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Hey there! For the purposes of this site, you can call me Chammy! Basically, I'm your average woman who happens to be into vore and I really enjoy drawing, writing, gaming, and many other things.

My preference is,by far, male predators with female prey. And I enjoy both same-size and macro/micro. You will be seeing many gallery submissions from me reflecting this. :) My goal is to get a lot more M/F material out there for its lacking section of vore and encourage others to do the same! Though it took me awhile to come to terms with my liking of this fetish, I am very passionate about the things I like and this is no exception.

I also RP, if you're into that. Feel free to check out my seeking thread, linked at in my forum signature. I don't mind friendly PMs or messages if you would ever like to chat, either.

Another note: I reply to ALL comments left on my work, save for anything along the lines of "I wish this was a female pred/a different kind of vore/etc" or outright rude comments. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my work and encouraging me to keep drawing vore! You guys are great and I'm very grateful to you.

If you're interested in commissioning me for art, feel free to check out my commissions page for more info on pricing and what I will and will not do! You are also more than welcome to contact me if you have more questions.

If you would like to support what I do, I have a Ko-Fi page, as well! Every little bit helps!:

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Hey, guys! Just announcing that my sketch commissions are officially open!

I'm only taking three slots for now. This is a trial of sketch-only commissions, so I'm not going to take a ton to start.

You can check my commissions tab here on Eka's for details!

I'll spare you all the sob story and just mention that I'm doing these largely in part because I may very well need medical care for a potential heart problem in the near future (when I get the courage and the money to see a doctor about the complications), and I'm uninsured.

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Posted by jbunniboy 1 day ago

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Thank YOU for all the amazing content! Im a big fan on tumblr :)


Posted by PregnantFerret 2 weeks ago

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Thank you!


Posted by VeryBatty 2 weeks ago

<< Reply To Chameleonette

No problem! Idk how i missed you ive loved your stuff for a while!


Posted by Lannibal 3 weeks ago

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You're welcome! Not many artists can do M/F that I can enjoy but your style is consistently good, I like it a lot.


Posted by Tigataga 4 weeks ago

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More than welcome~ Love your belly bulges, looking forward to seeing more!


Posted by magictoad 1 month ago

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I apprecoate you and your art! Thank you for maming such amazing creations :)


Posted by Thorstone 1 month ago

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You’re welcome :v

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Posted by Oligan 1 month ago

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No problem ! :D I like your art ! ^^

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Posted by 665544o 1 month ago

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You're welcome! Keep drawing cute dudes gobbling up adorable gals~ <3


Posted by doomfister 1 month ago

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i had just realised i wasnt, been a fan of your work for ages, so i have not idea why i hadnt clicked it.


Posted by scag2807 1 month ago

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You're welcome ! ;)


Posted by LuluLuigi 1 month ago

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No problem <3. I like your art so it’s normal for me to do that.

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