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Sing into my mouth~

I write vore stories. I'm a complex person.

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The sleepy village of Kulkey was far enough away from the hubbub of the capitol that stories and rumors of politics took a long time to reach them. Out in the quiet woodlands far from the center of the kingdom, away from any hostile territories, the simple villagers enjoyed a slow, calm life, tilling their fields, raising their cattle.
When word that the king had been banished finally reached them, the story had grown to a legend. One evening, a pair of travelers, a young man with fierce red ha

Dib saw the Irken coming down the hall, and it was quite clear that it was an Irken, not a human. Despite false contacts and a small hat, the alien had almost nothing to disguise his green skin, the strange backpack fixed to his back, or the wiry purple tongue in his mouth. Dib still couldn't believe no one else saw that this was an alien, no one but him and, maybe, his sister. Dib stepped out into the Irken's path in the school hall.
“Hey Skoodge,” he said. The pudgy invader stopped

The Grunts could tell even from a glance that their boss was not pleased. A snarl of a frown was on Guzma's face as he stalked through Po Town. The Grunts purposefully stayed out of his way, hoping to avoid his ire. One was not so lucky. Leaning over into bushes, desperately parting the branches as he looked for something, the Grunt didn't even notice his boss until he was right behind him.
“Have you found him yet?” Guzma demanded in a roaring voice. The Grunt, a fresh-faced, wide-ey

For a Shy Guy, Forte was imposing. She was very tall, towering over her fellow Shys and even many other creatures that normally overshadowed them. While most Shys were lithe, with gentle, natural curves and slender limbs, Forte was voluptuous. Her body-concealing, bright blue robes curved around a figure that was not only full, it was almost obscenely voluptuous. Thick swells in her chest and her hips gave Forte a noticeable bounce in her step that did not come from cheerfulness. Though she had

This was the pivotal moment of Dr. Kaiser's life. It was also looking to be her last. The genius of genetics could hear the explosions overhead as the underground laboratory's security was breached, door by door, floor by floor. The soothing, masculine voice of the facility's control AI calmly repeated, “Automated systems failed. Please, all personnel, evacuate immediately.”
And though her colleges stood around her wearing white faces of sheer fright, their eyes darting ever towards

Shashanna almost didn't notice the new restaurant as she walked past it. It's doorway and sign were stuck back in a cramped, dark alley a bit off the street. At first glance, it didn't even look like a restaurant; more like an office or receiving entrance for the tall building it was in. But Shashanna turned back, took a second look at the sign, and saw that it read “Pastry Parlor.” It was certainly an odd place for a restaurant. The road Shashanna was on was already infrequently use

“Oh no.”
Tiny fires of panic fell into Lane's stomach as he stood by the mirror of the changing room, looking at himself. He had hoped it wasn't this bad... but it was. It was bad. It was BIG.
Lane Mulner wasn't a big guy; his chest was slender, his stomach flat. He looked younger than he was both because of his thinner, more graceful stature and his youthful face, still in full, rosy bloom under his dark hair. But Lane had one problem. An enormous problem. His ass.
Lane's ass was,

Letting out a sigh of relief, Link reached the end of the shrine. There was the chest, with the Spirit Orb inside. Another Spirit Orb, another boost to his strength for the trials ahead. The tall, blonde hero stepped up onto the raised platform, lifting the ornate lid of the chest.
However, instead of the swirling dark orb inside, Link was shocked to see a thick, gooey, green liquid filling the huge chest to the brim. As he starred in disbelief down into the goop, the substance grew a strange, g

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Hey folks! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still alive. My computer died on me (completely died), so I haven't been around as often or able to do extensive commissioning. A new one is on order. I plan to open up commissions again sometime, but it will be a bit delayed with the computer and all. ^^;

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Posted by Sy0p 3 weeks ago

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Meant to do it a while ago but totally kept forgetting. And thanks in return, too!


Posted by Sunman255 3 weeks ago

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Your welcome


Posted by Sunman255 4 weeks ago

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Your welcome


Posted by KingRoque 1 month ago

just wanted to ask, are you ever going to do audio work again? your last piece was absolutely lovely!


Posted by coop500 1 month ago

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Welcome~ I meant to be a while ago


Posted by JackMeoff135 2 months ago

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Thank you for posting suck wonderful kinky content!


Posted by ajaundicedeye2 3 months ago

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You're welcome! I'd love to know when you're open for commissions again!


Posted by Fantasia 4 months ago

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No problem!


Posted by Krowley 4 months ago

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No problem! Big fan of your work.


Posted by voidgazer 5 months ago

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Love your writing!


Posted by honeyblade98 5 months ago

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Thank you!


Posted by Shoelace 5 months ago

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Aw thank you a lot, I really appreciate :3 and thank you for the watch *purr*

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