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I'm gonna draw vore of many kinds, pokemons furries humans dragons whatever i'm feelin at the time. my interests are pretty wide in that aspect, but pretty much just oral vore. PROBABLY, maybe not i unno.
basically if i wanna draw somethin ill doodle it and share it here

also cuties are great!

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feel like doodling some stuff. gimme some poke pairings for lood voar nonsense!! GIVE
anthro/feral is fine. if you got poke OCs that works too!!!

thanks guys <3 im done with these for now but may draw some of these laters idk.

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Posted by Artca9 2 years ago Report

Miss you posting, Im sure a lot of your audience would love to see a few small pieces from you again <3

I still got a lot of your pokemon arts in my ref folders for doing my own artwokr, and your arcanine one is used for my vore discords image lol


Posted by Psychoseby 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch :D

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Posted by Psychoseby 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch :D

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Posted by wolfish 3 years ago Report

So, uh, would it be wildly inappropriate to ask if you're planning to upload anything more here in the future? Love what you've posted so far! Don't know if you take any sort of commissions, but I have an Arcanine/Growlithe femboy I'd love to see you doodle <3


Posted by tangent 3 years ago Report

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ayy I feel the same way about yours <3 thank youuu


Posted by notesco 3 years ago Report

Oh man I really adore your artstyle, your use of colour is amazing too.. I was wondering, what program do you use to create your art? It has a really nice polished look so I’m guessing something professional like photoshop or maybe sai??


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 3 years ago Report

Woooah heck that watch! Thanks a lot! @[email protected]

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Posted by Mamerui 4 years ago Report

Thanks for watching me!

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Posted by incubite 4 years ago Report

You got some hella nice art!! Love your shading <3

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Posted by incendiumursa 4 years ago Report

Thanks for watching back! I really love how you do expressions and whatnot they're great ^w^


Posted by darc22005 5 years ago Report

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Had faved something before but got me to take a second look XD

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