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Small time Hero to Small time Lunch

Poor FT. He wanted so much to be a great Mobian hero like Sonic and Tails, rescuing critters, foiling the evil Dr. Eggman, find a Chaos Emerald or two, perhaps eat the tasty-looking Shadow the Hedgehog or Rouge the Bat. He would do anything to prove he was just as good as any of them, hence why he snuck into the evil Doctor's lair. He had discovered the tale-tell device the doctor used to capture helpless Mobians and took it upon hims

Musical low notes.

Mina Mongoose was someone who just wanted to relax, it was not hard to want such things in a tough job like being a pop star. But after that whole thing with Nicole, things began to take a bad spin. Now she was pinned on a bed, whimpering a little at what would happen. Salvador on the other hand was a prince that cared about his subjects, those he loves even more. So today he was leading Geoffrey to his/their room and made sure the eyes were covered.

Villain Threesome

Kin decided to show his girlfriend the prime universe, seeing how she's never been. She stayed close to him of course, acting like a bodyguard as usual for the king. but it's not like he needed one.

"LIA LOOK!" he pointed to the echidna as he stated loudly. "I've never seen one before."

"...she's an Echidna..." Lia said. "Well I know that. I meant a female." Kin

The Yerekian-nether panted heavily as she stumbled to the ground. The Defense Force were giving it their all today, weren't they? Perhaps it was because they had that Captain of theirs leading the charge to get her.

Vendra had dealt a good blow to them but that had zapped much of energy. Too much if she were being honest with herself. The only thing she could really do now was levitate herself and that was only about a few feet off the ground. She needed to get her energ


It had been too long since Sal had his boyfriend visit, and with every time they met he would merely jump up and hug him with a smothering amount of kisses on the face. However, things were currently different as this was not a visit for the sake of reunion, this was one primarily of lust as the prince soon finds out. Just like what he had done before to someone in the past, the squirrel was binded as he could only st

Royal Feeding

Salvador had always wanted to please Moriko, as the prince had loved the ninja's company over the years they had been dating. At this point Sal's home was Mori's home as well, as they were almost like a married couple...only minus the rings and fancy weddings people tend to make on such matters. Today was going to be a means of the squirrel showing how much he loved the hedgemelon. With some tricks persuasion, he had gotten all the maids of his castle to co

Internal Heat

It had been a wonderful event in Castle Acorns, especially for the two that were currently in the ruling monarch’s bedroom. The ruler in question was Salvador Acorn, a femboy looking squirrel that was a male alternate to Sally Acorn as genders and other minor details were different in this universe. The squirrel’s guest as a mix between a hedgehog and chameleon, having white fur with some cyan bits on t

Down a foxhole

It had been a calming night in New Mobotroplis, as everyone in the city was starting to retire in their homes. One such person was someone that rested in the main government building, belonging as a home for the royal family. The royal that was sleeping currently was a female brown and tan chipmunk, blue boots and vets resting near the bed. There was no blanket on the chipmunk’s body, as it was a rather warm

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