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All the two little girls had wanted to do was have a little fun. Nine-year-old twins Ava Marie and Leah Rose Clements had been dragged to the nursing home to help their mother volunteer with the elderly. Not wanting to spend the day helping a bunch of geezers, the twins had run off and discovered that in the nursing home there was an alien. They had to see it and eventually, they found what they were looking for. They stared at the nine-foot-tall creature as she sat down on her bed with a dinner

When Consciousness did return to Jack, he was met by aches all over his very sticky and damp body. Taking in a deep lung full of breath, he cracked his eyes open, his body was weak, but his mind was refreshed and strong. Every moment before he passed out inside Ying’s unforgiving gut raced through his mind, seared into his very soul as any other life-altering tragedy would. What he expected was the darkness he had passed out in. Instead, he saw bright lights all around him and sitting with

When Jack Perry decided to move from America to China to become a teacher, he thought he was going on a wild, meaningful adventure. Instead of inspiring students and discover an exotic new world for himself he just felt disheartened and isolated. His students didn’t care about their studies, only the girls paid any attention to him and that was because they thought he was hot. He had made no friends, no connections and felt lost both inside and outside of the classroom. Jack was desperatel

win again!” Exclaimed an excited fourteen-year-old girl as she
threw down her controller and lifted her arms into the air in
celebration. Beside her, a rather short and skinny fourteen-year-old
boy smiled as his friend enjoyed her victory. Ava had been invited
over to Jacob’s house to play video games. The young girl had just
moved to town a few months ago and had only made one friend, Jacob,
which was funny because Jacob also had no friends other than Ava. The
other kids in the class c

was three-inch tall man, he had been small his entire life but had
made due and managed to come out on top. He had gotten away from his
cruel younger sister, Tulip, who had loved to devour him and now had
a family of his own. It was him, his wife Angela, his daughter Jenny
and his three-inch son Jet. The only thing wrong with his seemingly
perfect life was his daughter, only five years old, had started to
make a bad habit of trying to eat him. Steve was tough enough to
survive the stomach

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Hello to my readers new and old! For the last year or so I’ve been focusing on commissions, bringing the crazy ideas of others to life and earning a little money on the side. In that time, I’ve come up with a lot of different ideas of my own that I’ve been dying to write. After a little bit of burn out, I’m back in the writing spirit and while I’m going to keep on doing commissions, I’m also going to find time for my own ideas. However, I have a tiny problem. I have way, way too many ideas and picking just one has been difficult. Just when I start on one story another idea comes to me and I find myself struggling...
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Just uploaded the second part with AV and a cameo with the Wasp you might be interested in ; )

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