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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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young woman steps into a small, neatly decorated interview room. Two
other women are behind the desk, which aside from three chairs, is
the only bit of furniture in the room.
Applicant 2212. Manuella. Have you been informed the reason you were
asked here?" asked the first interviewer.
no. Not really."
here in the Marloweny Gallery pride ourselves in our fairly
comprehensive collection of vore types. We've got oral vore,
unbirthing, anal vore..."

a large, freshly built research facility, a young grad student named
Gale Dekker eagerly recorded notes. For the last six weeks she'd had
the rare and valuable opportunity to be given almost exclusive access
to an endangered creature called a Structophis
or Pizza Dragon. Contrary to what the name would imply, it was not a
half-dragon/half-pizza, but rather a half-dragon/half-pizza oven.
She was a big girl already, and getting bigger by the week. She stood
at a bit over eight feet t

looked at his wife uncertainly.
this again," he said.
were in bed at the end of a long day, and as tended to happen when
they both were a bit stressed out, his wife wanted to try something
to spice up their love life. Since two prior attempts to do so--while
successful--had resulted in some regretable occurances, he was
understandably skeptical when she brought up something he'd never
even heard of.
called sounding. Basically we stick something up your p-hol

took a heavy breath and stretched her weary muscles. It had been an
intense battle, and she’d been tasked with providing more treatment
than she’d normally had to mete out in a week. The job was done
now, but a medic’s instincts are hard to put to rest once they’ve
been stirred up. She found herself giving each of her teammates a
final glance as they passed. Only one seemed to have anything worth
moment, Tracer. Could you please come here?” she said, raising

was one of those things you hear about on TV or in the movies, but
you never hear about it in real life. When you cut a hole in the
bottom of a bucket of popcorn, stick your member through it, and wait
until your lady friend discovers it. Frankly, he didn’t know
exactly what the goal of such a thing was, but considering it was his
third date with this girl, and she’d yet to show much interest in
anything but the money he was willing to spend on her, at this point
he was willing to try any

rather unusual trio approached a large, strangely gothic structure.
It was the University Library, one of the largest in the state. As
the time was nearing midnight, the doors were locked. That didn’t
seem to bother the woman leading her two associates along. The leader
of the little group was dressed in a ravishing red dress, something
every bit appropriate for the literal sex goddess that she was. The
others were dressed in snug white body suits of an oddly shimmery
white material. Specifi

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No, not just the usual sleeplessness. Though, I'm writing this at 1 AM, so yes, that too. I'm just not really able to focus right now. And money's getting tight. It's just. Ugh. Bad. Not "This could get tragic" bad. Just the usual "not good" type of bad. I've been writing a lot on my phone during commutes between two buildings during my work day. Which is great for little stories, but not great for the commissions I'm trying to do.

Just. Bad.

I'm not sure the value of writing this. I'll probably brush up one of my little phone nonsenses and post it as a pick me up. I just... Had some bad feelings in me and thought dumping them out into a blog post might help.

As you were, folks. Nothing to see here.

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Posted by blackmichi 3 days ago

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you are welcome <3.
Thanks for the pictures <3


Posted by hornywing 5 days ago

<< Reply To marloweny

Holy schnikeys! How did I not know your work existed until yesterday? Now I'm going have to go through the entire back catalog of your works. So far, I've not found one I have not loved!

[ Reply ]


Posted by deej1011 6 days ago

<< Reply To marloweny

You're welcome ^^


Posted by jessicascrapta 1 month ago

<< Reply To marloweny

I love your work!


Posted by Derpatron 2 months ago

<< Reply To marloweny

No problem, my dude


Posted by JMW 3 months ago

No problem, like your dragon date stories and look forward to the next one


Posted by Crash 3 months ago

<< Reply To marloweny

Yep. Hope to read more stories by you


Posted by Omnium51 3 months ago

<< Reply To marloweny

You're welcome, keep up the great work!

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Posted by DrOynx366 3 months ago

<< Reply To marloweny

Mainly just where did you come up with the idea for it? As i said ive never seen something like hair vore before


Posted by DrOynx366 4 months ago

<< Reply To marloweny

No problem! I cant wait to read your next pieces. Keep up the awesome work. Oh and do you mind if i ask about the hair vore one? That was honestly a new one and i found it funny and the story ending really nicely


Posted by DrOynx366 4 months ago

Hi there. I just wanted to say that ive really enjoyed reading your stories. Youre an amazing author, with tons of talent. I really do emjoy yhe non fatal and the compression. I think my favorite stories would be Size isnt a big deal, end of the line, gooey situation, and i really like the one shot of fantasy date and hope we can see more of that one. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome stories and to keep up the good work


Posted by Robotdocter 4 months ago

<< Reply To marloweny

no problem, your stories are great!

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