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I write vore stories, some furry, some not. I have an awful job and no money. I really want but cannot afford art depicting my characters and/or stories. Oh, and I'm male, since my name might not make that clear.

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awoke to a knock at the door. She shifted in bed, briefly forgetting
the lovely new sheets that Majesca had conjured up for her earlier
that day. For now, the genie was nestled deep inside her womb, back
in her bottle, so to speak. As intriguing as it might be to coax her
out and have a bit more of a chat about the details of this bizarre
arrangement. She still wasn't quite sure how to proceed.
she heard the knock. She quickly pulled on a robe and hurried to
answer the door.

had been practically floating on air when she’d gotten the
invitation. Ever since a few unfortunate occurrences had happened,
the combination of the old favorite party game “Filthy Clean” and
the substantial proportion of tinies attending the college had
required some changes to campus life. Filthy Clean was officially
disallowed for anyone attending the college. Naturally, that didn’t
put an end to the parties. The people throwing them just made them a
lot more secret and a lot mo

A small gathering of young men and women in loose-fitting, comfortable clothing milled about. They seemed somewhat apprehensive. This was the backroom of their favorite nightclub, so they all felt a bit underdressed. This had been advertised as a class, though. Skin-tight outfits, revealing outfits, or some combination of the two didn’t seem proper.

Any concern or confusion they may have felt faded swiftly as a fiery-eyed and spritely instructor bobbed through the

shuddered as the pod he was riding in came to a stop. The last few
weeks had been a blur. It all started when college let out for the
summer break. He was hard up for cash, so he'd taken a job as a night
watchman for a ranch in the rural part of the state. It was a weird
gig, basically involving him riding a quad bike around the edge at
night and making sure nothing came through the fence. In retrospect,
he should have listened to his roommate.
you're going to take a job that is

really couldn’t complain. Or at least, he shouldn’t
complain. He had a very important job. Secretary to Darya, the CEO of
Siminoff technologies. It paid pretty well. But it wasn’t without
its drawbacks. Darya was strict. And while he was barely below
average for a gray wolf, at 5’ 6”, Darya was downright Amazonian
at 11 ft tall (not counting her heels). It had a way of making an
already overbearing boss into a force of nature.
now, the most irritating part of the job was the

tried to sit perfectly still in her chair. She was wearing a belly
shirt, which she typically didn’t have the confidence for. While
her girlfriend certainly seemed to feel it was adorable, Fen felt as
though her belly was just a bit too pudgy to be showing off. But
today, she felt as though something that exposed her belly button was
a natural and necessary piece of wardrobe.
someone knocked on her door, eased herself up and carefully walked to
the door to answer it.

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After working seven days a week for the past couple weeks, it seems like I've got a couple days off coming. I'm going to try to catch up on the Patreon stuff, but in the mean time, here's something I wrote on my phone while sitting in a server room waiting for an OS to install. It continues from the last blog. I guess eventually I'll collect and post them in my gallery:

A woman with a rather bloated and very lively tummy waddled out of a doorway and leaned heavily on the wall beside it. A man with a curious and concerned look on his face was waiting for her.

"*Hic* Ooh... That was... weird," she said.

"So what happened?" he asked.

"I went in there and... let's just say I'm not hungry anymore," she said.

"Now spit me out!" came a muffled voice...
[ Continued ... ]

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Wouldn't mind if you told me what you think about that PM I sent you.


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You're welcome. I should've watched sooner. You're one of the ones who inspired me to start submitting stories to the site.


Posted by Rat_Guy 4 months ago Report

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I'd like to think mine was more of a suggestion than a request, but I think that'll make for a fun read.


Posted by Rat_Guy 4 months ago Report

Hey, I haven't gone through all of your HDTF stories, so maybe you did this already, but I just got an idea. What if someone under the effects of the HDTF somehow got injected into the bloodstream of someone else via a hypodermic needle?

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