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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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he called sweetly. “Up and at ‘em. It’s your birthday…”
smiled as his wife groggily blinked her eyes open. She smiled back
when she realized he was holding breakfast in bed on a tray.
she said, sliding up in a sitting position so he could place the tray
down. “You shouldn’t have.”
wasn’t the most luxurious meal in the world, but it was certainly
decadent. Pancakes with plenty of syrup and butter, a glass of orange
juice, and some bacon and eggs.

three of them were in a hotel room. The heat was turned up, the
lights turned down. Two women and a man, sweating. It had taken
months of searching the right forums to make tonight happen. She
could hardly wait.
sat in the room’s one chair while her boyfriend carefully slid the
sheer nightie from the shoulders of the other girl. The young woman,
barely nineteen, was a stranger, but an adventurous one. And a
willing one. While she watched, her man caressed the freshly nude
woman. His to

as you can see, we take our employee safety very seriously,”
remarked the shift manager.
was Joyce’s first day on the job. She was one of the first rounds
of hires at a new factory on the edge of town that manufactured snack
foods. During the entire employee training process she’d only been
half-listening. None of it applied specifically to any one of them.
The individual job training happened at the end of the week. This was
basically a glorified factory tour.

Dad! I’m home!” Garth called.
been away at college for the last few months. This was his first time
home since then. While he was looking forward to seeing his parents,
he wasn’t too proud to admit that he was mostly
looking forward to seeing his dog, Belle.
he called again.
only answer was a scratching at the door back door. He practically
ran to open it. Belle, his beloved Australian Shepard, came charging
in and gave his face a joyful lick.

threw open the door to her apartment and hurried inside. This was
easily the most excited anyone had ever been to be holding a top hat
and an Easter basket. That was probably because the most one could
usually hope to get out of an Easter basket was some decent candy,
and there wasn’t much of anything you could do with a top hat. But
in this case, both had belonged to the astonishingly talented Gary
the Great, a stage magician who had been sweeping the industry. She’d
caught word that

paced along in what felt like a dark cave populated by floating
clouds of light. She was dressed a bit more skimpy than she would
normally dress, but that was the least of her problems. At the
moment, and she was trying not to dwell on this, she was technically
a figment of her boyfriend's imagination. A series of mistakes she
also chose not to dwell upon had led her being pulled into his mind
after invading his dreams, and now she was stuck there until he
figured out how to get her out.

yawned and wriggled a bit in bed. She couldn’t remember the last
time she’d slept so well. Majesca, the genie who could now
rightfully be called a lover as well, was still cuddled close. She
could feel her soft, warm skin and could hear the quiet, sweet
breathing of her sleeping bedmate.
Eden murmured, eyes still shut. “You smell wonderful.”
leaned forward to give her friend a light kiss, but what her lips
pressed to was certainly
not Majesca’s forehead.

hurried into her hotel room and dropped her pack on the ground. She’d
been riding her motorcycle all night, which would have been tricky
enough. But thanks to a little bit of blackmail, she’d been forced
to help nearly a dozen sorority girls come down with her, and it had
been… distracting. If she remembered correctly, she had one up her
nose, or had
until she’d absentmindedly sniffled her into her stomach to join
another one. Nature had taken its course to send both of them alo

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Still trying to find and finish the stuff I started on my phone during commutes, but in the mean time, I think I'm going to try something. I've spoken a great deal with a self-pubbed author and, to the degree I could without creeping him out (He's spoken obliquely on twitter once or twice about a creepy fan and I'm pretty sure it's me, but he's never been rude or anything) I determined there may be a market for a version of what I do. So I MIGHT be taking a VERY modified version of the Fantasy Date storyline and doing a non-vore "dragon shifter romance" series to sell on kindle and such. It'll be a pen name, if/when it happens. I MIGHT collaborate with someone else to get it done. Still very "maybe" right now. But I'm pressed for cash and running out of options.

If the...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by dreamweevil 3 weeks ago

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Credit to Adseria for pointing me your direction! A very similar style to some of my stuff and I'm looking forward to reading what you've written.

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Posted by Uryx 4 weeks ago

Maybe something to consider for the gallery if you haven't already seen it:


Posted by joad 1 month ago

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Thanks for the awesome stories you keep making.


Posted by boneslessbizza 1 month ago

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You are very welcome!


Posted by VenusMoonstone23 3 months ago

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You are quite welcome and I hope you enjoy the stories and stuff here


Posted by Sorakirin 4 months ago

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Thanks I love your Genie series


Posted by Tassie 4 months ago

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Of course! I can't believe I wasn't watching before now.


Posted by sweetladyamy 4 months ago

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Anything for Anne! You're welcome.

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Posted by AlchemillasFinest 4 months ago

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Your welcome!


Posted by KalebAdvent 4 months ago

Don't have a DA account, so I'll say it here.

I noticed you never put your story "Rudy's Revolutionary Massage" on here. Or is it supposed to be a DA exclusive?


Posted by blackmichi 6 months ago

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you are welcome <3.
Thanks for the pictures <3


Posted by hornywing 6 months ago

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Holy schnikeys! How did I not know your work existed until yesterday? Now I'm going have to go through the entire back catalog of your works. So far, I've not found one I have not loved!

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