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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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Ronya shut the door to her apartment and dropped her things. Her pulse was racing and her face was red. She’d prepared herself for a unique first date. Peia was a siren, a creature who wasn’t even supposed to exist, so there were bound to be some quirks and speed bumps. She was actually looking forward to them. But this? This was a little more than just a speedbump.She rushed into the bathroom and tugged off her shirt. Her bra had been carefully selected to be tasteful yet just a bit

Kyle adjusted his tie nervously as he stood at a seemingly innocuous stretch of forest. He was in his usual date clothes, which meant a bow tie, slacks, and one of his few remaining nice shirts. With Rhaana as his girlfriend, he’d quickly found himself in something of a clothing crisis, as she had a bad tendency of shredding them in her eagerness to get to him or covering them with difficult to explain stains. He technically had a date with her today, but not for a few hours. He hoped that

Ritsuka marched excitedly through the halls, Mash in tow.“Did you see Atalanta on the battlefield? I’ve always had the greatest of confidence in the capacity of my warriors, but she truly went above and beyond.”“She is a fiercely dedicated warrior, Master.”“You know something? Of late I’ve been increasingly aware of the tremendous role that relaxation and morale have in a warrior’s performance.”“There has been a great deal of novel forms of rest and relaxation in

The last few days had been an uphill struggle. Danielle honestly thought the hardest part of this little operation would be retrieving her friend. Patricia. After all, how do you get a compressed human being out of another human being without the unaware predator noticing? The answer had involved an awful lot of alcohol and a strategically timed pull of the fire alarm.It turned out, and in retrospect this should have been obvious, convincing Patricia to give the whole operation a second try was

Wendy the Vixen paced through the home she shared with her friends and lovers, Meeta the Fairy and Tammer the Fox. The others had been spending a lot of time shopping at a market a few hours away, and frankly, it was becoming tiresome. On one hand, they’d been bringing back a great deal of truly fascinating gadgets and such. On the other hand, both Meeta and Tammer had spent so much time either buying these devices or studying them that Wendy was left with nothing to do.Today was worse tha

Ronya sat in the driver’s seat of her mother’s conversion van and drummed her fingers anxiously on the steering wheel. It was strange to imagine it, given their brief but intense history together, but after a few weeks of flirting and twice spending some time inside her, the idea of having a real, honest to goodness date with Peia set Ronya’s heart a flutter. She hadn’t had a genuine date since the disastrous one with that guy who turned out to be an elf had dumped her. T

Da Vinci strutted down the hallway, a smile curling her lips as she imagined the inevitable praise she would receive from her Master. The freshly crafted device felt heavy in her hand. A palm-sized bit of wood and brass, it would take a mind to rival her own to imagine the brilliant workings within. And, of course, no mind was her equal.She approached her master’s door and knocked.“One moment,” called Ritsuka from within.“At your leisure, Master,” Da Vinci assured.She straightened

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I've been having a strange time lately. Insomnia is back, which would normally mean more stories for you folks, even if they aren't the most coherently written. But this time around I've had the combination of something better to do (beta reading for an author I really like) and just general anxiety problems making it really hard to think straight. The kind of anxiety were every few minutes I realize I'm clenching my teeth and I have to manually relax my jaw. Reading has really helped, actually. The guy writes deep, and I was able to lose myself for a bit.

On the plus side, I read and enjoyed a story that won't be out for months. On the minus side, I've also written a vore fan-fic for a scene in that I can't release here because:
1. It would be a violation of the trust...
[ Continued ... ]

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No problem! Don't know how I forgot to do it before, you have great stuff!


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Not a problem, you do great with all your stories and I really enjoy them. I look forward to seeing what more you have to offer and what you come up with.


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All good homie, just a fan of your work. :)

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