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The unicorn of vore Posted 9 days ago
So, it's getting late here. And my head are spinning with many philosophical and exstencial questions.
Like, what is the secret to happiness?
What is the meaning of life?
What comes after death?
Why are double pred scenarios so disliked?
Help a lost soul to understand. I really want to.

In regular porn. Double anything (Threesomes) are very popular. In vore on the other hand, it's so rare! It's almost like a unicorn. A pretty, majestic vore unicorn.
Don't get me wrong. It's totally fine not liking/liking stuff. So this isn't me try to bash on others in any way~ If I want something, I will draw it for myself (Or commissioning peeps to do it) Easy as that~

Guess it's just me being a crazy fanboi about things. You...
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Art gift Posted 1 month ago
I just want to say Thank you for the peeps that follows me, giving comments on my work and encourages the inspiration. So, to show you my appreciation I will give one (But only one) person an art wish. Tho, there is rules:

1. You must have been a fan of my work before (Follower, commenting and stuff
Like that)

2. If you have been granted an art wish from me before I can't do it again.

3. If you are waiting for me to doing a commission, and you have already mentioned said
Commission. You can't get it as a art Wish. (Comms will be Comms) But you can make a wish beside the comm.

4. Give me time om the art. I will not do a hard dead line on it. It can take 2 says, or 2 months.
All depending on my inspirational flow. ...
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Plans Posted 3 months ago
So. My brain sometimes works in mysterioys ways. Got my ADD to Thank for that. So, the last day I
Just woke up and suddenly this thought struck me "What if I could learn how to do vore animation"
And it got me rather exited. Tho, it feels kind of an "overkill" consider that I haven't learn Clip
Studio fully yet. But hey! I'm that "Learn things while doing them" person so... And there is just SO little human-looking male preds animation out there. So as usual. I want to make male based stuff more common.

So. A little heads up. I will not be as productive as before considering animation stuff takes time. But!
If it goes my way you guys will have moving vore pics instead.
So I will focus on that for now. And try to...
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*Pssst* Hey kids! Posted 3 months ago
Hey kids. Looking for sum collab?

I'm at the moment so exited about the vector function and really want to try it out on something that isn't my own stuff. That means: You send me a sketch of something you have done and i'm all up for doing the lined, coloring and shadings and maybe background. As usual, we must share interests. That means (If you haven't follow me or anything and don't know it by now) NO fem preds, no animals (Animals are okey. But I want to do some human lookings stuff o3o) No poop, no preg, no perma death and no sexual child-stuff. But besides...I'm pretty much open for anything. So if you want your sketch of a humanoid crow boy with 4 legs and fangs. I'm all game.

Share your ideas, and I give them colors~
And as usual: PM me if...
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Corona B-day party! Posted 4 months ago
Ah. What a time to be alive. So my b-day is tomorrow and in those silly times I really try to find ways to stay sane. One thing that I REALLY miss is the night life and this time of the year is usually when the party life starts 4 realz with the hot weather and upcoming birthday. Oh god, I miss the nights out reeeeeeeeeeealy badly. The neon lights, the electronic music, being sweaty from all the dancing, all those fun and awkward people you meet, the booze, dressing up in whatever you want. God, I even had plans on doing a robo cosplay for the coming events. But naaaaaaah.

This site has really helped me to stay...sane? Or not. Depending on how you see it XD So it's a really nice way to do something that feels fun when the world has run out of the fun.
List of awesome Posted 5 months ago
Oh boy. So much spare time in those silly corona times. Maybe you guys gave notices my ridiculous speed in doing vore art lately. Yeah. That is how boredom looks likes. Mmmmmmm...Tasty-tasty boredom. Also, lists are great. So...Here it is. A list of things that I think are vorish greatness.


Neutral (I don't squirt the pants. But don't dislike either)
Animals eating peoples
Monsters eating people
Furries eating people
?/F/?/M (If you can't see the gender of the eaty-eaty thing it dosen't matter, really)
Being pred (Well. In my android form I can absolutely gurgle down on some tasty humans)

Belly bulges!
Demon preds
Willing prey
Soft vore
Oral vore
Anal vore? <----------...
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happy voranniversary Posted 5 months ago
Oh boy. Times sure flies fast!
One year ago from now my friend gave me my drawing tablet and I encountered Clip Studio for the first time. One year as an vore artist.

Just want to give a HUGE thanks to all of the funny/nice/and kind comments from you guys and I can promise you that this year is only the beginning of it all. It's always those nice things that keeps the inspiration up. Also, thank you for liking my obscure art and yet again welcome to that part of Eka's. Full of male pred appreciation gloryness, robots and other sweet things that keeps you up at night.
Smexy things are coming u way! Posted 7 months ago
As you guys might know i'm rather strict when it comes to vore preferences and it has been hard for me to go outside my "Female prey, robot preds only" thingy.
But even stuff you really like can get repetitive after a while even for a very repetitive person *Ahen. Me*

But things have happen! Suddenly i'm very into male preys for some reason? Like very into them! o___o So just a heads up for my fellow M/M fans. There will be much more male on male action here. And I will start doing more sexual stuff. That means more genitalia and maybe some smex to. It will also be more fleshy preds. To all of you cuddly non sexual fem prey, robot pred only lovers. Don't worry. I won't change. Just add more variaty to the gallery :3 And variations as you know is a good thing....
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Mmmm yes Posted 7 months ago

This is so exiting. Not that long ago I got a commission for my all time favorite nerd bar here in Sweden. It's so awesome I can't even :D
It will be a pretty high priority as you might know and it's a rather big project to be working on.

Also. I'm start to feel some vore inspiration coming my way. After the project I will take up some vore artz once more. Maybe with some more fleshy, demon/tauric preds. Tauric preds are wonderful <3 I can't believe I don't draw them more often.
Commissions are now open! Yeeeeeeeeeeeey! Posted 7 months ago
So, I took a loooooooong break. There has been some really interesting months. I have a ful time job at the local cat shelter so that is really awesome :3
I'm in my respawning kink phase at the moment and I don't know if I would like to share pics of it here. For people who dosen't understand this kink it may look like pure guro or just plain gore. I'm Not into being killed/seeing people getting killed at all. But I do love the thought of going through processes that normaly would kill a person just so that I can respawn/no RL consequenses. Don't know why. But I guess it has something to do with my love for sharp objects and humiliation (Swords, saws, knifes and things like that) I somehow feel I would love to have a sword in me. Or feeling metal blades again the skin, yet. I don't...
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