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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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Variations on a theme: Gotta hide the evidence

He huffed and puffed. Jogging was


hard. But his girlfriend was on his case to lose a few pounds so he’d been doing his best to keep a good exercise regimen going. All things considered, that wasn’t


hard. The hard part was eati

Shantails sighed contentedly to herself. She didn’t know how long she’d been tucked into her little lamp, but she really didn’t care. Having such a cozy, snug container to pack herself into, feeling it squeeze and squish her body against its cool, smooth insides, really made the time fly. Really, there was only one thing better than wriggling into her lamp for a while between masters, and that was when a master finally came along to give the lamp a rub.

Lissa purred in delight as she slid her tight, shiny bodice back over her chest. She’d taken care to choose her outfit well, a one piece, body hugging, sleeveless outfit. It was so tight it may as well have been painted from her boobs to her hips, then continued as a loin cloth in front and back with nothing underneath. The better to have easy access, after all. This was her first trip to earth in entirely too long, and she was determined to make it worth her while.

The sound of the hourly ring from the Chaldea Academy bell tower echoed metallically throughout the school building and its sprawling grounds, startling Inugami Nagisa out of her focused state right as she'd finally managed to achieve it. As the chimes rolled into the empty classroom, one after another, she sighed and stretched her lanky arms above her head, her school blazer rustling as it was pushed into a position not intended by its designer, as most clothes Nagisa tended to wear did.

Teya flipped open the book she’d been given. The Maskers had been so kind to the little Kobold, out on her first real adventure away from the land of her birth. It would have been difficult to live out here without their help. Outside of the Greater Lands, things like Kobolds were a rare site. She didn’t think she was terribly frightening. Who would be scared of a little blue and gray kobold who barely came up to the navel of the average human? But still, when she walked the streets,

Saelria padded along the hallway of her shared apartment. She was feeling bored. Because of the wildly divergent schedules among her roommates, there was a multi-hour chunk of the day when she was the only one around, and she tended to get a little stir crazy. The slime dragoness was a very social creature, and though she always had the little fishy in the fish bowl at the end of her tail to keep her company, it wasn’t the most stirling of conversationalists. Roundabout now, she’d ki

John yawned and rolled out of bed. He and his two friends had been roommates since they were freshmen in college, and had been rooming together since then. This was quite an achievement considering one of those friends was a girl, and they tended not to last very long in arrangements such as this. Still, it was a bit of a mixed blessing. On one hand, it meant they were able to afford an actual apartment on the edge of the campus. On the other hand, pulling that stunt meant they were a little too

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Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you're in a really lousy state of mind, and you want to talk about it because acknowledging it feels like the first step to getting over the hump, but at the same time you don't want to talk about it because you don't want people to be worried about you or feel obligated to respond with messages of support?

Yeah, that.

Anyway, smut.

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"So, anyway, my mom want's to make us a pie," his girlfriend said.

The visit, his first to meet her parents after they'd started dating during the semester at college, had been a strange one. He really didn't think it was going well. Her mother a lovely woman who had slipped into her mid-forties with her...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by AmiiboAlec 2 months ago Report

mostly switched to FA for vore content but you're the only reason I still come back here. Your content pretty great

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Posted by Gimlet 7 months ago Report

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And this shows I really should read my home page more often! I've been pretty out of writing for a long time, but I seem to be back now. Probably will be adding more soon.


Posted by notitthrowaway 7 months ago Report

Hey. Would you mind if your stories were used to help train a custom vore AI module for NovelAI or similar AI writing system? The stories would just be fed into this system to train the module, they would not be saved by the system or be recoverable from the final module file. I like your writing and think it would be good to include in this dataset, but want to check if that's OK with you.


Posted by KevinK1993 7 months ago Report

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Wait, you don't like your own writing? I thought the works you've made are alright... if what I have to say means anything.


Posted by KevinK1993 8 months ago Report

@marloweny Of all the stories you've written, which ones are you the most proud of creating... and why?


Posted by Amberain 9 months ago Report

It's rare to not hear from you for this long, even if only due you your insomnia fueled blog postings. Hope you're doing well.


Posted by RandomCPUman 10 months ago Report

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Oh my god. I had to double-take like 3 times to make sure I was seeing this right, pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming, and I'm not really sure how to tellif someone's drugged something I ate/drank... but OMG!!! I love your stuff SO MUCH!!!!! Thank YOU!!! It is an honor that you took the time to send that short message... even if I only just realized you did... whoops. ('>_<)

... Now my hands won't stop shaking...


Posted by gregbissell 11 months ago Report

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No problem! Keep up the amazing work!


Posted by herosterious 1 year ago Report

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my pleasure!

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Posted by nosuspicious 1 year ago Report

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of course! I'm a huge fan of your writing :)


Posted by Hurb 1 year ago Report

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<3 <3 <3


Posted by Eurodex 1 year ago Report

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You are most welcome. ^_^

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