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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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been standing on the side of the road for hours, just looking for a
ride. Early on I was getting passed up by dozens of cars. Now it was
getting late and I hadn’t even seen
a car in twenty minutes. When I saw the glare of a headlight
approaching, I frantically waved my arms. Almost immediately my heart
dropped. Rather than a car with a headlight out, it was a motorcycle…
with no side car.
my luck, this
was the one that stopped.
biker woman was, in a word, bodacious. She was se

elevator seemed to be taking forever. It was finally friday, and she
was desperately looking for some time off so she could relax. The
doors slid open and she stepped inside. There was no one else riding
at the moment. That was fine with her. Normally she was reasonably
friendly--if a little shy--but right now she was in no mood for small
talk. She glanced aside, to the mirrored wall of the elevator, and
instantly regretted it. Zoe was a plump girl. Pleasantly plump, as
her (much more fit) g

reclined in her bed, eyes glancing between the clock and the door.
She was dressed in her one and only bit of lingerie, a thin, flowing
nightie that was practically see-through. The ensemble was topped
with a hot pink feathered boa. Her plan had been to be waiting for
her boyfriend when he came home from his late shift at work. It was
their anniversary, and she didn’t have the money to buy him
anything, but she could certainly give him night to remember.
and she should hav

sat comfortably in a cushy office chair before a high-end desktop
computer. She hammered away at the keys with the skill of someone who
had been making her living with a computer before gaining godlike
powers—which, of course, she had. On either side of her, enjoying
the rare luxury of being fully clothed, were Tina and Greg. Tina was,
whether she would admit it or not, Anne’s most devoted follower.
Greg was a bit hapless, and more of a devotee of Tina than Anne, but
since one was insep

Vignettes 6
judge eyed the lime-colored dessert.
uh… Where did you get the… Ingredients?”
current contestant at the bake show had presented, curiously, a jello
mold as her entry. This didn’t traditionally count as baking. But
at the moment, the issue more pressing was the extras in the mold.
Rather than cherries or other bits of fruit, there seemed to be an
assortment of people, about two inches tall and nude, trapped in the
wobbly treat. They all seemed to b

lay back and reveled in the sensation as the most glorious figure
he'd ever set eyes upon writhed and squirmed atop him. She was Vrisk,
and her name was perhaps the least exotic thing about her. Her skin
was dusky and flawless, she was almond eyed, and her hair was in a
long, meticulous braid. And her body. Oh lord, her body. Lean and
lithe, so nimble and supple. Her hips, round and full, her breasts,
pert and firm. Even the little things, the things one so often
ignores when listing the

back!” chirped the hostess. “After what happened last time, I
wasn’t sure we’d see you again.”
fixed his hair and laughed uncomfortably. He had a large box under
one arm.
you know…” he said bashfully.
don’t feel self-conscious. Rhaana’s a sweetheart, and definitely
the prettiest dragon we’ve had in here.” She checked the dining
room. “This way, your table is ready.”
followed as they approached the same table he’d been seated at

knocked at the door and glanced at his watch. It was a new record.
Six minutes after being ordered, he had arrived.
been a little curious when he signed up for the new app, but it
seemed like a great way to make money and have a little fun. Shortly
after the rise of Uber and Lyft, what at first he assumed were scam
copycats arose. They were Youber and Gyft. Both, in short, allowed
you to rent yourself to others to do with as they chose for a
predetermined amount of time. The Youber end w

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I've been falling asleep okay recently, so this pesky brain of mine has thrown a fresh wrench into the works. Nightmares. Yaaaaaay.

So now I get to choose between staring at the ceiling worrying that I've somehow forgotten how to sleep, and sleeping until I jerk awake right before I hit the ground after falling off the roof of my house.

I'm really starting to hate my brain.

In other news, I've got three continuations of prior stories started. I can't seem to move any of them forward more than a paragraph or two. I just want to write a new thing and get it out there. So I'll probably do that.

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Posted by Sorakirin 4 days ago

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Thanks I love your Genie series


Posted by Tassie 2 weeks ago

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Of course! I can't believe I wasn't watching before now.


Posted by sweetladyamy 2 weeks ago

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Anything for Anne! You're welcome.

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Posted by AlchemillasFinest 3 weeks ago

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Your welcome!


Posted by KalebAdvent 4 weeks ago

Don't have a DA account, so I'll say it here.

I noticed you never put your story "Rudy's Revolutionary Massage" on here. Or is it supposed to be a DA exclusive?


Posted by blackmichi 2 months ago

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you are welcome <3.
Thanks for the pictures <3


Posted by hornywing 2 months ago

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Holy schnikeys! How did I not know your work existed until yesterday? Now I'm going have to go through the entire back catalog of your works. So far, I've not found one I have not loved!

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Posted by deej1011 2 months ago

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You're welcome ^^


Posted by jessicascrapta 3 months ago

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I love your work!


Posted by Derpatron 4 months ago

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No problem, my dude


Posted by JMW 5 months ago

No problem, like your dragon date stories and look forward to the next one


Posted by Crash 5 months ago

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Yep. Hope to read more stories by you

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