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IMPORTANT: If you want to post my artwork on Tumblr/other art sites, please ask first! I just wanna know where it's being shown, that's all~ :3

Hi there! =D Youkai-Chan / Gen, the Incredible Edible Catgirl, is at your service! Welcome to my little gallery!

Expect Fanart AND Original Content, Macro/Micro, Furry AND (poorly drawn) Human stuff~
I will also post commissions too!

Also, this is a Male Pred-only Zone! If you come here looking for F/F, F/M or anything of the sort, , then turn around and move on because you won't find it here. All preds featured in my works are 100% Non-Female! (Yes, that includes the ambiguous-pred style of drawings.)

The occasional commissioned art from other artists that I've purchased will be uploaded from time to time too~

So...that's it. x3

Current avatar: >8((((

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UPDATE 31/05/2022 #2: The commission slots for this batch have been chosen! If you are featured on the list - congrats! I will be contacting you all as soon as possible with confirmation and price checks for your comms.
For everyone else who didn't get chosen, please don't take it personally! Due to the large influx of applications i've received, I can't pick them all. There's always next time!

UPDATE 31/05/2022 #1: Commission slots are now closed! I have received 64 applications in total! I will begin the vetting process for who will be selected for the next batch of commissions, so please be patient while I look over them to decide who to pick.

Commission slots for June / July 2022...

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by MementoMori 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To YoukaiChan

Aww, thanks Gen, I really appreciate it! ^^

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Posted by ehfinewhatever 4 months ago Report

You're a cute kitty. :)


Posted by ClassifiedPerson 4 months ago Report

Hello! Just another male pred-only enjoyer here, and you are one of the people on this site that I absolutely LOVE the works of! I hope to commission you someday for some lovely arts~


Posted by MementoMori 6 months ago Report

Happy Holidays! ❄

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Posted by xLuniix 8 months ago Report

Sometimes I wish I had the money to commission you! It always lighters my day a bit when I get home and see that you posted some new art. Keep it up ✨


Posted by Merodi 11 months ago Report

Man, one of these days, when I have the money and your commissions are open, I really have to commission you! Your art is still a highlight for me tbh


Posted by Lavendercake877 1 year ago Report

how come i haven't watched you yet???!!! forgive me Senpia!


Posted by ILoveCat86 1 year ago Report

Hello! I'm sorry, but for a future commission, where should I send you the request? thanks in advance for the reply


Posted by Sirkee 1 year ago Report

Heya! I'm just writing to ask if I can post your stuff on Reddit; a friend and I just started r/MalePredVore, a subreddit dedicated to vore exclusively featuring male preds, as the name implies, lol. I actually already posted one of your pieces there, I hadn't realised you preferred that people ask you first, my bad D; But just lemme know if I don't have your consent and I'll remove it, no problem.

Also obligatory "I love your shit keep it up" <333


Posted by BlackDiamond 1 year ago Report

I must admit. You are one of the best vore-artists I know and enjoy. And I'm very picky when it comes to the art~ ÙwÚ
I hope to see more from you! ^^


Posted by ConorOnAryion 1 year ago Report

Hi. :3


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 1 year ago Report

Just came to say youre stunning artist! Have a good day!

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