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Hello c: I'm CausationCorrelation and I draw weird furry stuff that's basically all about creatures/things going into holes and making bulges :3

If you enjoy my stuff and would like to see me keep doing it, consider sending a few shiny coins my way on Ko-fi <:

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There is a particular thing that I tried to explain to people on occasion but it keeps coming up, so I'm making a journal c:

First, I'd like to clear up that I'm not a fan of digestion, personally. I generally don't enjoy gore, snuff, injury or pain - I prefer setting up my scenarios so that I can pretend none of the participants actually get hurt. Or die :l having said that: I respect that there are a lot people who are totally into that stuff or have a different view on it than I do. I'm cool with that c:

In fact, if some of you choose to believe that digestion actually occurs as an aftermath of the scenarios that I draw - to enhance their personal enjoyment of them - there's nothing really I can do about it c: that's what the ominous title of this journal entails: There is this...
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Posted by Fuchsdrache 3 days ago

Thanks for the watch! ^ω^ Also, love your art :3


Posted by Jakuhaienzeru 5 days ago

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Posted by Shoelace 6 days ago

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How could I not? :3 they're just amazing

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Posted by Ginga 6 days ago

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your welcome and keep shining


Posted by TheSSN20 7 days ago

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You're welcome ! I'm not into all what you make, but I like some of your things very much, so I'll be keeping an eye of it !


Posted by presentfactory 10 days ago

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Ye, I saw ya just popped up here but I do quite like your stuff, especially with the more squishy creatures you draw.


Posted by Psyman 10 days ago

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That's cool - I love the big bellies, so it's all good!


Posted by YuriKuri 11 days ago

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Np. Your work is great! ^-^

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Posted by Doop 12 days ago

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no problemo


Posted by Psyman 13 days ago

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You are welcome, I'm glad I found you!

I was wondering on drawings like your Dog, Horse UB - I know this is UB, but will she digest the horse, or push him back out at some point? I am into stages of digestion and seeing any pred with that much prey inside makes me want to see that belly shrink over time as the pred gets immensely fat.
Cum inflation works for me too - glad to see that you have a fair number of pics on that subject!


Posted by DragonRider69 2 weeks ago

saw your art in furaffinity first. i liked it there already very nice style and some very lewd, lewds x3


Posted by Deigo 2 weeks ago

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you have a nice style ;3

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