M/F but I also like M/M. Multiple preds and preys are the chocolate on the vore ice cream and I have a huge love for multiple preds on one prey, soft vore style.

Almost everything I do is OC related, but it can certainly slip one or another canon character in as well. I'm always up for the idea of feeding the boiz with different OCs, so if you want your OC in my pics, just give me a hint. Or slap me in the face. Both works!

But all in all. Vore means a lot to me, and are not just on a sexual level. It's horror, humorous, atmospheric, cozy and can make the stomach tickle and so on. So what you see on my page can be anything from pretty sexual situations, but also completely non-sexual, comical, nude prey, clothed prey...Yes everything between heaven and sea.

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Hellu everyone!

Just a quick update. The cosplay project is going great and my kink game is strong (Not on vore tho, sadly) But one thought that crossed my mind this cold evening was an idea of crossing my main kink for the moment with vore.

It's still all about swords and being sawed in half (Alive and well) for the moment. But, What about getting sawed in half (The victim can still feel her/his legs and move around) the pred eats the legs/lower half of the body and while the upper body is in another room you can watch the victim feel the voring part. It's almost like vore wi fi! I have never ever seen this in vore before and i'm usually not a fan when it comes to mixing my sawing kink with anything else because the settings is nowhere near the setting of my vore fantasies. In the...
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Thank you for the watch !


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Memes are my sole purpose in life.xD


Posted by tykylo 3 months ago Report

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I tend to take note of everything that's going on and never for the life of me being able to forget it. It's the Autism(TM).


Posted by tykylo 3 months ago Report

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Ah, it's alright haha. Sometimes I'll subscribe to a YouTube channel, only to realize that I was already subscribed to it and that I unsubscribed by accident. xD


Posted by tykylo 3 months ago Report

I don't remember well but I think you might have watched me before.
Either that or I'm going crazy :D


Posted by lyingunderfire 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

[We will try to get more content out... eventually... promise.]


Posted by minakotomoka14 3 months ago Report

Thanks a lot for the watch! I love your art!


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Thanks for the watch I guess?


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thanks for the watch


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Thanks for the watch?


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Thanks a bunch for the watch!!

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Posted by Bright 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch.
WAs there something you liked in particular?

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