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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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flipped through the duty roster for the afternoon. Working at a
teaching hospital meant the quality of one’s day could vary wildly
depending on who you were paired up with. Teaching young doctors on
their residency was rewarding, but frustrating. He ran his finger
down the list of hand-written names. A smile came to his face.
he said.
was going to be a good day.
was a fertility specialist. They both were, actually, but the two
didn’t really compare. Clarise was

yawned and glanced at the clock in his dinky little dorm room. It was
winter break. He should be heading home to be with his family, but
his car was in the shop. If the repair man was to be believed, he
would be stuck in the dorm until the day before his birthday. It was
a pain, because on his birthday his folks always had a huge party
with his entire family and even most of his neighborhood. It was his
favorite day of the year. Having to rush home on the day of the party
would be a pain, b

she said, watching the machine slowly revolve. "Help?"
been working in the taffy shop for most of the summer, and it was a
profoundly monotonous job. It was just a pair of forks rotating
through each other, stretching and mixing the taffy together. It was
worse that she'd inherited the job of showing up long before anyone
else came in, to get the morning's taffy started before the tourists
showed up. She was always tired, but apparently today she was more

had been a long day for Beatrix. Running a Slime Ranch wasn’t a job
for someone who wasn’t willing to work. Collecting food with her
vacpac, feeding it to her slimes, collecting plorts… It took a lot
out of you.
there’d been a spike in demand for Pink Plorts, which had caused
the price to go way up. She’d spent most of the day wrangling and
corralling pink slimes and was frankly exhausted. She’d hired a
ranch hand to help balance the work load a bit, but she wouldn’t be

sat sheepishly in the passenger seat of the car. She was still in her
human form, which meant that for once her blush was visible across
her entire face rather than just peeking between pink and rose
really sorry about your bathroom…” she said, her voice a squeaky
okay,” Kyle said.
tone was less than convincing.
sort of forgot I’d eaten a whole elk. We don’t use toilets back
home. I didn’t know I’d clog it.”
was more tha

he called sweetly. “Up and at ‘em. It’s your birthday…”
smiled as his wife groggily blinked her eyes open. She smiled back
when she realized he was holding breakfast in bed on a tray.
she said, sliding up in a sitting position so he could place the tray
down. “You shouldn’t have.”
wasn’t the most luxurious meal in the world, but it was certainly
decadent. Pancakes with plenty of syrup and butter, a glass of orange
juice, and some bacon and eggs.

three of them were in a hotel room. The heat was turned up, the
lights turned down. Two women and a man, sweating. It had taken
months of searching the right forums to make tonight happen. She
could hardly wait.
sat in the room’s one chair while her boyfriend carefully slid the
sheer nightie from the shoulders of the other girl. The young woman,
barely nineteen, was a stranger, but an adventurous one. And a
willing one. While she watched, her man caressed the freshly nude
woman. His to

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As work consumes my time again, I find myself really lacking the enthusiasm to write anything. Even when I get the time, I end up staring at the blank page and then just give up and go to sleep. This is technically GOOD news, because it means the insomnia's not rearing its ugly head (with the exception of right now, which is more externally enforced, thanks to me having just gotten back from a work-travel trip). It's weird.

But I HAVE got a heap of half-started, half-imagined ideas. So we'll open it up for a vote again, just to see if anyone has an opinion.

What would you liked to see me write?

A vore fashion set of vignettes: a guy pitching revolutionary new ways to enhance models, mostly by cramming other models into them.

Size is Not a Big Deal: The further adventures of Meeta and...
[ Continued ... ]

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