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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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vignette 1
stirred the warm, bubbling pot. Its contents were thick and unctuous,
resisting the motion of the spoon nicely. When he scooped up a
helping and raised it, the rich contents stretched like mozzarella.
The color, of course was a pleasant and familiar peach color. There
was clearly much more stirring to do. He could still see the freckles
of his girlfriend-turned-supper's skin speckling the surface, and an
intact nipple churned to the surface along with a pair of moaning
lips. H

Customer Service."
Uh... Hi... It's, uh... I called before?"
is a follow-up call?"
I think it was. ... According to my calendar it was five days ago."
me check our records. ... Ah, yes. I have here a call from a woman
who had misused the Wonder Wand: Ultimate Suction Male Marital Aid.
Would that be you, ma'am?"
I have it here that you'd inserted your feet into our patented

see here,” Johanna said, looking over her notes. “I’m pretty
sure this should be close to ready.”
been tinkering with her device for a few months now, ever since
Maxi-Chem’s X-division had been shut down. Most of the HDTF and
HDTF-derived technology had been confiscated, but Johanna’s team
had been in the process of moving from one lab to another when the
police started seizing things. That meant her research was in her car
at the time. After a few weeks with no on

was having the time of her life. For years,
she'd been dreaming of attending a concert featuring her favorite
band, Death Zone Dumpster, and finally the day had come. They were
the final act at a festival, and the five hours she'd driven to
attend had been well
worth it. DZD was barely through their third song, and this was
already the most fun she could ever remember having.
only thing that could have made it better would have been if she'd
arrived early enough to get a spot closer to

forgot how nice it was to just take a walk," Hydra said.
blue goo girl strolled happily along a garden path in a park, with
Dorothy by her side. Now that Sandy's disinterest had been revealed
and Hydra had confessed her own deep affection, the pair had decided
it might be worth giving their new love a chance. They’d decided
their first date should be on Valentine’s Day. It wasn't going as
smoothly as the goo girl would have hoped.
when I was... um... stuffed,
I di

tried to keep from grinning as she watched a situation that had
become quite typical for her happen to someone else for the first
time. While this evening had been rather more eventful than most of
the last few days, the more remarkable events were simply more of the
same for her. Her friend Anne, who had some... unique abilities, had
attempted to coach her through the process of drawing the admiring
gaze of a man. One thing led to another and, after eating a few
people, Anne snatched up Ti

They were at their favorite Italian restaurant. It was one of those places that did the big, family-style servings. It was nice, but in meant they had to pick the same meal to share. Her husband was an adventurous eater, but she was nervous to try new things, so they ended up getting spaghetti. Today, though it was their anniversary, they were both a little distracted by the playoff game. It was just visible in the bar area on the TV, and conversation kept trailing off as they tried to see the s

had been working on her spell for ages now. She’d not had the gold
to afford one of the higher-level spell books, so she’d had to
purchase a very basic one. Most people believed that meant she’d be
limited to the simple spells in the book, but she knew better than
that. Getting a basic spell book was like learning the alphabet. All
you had to do was use the little pieces together in the right ways
and you could make whatever you wanted.
now, what she wanted was beauty. Branka

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My hours at work shifted down a few hours, which means that while I still can't seem to get to sleep, I at least get a shot at staying asleep longer. Thus, lower impact to the insomnia stories. Hence the recent influx.

Anyway, I'll again see what you folks would like to read from me. I know I wrote a FEW stories people have been waiting for, but I've also created a bunch more stories people want sequels of.

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