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IMPORTANT: If you want to post my artwork on Tumblr/other art sites, please ask first! I just wanna know where it's being shown, that's all~ :3

Hi there! =D Youkai-Chan / Gen, the Incredible Edible Catgirl, is at your service! Welcome to my little gallery!

Expect Fanart AND Original Content, Macro/Micro, Furry AND (poorly drawn) Human stuff~
I will also post commissions too!

Also, this is a Male Pred-only Zone! If you come here looking for F/F, F/M or anything of the sort, , then turn around and move on because you won't find it here. All preds featured in my works are 100% Non-Female! (Yes, that includes the ambiguous-pred style of drawings.)

The occasional commissioned art from other artists that I've purchased will be uploaded from time to time too~

So...that's it. x3

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UPDATE#2 (01/02/2022): The commission slots have officially been chosen and are listed in commission tab!
If you were not chosen - please don't be discouraged or take it personally! Like I mentioned previously, I have received a very large number of applicants, so a lot of slots had to be chosen at random. You are more than welcome to try again next time I open! <3

UPDATE (01/02/2022): Commission slots have closed! I have received 66 applications, so I will be looking over them all to determine which ones will be chosen for January and February. :) It might take a while, so please be patient!

Back by popular demand with a new system - commission...

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by MementoMori 3 weeks ago Report

Happy Holidays! ❄

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Posted by xLuniix 3 months ago Report

Sometimes I wish I had the money to commission you! It always lighters my day a bit when I get home and see that you posted some new art. Keep it up ✨


Posted by Merodi 6 months ago Report

Man, one of these days, when I have the money and your commissions are open, I really have to commission you! Your art is still a highlight for me tbh


Posted by Lavendercake877 8 months ago Report

how come i haven't watched you yet???!!! forgive me Senpia!


Posted by ILoveCat86 9 months ago Report

Hello! I'm sorry, but for a future commission, where should I send you the request? thanks in advance for the reply


Posted by Sirkee 10 months ago Report

Heya! I'm just writing to ask if I can post your stuff on Reddit; a friend and I just started r/MalePredVore, a subreddit dedicated to vore exclusively featuring male preds, as the name implies, lol. I actually already posted one of your pieces there, I hadn't realised you preferred that people ask you first, my bad D; But just lemme know if I don't have your consent and I'll remove it, no problem.

Also obligatory "I love your shit keep it up" <333


Posted by BlackDiamond 11 months ago Report

I must admit. You are one of the best vore-artists I know and enjoy. And I'm very picky when it comes to the art~ ÙwÚ
I hope to see more from you! ^^


Posted by ConorOnAryion 1 year ago Report

Hi. :3


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 1 year ago Report

Just came to say youre stunning artist! Have a good day!


Posted by ILoveCat86 1 year ago Report

Anyway, your OC characters are so beautiful, they deserve to be featured in some vore story, really :-3


Posted by Mecho 1 year ago Report

Just wanted to say. You are insanely skilled! Keep them male preds well feed~
Have a very eaty day o3o


Posted by ILoveCat86 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To YoukaiChan

Thanks! I think you understand that I love Raihan as a predator ;-)

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