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It was an hour after midnight—most decent folk were slumbering the night away in their beds. D. Spike Rd, a dead-end street nestled somewhere in the city of Middale, was almost eerily silent bar the occasional rustle of wind. The houses that lined the street varied in size and appearance, but they all shared one common trait: they were dark and still in this late hour. One particular home—branded with the number twenty—broke the pattern with a single illuminated window on its s

It had been one year since Father’s defeat. One year since Edward recovered his right arm and Alphonse his entire body. Other than Ed’s now inability to preform alchemy, life was good and returning to normal. The Elric brothers returned to Resembool, they rebuilt their old home, and then…

So…how’s Al holding up?” asked Winry as she sat across from

It was a quiet, Saturday afternoon in Beika City and things couldn’t have been more ordinary. The Tsuburaya Family household sat in silent tranquility, a peace that was suddenly disturbed with the rev of an approaching vehicle. A motorcycle appeared at the end of the street and slowed as it neared the home, soon coming to a full stop just outside the front gate. The man seated atop the bike stared wordlessly at the two-story building through the black visor of his helmet, his hand squeezin

It was a peaceful night in the city of Konoha and Boruto Uzumaki was spending it over the house of his friend Shikadai Nara. At least, he

, until a heated argument between his pal’s parents erupted without warning. Silverware was shattered, shuriken were thrown, the dinner table was split in two—it got ugly. Amidst the chaos, Shikadai had wisely suggested he bail for the night, and so Boruto snuck out a window mom

Goten’s large eyes seemed to gleam with intrigue even as the young boy dropped out of Super Saiyan and those round orbs returned to their usual, black color. Giggling through his grin, Goten bent his knees to get a closer look at his miniscule sibling trembling on the floor below him. “You got super small, Gohan!” laughed the spiky-haired child. As he had always shrunk and grown back to normal simultaneously with Trunks, this was his first time really seeing what the Micro Band

About two years had passed since Majin Buu’s defeat. It was the beginning of an era of peace for planet Earth, but that didn’t mean its strongest man could slack off! On a sunny, late morning—just as he had yesterday, the day before, and the day before that—Son Goku was hours into another of his rigorous training regimens. The pureblood Saiyan lay on the grass in front of his house in eastern Mt. Paozu doing sit-up after sit-up at a lightning-fast pace. After putting a fe

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I didn't know you were around! XD Thanks for the watch dude! *0*

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