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A bit drunk while i type this but here it goes...

To those who brought it to my attention or were going to, yes I am aware my up-butt ninja has been popping up here and there on facebook. To be honest I'm not sure how i feel about it. I suppose I'm flattered when my work appears elsewhere without my uploading it, but it's hardly material for facebook. I suppose it was only a matter of time before i ended up in a "cringe" video, and, at least the one facebook post i saw, it seems the general reaction from comments was one of amusement and shocked lols as it was shared about. I suppose that's to be expected when vore is shown to more "normal" people. I suppose i'm laughing along with them for now; as much as i indulge in the fetishes portrayed in that video, i do realize...
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Posted by CausationCorrelation 10 days ago

Hey thanks for watching c: glad you like my stuff :3


Posted by scottypilgrim 1 month ago

<< Reply To hotpocketshogun

lmao didn't even see those bahahah


Posted by scottypilgrim 1 month ago

Random funny thought. Never realized your name was Hotpocketshogun till I saw your avatar. I've always said Hotpocketshotgun in my head lol.


Posted by wutterumeen 1 month ago

<< Reply To hotpocketshogun

Omg, been seeing you around for years and always read it shotgun!!!


Posted by Zookmaos 3 months ago

I've just realize your name isn't "hotpocketshotgun"...


Posted by ForgetfulHatter 7 months ago

I keep missing your streams and its making me sad since that site doesn't keep a record of them. :'(

its like missing history.


Posted by Volsar 7 months ago

If you ever get a big butt male abra model, might have to commission you *grins*

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Posted by Idklll 7 months ago

Ever plan on doing more stuff with horses?


Posted by Salmonkicker88 7 months ago

Dude you're work is awesome


Posted by epiquack 8 months ago

Thanks for the watch, hotpocketshotgun!


Posted by BurntBlade 8 months ago

So would we ever get an assecution animation? or are you working on an entirely different one right now?


Posted by Talon13 10 months ago

<< Reply To hotpocketshogun

Awww shame~ I'd of loved to see what you could've done.

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