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Hi I like to draw Pokemon, Giantess, and Animals all nomming on some Human prey! That's about all you need to know about me here~

Pixiv and EkasPortal allow taboo artwork as long as it's fantasy. Gore, Beastiality, Incest, Snuff/Digestion, Underage/Loli/Shota/Cub. If any of those rightfully trigger you, use EkaPortal's useful Blacklist feature to block that content. Not every site is here to conform to UK restrictions.

All characters drawn are 18+ or older. Even if specified otherwise.

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As I'm making new art this September, I'm going to be uploading a lot of old artwork alongside my new artwork. You should start noticing it by a new watermark/logo I commissioned a friend to make with me; and no don't worry, I'm not going to start obscuring the illustration with a giant annoying watermark lol. There's a lot of pieces that I haven't uploaded, or that I think new followers would be interested in. So I hope you enjoy them when i upload them to fill in the gaps between my new uploads.

Also made a new discord server. The purpose is an all inclusive vore discord group without powerhungry mods banning ya. It's a shame most the vore servers I found have users scared to post anything because of fearing about offending mods. No fearing that here, only reason for a ban is if you...
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Posted by Xxrazzi 3 weeks ago Report

Yo, some reason I always miss your submissions,my inbox has a bunch of 'this has been deleted's. Is a mod taking down your stuff, or what? I like your art man, Id hate to miss anything

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Posted by FALLOUTDOG3 5 months ago Report

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one of my favorite fire types pokemon
if ones there i'm gonna catch it


Posted by Lum_the_mad 5 months ago Report

I remember seeing your work on 8chan! I'm glad I know where to find you on Eka's now, and I'm definitely looking forward to more of you works!


Posted by tigercloud 5 months ago Report

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I was quite active in 7 years terms of lurking and searching for Vore-Art^^

But I had no Accounts to Comment/Fave/Publish (on) stuff, may you saw someone similar?

I opened this Account 2013 and created the "Ekas-Portal-Disinterest-Filter" together with WHTB back in 2016, but I was not active before

Maybe you know me from comments under Artwork?

Btw: You last artwork is so awesome <3 Thanks for the time you put into it!

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Posted by TinyHands 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav! :)


Posted by FluffyCute10 7 months ago Report

I'll admit, I've been watching your art since you entered, but only recently got the courage to make a profile here. I love what you do, making feral arcanine vore. And I just want to say, thank you for enhancing the fluffiness of my favorite predator.


Posted by MirceaKitsune 8 months ago Report

How did I miss such a wonderful page for so long? Most gladly watched <3

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Posted by Bluefoxoftheskies 9 months ago Report

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Sorry i got to this...late. I will, once i figure out how.

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