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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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it on."
was holding up a small plastic ring, just about the right size to
slip on her ring finger.
not proposing to me, are you? I like you but--"
I'm not proposing. Do you think I'd propose by saying 'Put it on?'"
don't know. You never struck me as the most socially eloquent--"
put it on!"
she muttered, snatching the ring.
slipped it on her finger. Aside from a weird little spark of gre

shuffled through the doorway of her apartment and kicked the door
my arms are killing me,” she muttered. “Why do the department
heads still insist upon giving out so many of the reports in
phone chirped with a notification as she wobbled her way to the
coffee table.
better not be Henderson again.” She dropped the reports on the
table and fished out her phone. “I swear, if he… Oh!”
heart skipped a beat as she recognized the exotic

paced the halls of the facility. She flicked a kitty ear at the
echoing clack of her black shoes and mentally checked off the
servants who needed checking on. She was extremely sensitive to the
sort of tension and stress that might make the warriors under her
command less effective, and it was her duty to make sure it didn’t
get out of hand. Of equal importance was the simple fact that these
were people she cared for, and she wanted to make sure they were
healthy and happy.
curled a

this is our new packaging machine," he said.
new packaging machine?" the prospective buyer said.
the salesman replied. "This is fresh from R&D. It includes
all of the latest improvements in the industry. We've got…"
checked some hastily written notes.
language processing. Neural Networks. HDTF enhancements…"
woman raised an eyebrow. "Did you say HDTF?"
weird device that ma

Vignettes: No Buildup, All Release
follows are a bunch of scenes I wrote on my phone during stolen
moments. Lots of times I write these and then use them for the sexy
moments of other stories. These are ones that I don’t recall ever
using in other stories. Note my complex naming system when I’m not
sure what stories these will be used for.
WOMAN purred. “Friction.”
straddled MAN’s leg, rubbing herself in long, slow strokes. She
arched her

not the way these things usually go,” she muttered to herself.
going on?” asked her lab assistant.
take a look,” she said.
Appleton—Sara, to her friends—slid her chair aside to allow her
assistant Lulu Brant to look over the screen. They’d been working
together for close to two years, ever since Lulu had started work on
her PHD. As she’d only acquired her doctorate a few months before
that, Sara was lucky to earn herself a full-time grad stud

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Been a bad couple weeks, folks. Work got a lot heavier, a couple big expenses drained the bank account. I've been in a real bad place mentally. Working on it. That said, I'm going to get to work on commissions again. Messages going out to patrons soon. There's a longer term story I've been itching to get rolling on with Groblek in particular.

You might see a couple vignettes from me soon. Thanks to that bluetooth keyboard, I've been able to turn short breaks into longer snippets than usual.

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No problem! Don't know how I forgot to do it before, you have great stuff!


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You doing ok, bud?

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Not a problem, you do great with all your stories and I really enjoy them. I look forward to seeing what more you have to offer and what you come up with.


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All good homie, just a fan of your work. :)


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You're welcome fam.


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How could I not? Your stuff is great!


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You are welcome

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