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Commissions are open (And more) Posted 1 month ago
So, I'm once again open for commissions. Though, I will only doing some slots at a time. This is just so that I don't stress myself out. That is why my commission status can be a bit confusing at times. Heck, i'm even confusing myself with them O___o But the usually rule is: I'm open when I have the energy and inspiration. This is for fun and not my main source of income.

So yeah. It's a bit messy around here. But while you are at it. Hey~ And hey to all new followers. Hope you will enjoy your stay here. If you like maws, maw/throat play, big dudes eating both men and woman, and ofc robotic themes. You have come to the right place.

In and out
Two years of madness Posted 2 months ago
Ahhw yeah. Two years as an vore artist baby!
Hoooly sheaaaat I have become more dedicated then first intended. Like seriously? Well, more vore for you guys. Yeeey!?

Speaking of drawing consumption porn...
What do you guys and gals think of the more painted/detailed/semi realistic art style? yay or nay? =3

Also, what kind of pics and scenarios/characters do you like? Maybe I should draw some themes more often? Or less? Always feel free to share your ideas. I won't bite (Only eat)
In the beginning I was planning on only drawing robots and cyborgs. Maybe get some people to notice the beauty in them as preds. But as you might have noticed, I try to branch out despite this overly strong robo kink (Like holy shit) and giving you all some more...
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Quality VS quantity Posted 3 months ago
Hellu dudes and dudettes~
It's me. Your all so eaty robo guy.

Just wanted to tell you all that I will (At least at this time) be a bit more slow on posting art. Why? Because I want to give each pic more love. More details, and also working on concept and scenarios more. Sometimes I have had this mindset that I need to be done with a pic over a day. And because of that I have been posting ALOT of content. But, on the bad side:
The pics can be better with more time on them and...It will save me some stress.

Scenarios, posing, action, perspective...Those all all things I really like in drawings and almost every vore pic that got me interested have those elements in them. So I will once again go into learning mode to try out more things.
Winner! [Raffle] Posted 4 months ago
And we have a winner!
The peep is  Synik Con grats! o3o Make sure to take good time thinking about your art wish~

------Other notes-------

And for now on, I will be much more active on Twitter. Giving out Wips, commission statuses, upcoming raffles, sketches and other stuff~


And last, I want to wish you all a really really nice, warm and vorny Christmas! Stay safe and hope the next year will bring us a little more joy~
Stretching out those android wings Posted 4 months ago
Just wanted to let you all know that I got Twitter now. Still getting used to it, so please have some patience o3o


Also a reminder that there is only 2 days left of the art raffle. If you want to be in there let me know before it's to late. all the info you need to know:
Christmas raffle Posted 5 months ago
It's the most wonderful time of the year~
Or not. Really guys, this year is something of a nightmare (Thinking about Corona stuff)

But it's always wonderful getting feedback from you guys. Like, I really-really appreciate it! So I want to give away a gift. An art gift no less! Think about it as a Christmas present.
Though, I will only give it to one person. Sadly. But life isn't fair o3o
So. You have made it this far human. If you still are interested PLEASE read the rules:

1. This is just for fun and this doesn't work as commissions does. So I won't change anything or show you any wip (You can have them though. But ONLY as a fun thing and not for doing changes)
2. I want to give something for the peeps who have encouraged me. This means:...
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Male Prey Posted 5 months ago
So, as some of you might know the amount of male prey has increased
in my gallery. My plan from now on is to make it some where near 50/50 with the female
And male prey's. So expect more male victims in the future.

I will also include more human preds. I'm way to picky when it comes to pred types
And robots/cyborgs is almost the only kind of preds that keeps me going. Though, things
can change and I will try some more fleshy preds in the future~ And play around
more with their clothes and styles/other features to keep them unique and fun to design/draw.
Writing vore Posted 6 months ago
So I have thought about trying out writing stories for some time now.
The only things that scares me are time and the language. But as I will start
an English class it could be a nice way to learn.

Though, I have little ideas on what to write about at the moment. What would be a nice
story to start with? What scenarios do you guys want me to write about? :)
Searching for commissions Posted 6 months ago
So first of.

I have started on doing tutorials and other stuff. Improving my art. So if you guys know about any good tricks, or nice tutorials. Please let me know :)
I'm especially interested in lightning, nice line art, filters and structures at the moment.

And second

I'm in the search for a peep who can draw a sketch for me. The sketch would be used as a base for me to train tutorials on. And I think it's nice to see stuff being drawn in a different art style then mine. Are you a person who is on the sketchy side? Please contact me~ I won't bite. I can pay you in USD, or do a trade. You decide~

And last...

What do you guys want to see more of? o3o
Got any nice pred ideas?

Then let me know!
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Posted 7 months ago
Hello folks!

Just some information on my current commission status. I'll get more commission request then I'll actually have enough of energy on doing. (And I have been slow in the making of doing the comms I have been accepting, and it just make me feel so bad. So I won't take on any more until I can finish them under the 2 week dead line yet again) Having halloween coming up and working on a cosplay for that, a full time job, school that's starting on monday and a social life to take care of.

So at the moment commissions are closed. It's sad, cause I love doing them. But sometime life don't grand you with enough of time and energy on doing everything you like.

Until then, take care peeps and watch out for big hungry dudes~