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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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Roberta stepped out of the locker room and straightened her company issued jumpsuit. It didn’t quite fit right, but then, few things did. Roberta was what her mother liked to call “sassy soft.” Though she was barely into her late twenties, she had what some would consider the classic mom-bod. Thick, fully hips. A formidable chest, and a bit of a pudgy midriff. She wasn’t so much fat as… somewhat excessively curvy. Among the many consequences of her ample assets was

identical young ladies bopped up and down back stage. They had
ravishing bodies wrapped in the bizarre “half-tuxedo and fishnet
stockings” outfit that had somehow become the uniform for lady
magicians. A distinctive brand of anxiety-laced excitement filled
their faces. It was that special sort of feeling one got before a
big, scary thing that was also a dream come true.
is it, Glitz,” said one of the girls, rubbing her hands together.
is it, Glamour,” said the other.

pulled the blankets a little closer and muttered under her breath as
she felt the motion of her girlfriend sliding out of bed.
my gosh, I swear it’s gotten colder since last night!” Lora
squeaked through chattering teeth.
thin and dainty young inkling grabbed a heavy robe from the arm of a
chair by the bed and pulled it on, her pointed teeth already starting
to chatter. Ticca felt sorry for the petite little thing. While being
what the internet lovingly called ‘thicc’ was

snorted awake. It took her a few seconds to figure out why there was
so much commotion down stairs. She still lived with her parents, and
usually they were pretty quiet. But for some reason, even though it
was only 11:30 am and she usually didn’t roll out of bed until the
afternoon, they were downstairs squawking about something.
are they talking to…” she said, bleary eyed.
sat up and fished her phone out of the pile of assorted debris that
had piled up on her end table. Alo

strutted down the hallway of her apartment building. In most places,
she got an awful lot of looks from the general public. Half of the
looks were leering and ogling stares from men with low impulse
control and bad manners. Not to toot her own horn, but she did have a
pretty dynamite bod. Full thighs, a formidable chest. Curvy, as they
would say in the old days. Thicc, in the modern parlance. The others
who stared at her ran the gamut from children to old women. They were
gawking at her c

sat wearily at her desk, eyes upon her work. The battles were
relentless, but what had been wearing upon her were the times
between. Even when things were calm, there was always the planning,
always learning from the last battle and preparing for the next.
she caught herself dozing off, she shook her head a bit, flourishing
her vibrant red hair, and stood.
a short break,” she promised herself aloud. “Just a few minutes
to gather my wits.”
paced the room, trying to

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Having some errors posting a story, so I'll probably have to wait a bit, but rest assured there's a new Patreon reward on the way, an HDTF story commissioned by  Groblek.

I got some help catching errors on this one from  C107galaxytachyon, so hopefully it's cleaner than the rest.

In the mean time, I'm curious what sort of things folks would like me to offer over on my patreon. I don't know if I can swing any more commission slots per month. (I'm having trouble finding the time/focus to get them done with much time to spare), but if there's anything anyone's itching for, I'm all ears.

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