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Brief Life Updates Posted 4 months ago
Hey folks!

Small update on life and other assorted ramblings.

Geez...2020 has really gone downhill fast, hasn't it?
As far as COVID-19 goes, there hasn't been any confirmed cases in my neck of the woods, despite there being quite a few cases in other parts of Quebec. I am practicing self-isolation along with the one parent I am staying with, we're trying to stretch out food provisions as much as possible to avoid having to go out to get groceries and put ourselves at risk. It's not IDEAL but luckilly we have a decent amount of stuff like dried pasta, canned beans, soup, etc. We will have to eventually go restock up on certain essentials but we're both a little weary of going out.

Aside from that, as of right now, my immediate family and I are...
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New Blog Testrun Posted 6 months ago
Sooo. New blog system huh?

Eh, not like I post blogs on here very often anyway but hey, I welcome any new improvements to the site. >v>

With that said....not much else going on! Just keeping on truckin' drawing vore treysh for y'all to gawk at. X3
Happy 2020! Posted 7 months ago
Has it really been 10 years? Dayum... XD

With that being said, I hope everyone has a great new year!

What do I have planned for the new year? Mainly just self-improvement in my artistic endeavors - improving on how I do commissions for all of you wonderful people, and learning to balance work and personal art. And to also try to keep a professional work ethic for it.

I also plan on doing some updates on my commission prices for the new year - so keep an eye out for the new price sheet!

But aside from that, I probably will keep on truckin' through this crazy-ass roller coaster we call life.

Happy new year, y'all. Cheers~
Holiday Wishes Posted 7 months ago
Hey folks!

I just wanted to pop into these journals to wish all my watchers a safe, warm and happy holidays, whatever it is you celebrate. <3
Thumbnail / File Re-Upload Issues? Posted 1 year ago
Fellas, has anyone else been having issues with re-uploading either submissions or thumbnails?

Happened to me twice already. Seems no matter how many times I go through the standard resubmit procedure, doesn't seem to want to change. Weird... :?
2019 Commission Price Change Posted 1 year ago
Hey folks!

Hey folks!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I have updated my commission prices and they will go into effect in the next time I open for commission slots on FurAffinity!

The New sheet can be seen here. :)
*Flood Alert Sirens* Posted 1 year ago
BRACE YOURSELVES LADS N' LASSES now that Eka's is up and running again, time to post some more stuff!
HAPPY 2019! Posted 1 year ago
Welp another year has come and gone~

Here's to hoping everyone's upcoming year is a lil' brighter, even with it's darker times. Cheers m8s <33
[CLOSED] September 2018 + October 2018 Commissions Posted 1 year ago

Commission Slots for September AND Waiting List for October are now open!
10 slots for the main commission queue and 5 for the waiting list are now available.

Please note that users who had slots for the August commission queue will not be accepted into the September queue - but I may include you in the October slots if possible.

If you want a slot, please send a PM to this account ( YoukaiChan ) with the following info-

- Type of drawing (full shaded, flat, etc)
- Detailed description of what you want (please include references!)
- Paypal address for invoicing
- IF YOUR COMMISSION IS A JOINT COMMISSION (aka - two or more users pitching in to pay for the same...
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Otakuthon 2018 Posted 2 years ago
Hey there wonderful people!

As some of you who have followed me for a few years now might know - every year I go to Otakuthon in Montreal! And this year's con is fast approaching!

I plan on leaving my hometown to get to MTL on Thursday since it's always best to be there a day in advance before the con starts. I'm super excited for this year! Will probably be liveblogging whenever I can on my tumblr ( http://calico807.tumblr.com/ ) whenever I can, since the con center's wifi is kind of unreliable....or expensive. X'D

ALSOOO, for those on my commission waiting list - fret not, for I will be starting on them when I return! ( However the following weekend after the con will be...
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