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IMPORTANT: If you want to post my artwork on Tumblr/other art sites, please ask first! I just wanna know where it's being shown, that's all~ :3

Hi there! =D Youkai-Chan / Gen, the Incredible Edible Catgirl, is at your service! Welcome to my little gallery!

Expect Fanart AND Original Content, Macro/Micro, Furry AND (poorly drawn) Human stuff~
I will also post commissions too!

Also, this is a Male Pred-only Zone! If you come here looking for F/F, F/M or anything of the sort, , then turn around and move on because you won't find it here. All preds featured in my works are 100% Non-Female! (Yes, that includes the ambiguous-pred style of drawings.)

The occasional commissioned art from other artists that I've purchased will be uploaded from time to time too~

So...that's it. x3

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YoukaiChan's Blog - New Blog Testrun Posted 4 weeks ago

Sooo. New blog system huh?

Eh, not like I post blogs on here very often anyway but hey, I welcome any new improvements to the site. >v>

With that said....not much else going on! Just keeping on truckin' drawing vore treysh for y'all to gawk at. X3

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Posted by Brenden1k 13 days ago Report

They got some vore fanfics.


Posted by Brenden1k 13 days ago Report

What do you think of questionable questing is it okay to post your picture there.


Posted by dodoman_1er 2 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To YoukaiChan

Yis I am, surrender your boys now >:V

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Posted by dodoman_1er 2 weeks ago Report

u gey

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Posted by CorporalDred 2 weeks ago Report

Fantastic art! Also it is very rare to find artists that do male preds only, so that is extra nice.


Posted by QueenLibra134 1 month ago Report

I found your page and I was in paradise!!! I love Male!Preds and there is not enough art for them I love the way you draw them and sharp-toothed preds are always top tier. I really can't wait to see what you'll have in store for the new year and I will become a fan for as long as you do this! Keep up the amazing work. :)


Posted by Granddragalia 2 months ago Report



Posted by SirDashie 3 months ago Report

Just casually dropping by to inform you that there's a character in the new Ring Fit game for the switch called Dragaux that you might like.


Posted by Kitti 3 months ago Report

I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday Gen!!~

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Posted by Twinkle 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav <3


Posted by AthenaAsh 6 months ago Report

Thank you for the fav. Your My main visual inspiration artist for my vore art! Its such a honor to be on your page!


Posted by Alonelysoul64 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav! Love your art!

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