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I'm IrateLiterate, formerly of dA and currently of Tumblr, as well as here. I also ran the Gastronomic Geek Girl blog until Tumblr itself deleted that account in November 2018.

Just checking to see if anyone's reading that - if you want to reach out/chat with me, message me for my Discord.

Currently on tentative hiatus due to mental health and self-esteem issues.

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So it's been nearly a month of my "somewhat" hiatus, and how has it been?

Not really good, there haven't been any improvements. Not emotionally and certainly not art-wise, which I feel I've been on a steady decline for years now. It feels like for all I've tried to practice, I've barely improved at all when others have started off worse and improved so much more in a shorter amount of time. My numbers have just been going down with Tumblr imploding, Twitter being a failure to launch (for me), and my gallery here stagnating.

I'm unhappy if I'm consistently working on art to post, because I burn out. I'm unhappy if I'm taking a break from posting art, because every second to post and try and remain relevant is going by unused.

"But Irate, shouldn't you just be worrying...
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Posted by crumplim 2 weeks ago

Love u and ur art man, things will get better- you have to hit the bottom before u bounce back up! x


Posted by Kelly 2 weeks ago

Heeey love your work <3 Keep up the amazing work <3


Posted by testuser 1 month ago

*keep up

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Posted by testuser 1 month ago

Keep you the good work bud ^^

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Posted by Syro1999 2 months ago

I remember you from tumblr finally found you on here thankfully i missed and loved your artwork


Posted by Bellyl0ver 2 months ago

<< Reply To IrateLiterate

Sheesh, don’t know why this drama is happening, but it sounds dumb.

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 2 months ago

I can’t view the Motherly Alice Tumblr for some reason.

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Posted by CompactorFlame 3 months ago

I heard your GGG account was terminated, I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm glad you're back and hope to see some things about those girls in other places too. ^^


Posted by AceStoner 3 months ago

Heyyyyy! Just a rando leting you know shes happy that your safe and feeeling atleast better wbough to post. Heres to hoping thinks work out on down the line dear! ;)


Posted by Bellyl0ver 3 months ago

Hope you feel better soon.

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Posted by mmmooo55 4 months ago

Heppy bewwated biwrfday?


Posted by glorp 4 months ago

Happy birthday!

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