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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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burbled pleasantly to herself. As a pizza girl, her life could be
difficult for any number of reasons. She was delicious,
for one. Delectable, melty, salty, with just the right sprinkling of
pepperoni and cheese layered atop a golden-brown crust. She should
be worried about being eaten. She wasn’t. For her, the harder part
was finding the right meal to keep herself full to her own
satisfaction. Thus, she had maneuvered herself into the place that
she should have been avoiding like the p

eyes slid open. It was impossible to know for sure how much time had
passed. For a while, he had only his sense of touch available to him.
All he’d really felt was warmth. When light finally returned to his
world, it was the dim view of the bedroom, lit by the rising sun
through drawn curtains. He squinted a bit. Though the light was weak,
having known nothing but darkness for a while, any light was
relatively glaring. When he adjusted, he found that his view of the
world had the same

you like to sample our new scent, ma’am?”
lovely young lady at the cosmetics counter smiled sweetly at a
prospective customer. In truth, the customer probably wasn’t more
than a year or two older, but her training (such as it was) made it
clear that everyone who might buy a product was as ‘sir’ or a
I don’t know,” said the pretty woman she’d cornered. “I’ve
got very sensitive skin, so I really don’t like to try perfumes

drummed his fingers on the bar and swizzled his drink. He was a
distinctive guy. It was by design. Much of his adult life had been
spent amassing what had become an impressive collection of tattoos.
Ex’s names, pop culture references, elaborate tribal designs. He’d
made his lean, muscular body into a veritable mural, and he made a
point to show off as much of it as the dress code and weather would
permit at any given time.
so many tattoos was handy for any number of reasons. He ne

blinked blearily into the darkness. The weight of being a commander
was beginning to get to her. So far the many battles had yet to hand
her a decisive defeat, but that was only through the sheer volume of
planning and precision of execution. It left her exhausted. And
worse, it heaped so much stress onto her mind that despite her
weariness, sleep simply wouldn’t come.
her mind swept into ever tighter circles, she started to wonder why,
just a few weeks ago, she distinctly remembere

did you do?” Fen said, hands over her mouth and trembling.
girlfriend Faye had promised a “naughty surprise” that night,
which Fen had been giddily awaiting ever since she’d gotten the
text about it. The two girls had a very “top/bottom”
relationship, with Faye as the unquestioned top and Fen as the eager
bottom. In the past, the promise of spicy fun had led to evenings of
role play, some light bondage, even some breathplay.
come home and quickly been instructed

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Did you know I sometimes post stories without vore in places that are not here? It's true! Secret stories! Unless you follow me in those places. Then just other stories. Like this one:

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You're welcome!


Posted by rugli 4 weeks ago Report

Wouldn't mind if you told me what you think about that PM I sent you.


Posted by VoidInVoid 1 month ago Report

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You're welcome. I should've watched sooner. You're one of the ones who inspired me to start submitting stories to the site.


Posted by Rat_Guy 2 months ago Report

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I'd like to think mine was more of a suggestion than a request, but I think that'll make for a fun read.


Posted by Rat_Guy 2 months ago Report

Hey, I haven't gone through all of your HDTF stories, so maybe you did this already, but I just got an idea. What if someone under the effects of the HDTF somehow got injected into the bloodstream of someone else via a hypodermic needle?


Posted by hibbyjibby 3 months ago Report

Hey glad to see a dude into latex liked my 2B stuff. Thanks for the fave. Here's hoping you like the other rubber stuff I draw, weird and normal and otherwise.


Posted by Mysterii 4 months ago Report

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No problem


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You’re welcome!


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Anytime heheh


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No problem, have a nice evening!


Posted by Wilhelm00 5 months ago Report

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You are welcome. I love your work


Posted by gachabork 6 months ago Report

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np, keep up the good work!

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