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Hey there! For the purposes of this site, you can call me Chammy! Basically, I'm your average woman who happens to be into vore and I really enjoy drawing, writing, gaming, and many other things.

My preference is,by far, male predators with female prey. And I enjoy both same-size and macro/micro. You will be seeing many gallery submissions from me reflecting this. :) My goal is to get a lot more M/F material out there for its lacking section of vore and encourage others to do the same! Though it took me awhile to come to terms with my liking of this fetish, I am very passionate about the things I like and this is no exception.

I also RP, if you're into that. Feel free to check out my seeking thread, linked at in my forum signature. I don't mind friendly PMs or messages if you would ever like to chat, either.

Another note: I reply to ALL comments left on my work, save for anything along the lines of "I wish this was a female pred/a different kind of vore/etc" or outright rude comments. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my work and encouraging me to keep drawing vore! You guys are great and I'm very grateful to you.

If you're interested in commissioning me for art, feel free to check out my commissions page for more info on pricing and what I will and will not do! You are also more than welcome to contact me if you have more questions.

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An Honest Mistake
You're late once again."
feet paused just past the threshold to the dimly-lit room, one foot
balancing in a hover above the floor before she finally set it down.
in---or more accurately, leaning casually back against---the chair
just beyond the doorway was a tall figure dressed in long, tailored
white pants, a jade green button-up vest over a crisp cream striped
shirt, and a long, dusty-red tailcoat. A top hat was perched over his
dark, messy hai

sandy, bright beaches of sunny Comodo transformed at night.
was a bright little town during the day was shrouded over with a mist
of intrigue and of mystery, spanning wide over the seafront and past
the massive volcano that stood in its center. Rich lights of varying
hues from pink to purple and blues illuminated the wooden dance
stages and gave the sand a mystical, magical appearance.
looking for a wholesome, pure experience did not come to Comodo in
the late h

did not like it when something was out of his control.
that was particularly true for things that affected him in some way.
Emotions and thoughts influenced by said emotions were easily
manipulated, subdued, repressed, and dealt with accordingly. He never
concerned himself with them too much. They didn't pose any lingering
threat to his plans or day-to-day life.
for him, Farona had a way of getting under his skin that took a lot
of getting used to. In fact,

wasn't right.
was safe to think that---it was not safe to say it.
the kingdom of Weblin, in these dire times, and especially inside the
castle's walls where ears and eyes were everywhere... you had to
incredibly careful with talk and gossip. Tension was pulled tight in
recent days. King Garibaldi VI, the former ruler, had died. After
weeks of fighting a poor condition, he succumbed to his illness. The
first prince had disappeared long ago after being disinherited f

Glass (Part 5):
was sometimes harder than the fitful nights of sleeping. Accepting
reality as reality was for her right now was never an easy thing for
Farona to face.
a few short days, her world had crumbled and cracked into a bunch of
sharp, oblong pieces. They didn't fit back together to make a whole
or even make an image that could hold together for longer than a few
seconds before reality shattered them anew. And they opened more and
more wounds and cuts when sh

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Reminder: Please do not discuss or even mention vore in my chat! I'm extending this as an invitation to people in general and the majority that come to my streams DO NOT have anything to do with vore nor know that I do (and I sure as heck don't want them to). I'd appreciate it if you please don't bring this up in my chat! Thanks for your understanding!

Additional warning: I swear while playing Mario Kart. A lot. If cussing bothers you, you may not enjoy my streams. Hahaha.

Hope to see you there. : ) If you come in chat, feel free to tell me...
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