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Hey there! For the purposes of this site, you can call me Chammy! Basically, I'm your average woman who happens to be into vore and I really enjoy drawing, writing, gaming, and many other things.

My preference is,by far, male predators with female prey. And I enjoy both same-size and macro/micro. You will be seeing many gallery submissions from me reflecting this. :) My goal is to get a lot more M/F material out there for its lacking section of vore and encourage others to do the same! Though it took me awhile to come to terms with my liking of this fetish, I am very passionate about the things I like and this is no exception.

I also RP, if you're into that. Feel free to check out my seeking thread, linked at in my forum signature. I don't mind friendly PMs or messages if you would ever like to chat, either.

Another note: I reply to ALL comments left on my work, save for anything along the lines of "I wish this was a female pred/a different kind of vore/etc" or outright rude comments. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my work and encouraging me to keep drawing vore! You guys are great and I'm very grateful to you.

If you're interested in commissioning me for art, feel free to check out my commissions page for more info on pricing and what I will and will not do! You are also more than welcome to contact me if you have more questions.

If you would like to support what I do, I have a Ko-Fi page, as well! Every little bit helps!:

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A Night to Remember
A soft sigh slipped out of Sebastian's lips, which were still glossy from the coating of saliva from his tongue. The noise soon tapered off into a airy, low burp.
"You were right, sweetheart" he chuckled, looking down at his engorged midsection as the occupant within thrashed in discontent. He lightly rubbed over the top of one of those moving bulges. "I think settling down in the valley with you is much better than city life could possibly be."
The movements within his strai

Inseparable: Treasure's Chest
After another light nap that was lusciously filled with tantalizing dreams of his lady, Lupin awoke to a nagging discomfort. His eyes squeezed as he groaned and let out a loud, wet fart. With a sigh and a smile of long-suffering, he patted his gurgling belly.
"Unfortunately, dearest Chammy, I can't keep all of you within me." He gave a rub to his heavily-bloated abdomen, as if in consolation. "Some of you needs to come out. And quite urgently, I feel."
Another serie

"...I cannot believe you talked me into this."
"It's going to be amazing!"
"You're going to be disappointed if you actually believed in that all the drivel you read online."
"Chammy, did you see the reviews?"
"Yes, and they were clearly paid to be written or written by the staff. This is some crazy cash grab park.You can't believe everything you read on the internet!"
Huffing, the brunette looked away from her pouting blonde friend and up at the entrance of

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For those not interested, of course, feel free to ignore/delete these updates---but at least one person wanted to see them, so here's the next part!


There's a liiiiittle bit of repressed fangirling in this part. I can't imagine why. >///>;;

But yeah. I'm just really excited for this and glad to be able to feel some excitement for something again, so please pardon me for sharing these updates. I just want to share something that has really played a huge part in lots of things for me since 2017, including a ton of vore art and inspiration.

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Posted by StormySky 2 hours ago Report

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As a fellow M/F lover, it was a no brainer! I'll be posting M/F content here soon; stop by if curiosity ever strikes you!


Posted by KeeperofLillies 2 days ago Report

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No problem~


Posted by Fairy 7 days ago Report

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You're welcome!


Posted by LunaCunie 8 days ago Report

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Yeah no prob!! I love your art and writing.


Posted by AeonRaptor 9 days ago Report

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You’re welcome! ^^


Posted by Twinswordz21 9 days ago Report

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OFCOURSE! I looooove how you draw the dudes so big and full of prey ^^


Posted by PhantomWolf 10 days ago Report

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You're welcome, you have some amazing artwork


Posted by sadlyknight 10 days ago Report

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No problem, how's your day been treating you?


Posted by SIRENHEAD 11 days ago Report

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Your welcome!!


Posted by NovaFantasy 12 days ago Report

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You're welcome and thanks ! you're art was a great inspiration for me so I'm glad to be here. :3


Posted by empfreak072 3 weeks ago Report

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Most welcome!

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