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IMPORTANT: If you want to post my artwork on Tumblr/other art sites, please ask first! I just wanna know where it's being shown, that's all~ :3

Hi there! =D Youkai-Chan / Gen, the Incredible Edible Catgirl, is at your service! Welcome to my little gallery!

Expect Fanart AND Original Content, Macro/Micro, Furry AND (poorly drawn) Human stuff~
I will also post commissions too!

Also, this is a Male Pred-only Zone! If you come here looking for F/F, F/M or anything of the sort, , then turn around and move on because you won't find it here. All preds featured in my works are 100% Non-Female! (Yes, that includes the ambiguous-pred style of drawings.)

The occasional commissioned art from other artists that I've purchased will be uploaded from time to time too~

So...that's it. x3

Current avatar: eat this

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Welp another year has come and gone~

Here's to hoping everyone's upcoming year is a lil' brighter, even with it's darker times. Cheers m8s <33

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Posted by BigClaudia 1 day ago

hey gurl do you remember of me?


Posted by Libahunt 3 weeks ago

Don't know how else to say this but--love your stuff... M/M, M/F, M/?, any way you put it, mpred for the win!


Posted by MrGrimlock 2 months ago


she said [macintosh 420 plays in the distance]

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Posted by dodoman_1er 2 months ago

<< Reply To YoukaiChan

Can't see what you said but my point stands

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Posted by dodoman_1er 2 months ago

Male preds are gay

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Posted by GjallarhornOmega 3 months ago

Is it appropriate to say that your avatar is a doing me a frighten?


Posted by Gaylien 3 months ago

Hi, I'm the Tumblr anon! Thanks for encouraging me to join the community! Your art rocks! >w<

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Posted by Fawnbites 4 months ago

i swear we're the same person when it comes to vore tastes its honestly scary
also im so happy i found a mpred only artist, im exhaUSTED of female predators, theyre so overused to meEE


Posted by sweetbunnii 4 months ago

I absolutely need to commission you one day. I love your style, the way you draw MPred is just divine <3

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Posted by TwistedTemptation 6 months ago

You gotta share your dark magic of the power of drawing maws. >w>;


Posted by JamCat 6 months ago

Happy Vore Day! :3

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