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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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video flicks on. A young woman, college age, is standing a bit too
close to the camera, arms on either side.
never use these big DSLR things, so I don’t… Oh, It’s running.”
She cleared her throat. “This is Chelsea Siegel, intern for Mad
Science Kink Industries… or whatever. I’m working under Julia and
she’s got me on product testing and she asked me to record every
test. Apparently people get a kick out of seeing both successful and
tests? So, uh… Well, let

stepped off the elevator. She’d had her doubts about this place
even before she got a look at it. Though she was still a magnificent
specimen of female beauty, the bar for modeling had gotten awfully
high, at least in this town. It was getting harder and harder to get
a modeling gig. Now it had been over five months since she’d gotten
a job, and she was beginning to get desperate. That’s when an
unsolicited letter arrived in her mailbox. It promised her a
guaranteed place on the cat

breathed a delighted sigh as the stress of the day eased out of her.
She did so love a good massage. The room was nice and warm, and her
curves glistened with a coating of oil as the masseuse’s strong
hands rubbed their way down her back. She grinned as the younger
woman giving the massage tentatively, experimentally, squeezed and
kneaded at her plump bottom, waiting to see if that area was off
limits. Of course it wasn’t. When no scolding came, the masseuse
more thoroughly worked at her

crawled groggily out of bed. Every day she woke up wondering two
things. How had her life somehow found its way to this new normal,
and how long would it last? On the surface, it should have been a
nightmare. She was more or less being held captive by a supernatural
being who ate at
one person a day and in all likelihood, would eventually eat her. She
shared her captivity with man named Greg who was, at first, a
stranger. They’d moved from house to house, constantly on the run

two interviewers jotted down some notes as the latest applicants
entered through the door. They were a pair of statuesque twins, both
with identical bodytypes. They had a bit more meat on their bones
than most applicants thus far, but they wore it very well, the extra
pudge mostly serving to soften their curves and accentuate their hour
glass figures.
said the second interviewer. “I’m not certain we’ve had a type
of vore that requires two people at once, here in the

Wiig checked her sheet. The ink was still wet on her psychiatric
degree, and she was desperate for a job. Thus, the offer of “trouble
patient specialist,” while worrying, wasn’t worrying enough for
her to turn down when she applied to the local mental institution.
She flipped her hair out of her eyes and adjusted her outfit. It was
probably a little less than professional—she worked hard for her
toned and athletic physique and liked to show it off—but she’d
yet to receive any com

kitsune was a young four-tail, barely a teenager, and not terribly
wise in the ways of the human world. She’d been raised in her
mother’s realm, and while her mother had told her plenty of tales
about the human world, and the college campus, and all the
cat-creatures and others who lived there, there was a difference
between stories and experience. Her mother had not been inclined to
visit the world so much. She thought she might in another fifty
realm-years or so--which is to say, anoth

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I have been on the road for the better part of three weeks. For most of that time, my only chance to write has been on my phone. Now I finally have my laptop again, but surprise surprise, the C button barely works. (I have to press it twice as hard.) Anyway, I've got the first half of like seven stories on my phone in various forms. Consider this the coming attractions for future stories here.

Rubbing the Genie the wrong way sequel: Majesca and Eden explore a new wish.

Girl of his dreams sequel: Pam, having beein accidentally squeezed into her boyfriend's mind, starts exploring his subconscious.

Caught in the act sequel: We learn that the woman who fetched Gary the Great's hat and basket of eggs wasn't actually his agent/manager and now she's trying to figure out how his...
[ Continued ... ]

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You are quite welcome and I hope you enjoy the stories and stuff here


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Don't have a DA account, so I'll say it here.

I noticed you never put your story "Rudy's Revolutionary Massage" on here. Or is it supposed to be a DA exclusive?


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you are welcome <3.
Thanks for the pictures <3


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Holy schnikeys! How did I not know your work existed until yesterday? Now I'm going have to go through the entire back catalog of your works. So far, I've not found one I have not loved!

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