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Mouth like a magazine.

I write vore stories.

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“Now, princess, you of course must be ready by lunchtime to greet the ambassadors from Mushroom by the Sea. Make absolutely sure you dress for the occasion. And after that is, of course, the photography appointment for this year’s greeting card series in the garden. Then you mustn’t forget the tourists from Sarasala-!”
Peach shut the door behind her, cutting off (or rather muffling) the incessant chirping of Toadsworth on the other side. With an exhausted sigh, the royal

They came from all over to see him. Germany. Sweden. Slovakia. Mississippi. Over 700 had, at one time or another, made the trip to his home deep in the Cascades to see the teacher. The prophet. Isaiah Solzhen.
Of course “Isaiah Solzehn” wasn’t his name. He’d taken that after running away from home at 17 because it was a lot more impactful than his real name, Jacob Tanner. But Isaiah had done more than merely change his name in the 15 years he’d spent on his own. H

All the way up here, Baz was thinking over how he could have kept it from coming this far. There was a point sometime in the past week, a pivotal moment. A place in the midst of his decisions when he could have diverted down another road. It had been a little joke. Least that’s what he had thought. Surely, somewhere along the line, he could have said something. Done something. Surely there had been options. Something that didn’t end with him walking up a long hillside in the foothill

Cody didn’t usually ride the Red Line, but he’d come up to Chestnut Hill to hang out with his friends at the record cafe, and since the subway didn’t serve the Hill, and he didn’t feel like spending what little money he had on a ride, he found himself on one of the city’s crowded buses.

And it was, indeed, crowded. Cody had forgotten why he got

These woods were grown to disarm you
Fayn Builder’s Codex
Monitor: Prefect Marce
Entry One
This one really is my own. Two tanned hide covers, coarse thread binding through the spine in a spider knot pattern, calfskin vellum pages, all blank. No precepts. Nothing. My own private codex.
Ten years of having every word I wrote or spoke examined by a precept, every deviation from the ideal corrected by a scholar. And they send me off to my first work with a blank book.
I don’t know if

[Transcription of last transmission from lens room before failure.]
Arcane science. Dark age pulp.
Okay, I’ve got it.
Look at that. We work so well together.
Now’s not the time for congratulations. I’m about to commit the single greatest act of hubris in mankind’s history. You’re complicit. Let’s show some gravitas.
Oh, but isn’t it exciting? We might be the first people in the world to really and truly TALK to something else. Not a human from another cu

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Hope everyone had a good Vore Day! Closing down new comms for now, gonna work on the ones I got this round. Thanks everyone who PMed. ^^

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Posted by KevinK1993 1 day ago Report

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@Belloc If given the opportunity, would you consider pursuing a career in voice acting, full-time?


Posted by KevinK1993 2 days ago Report

<< Reply To Belloc

@Belloc I see. If I may ask: What was it that first exposed you to vore? How did you come across it, at first?


Posted by KevinK1993 4 days ago Report

<< Reply To Belloc

@Belloc Which do you enjoying doing more of... voice acting or writing and what do you enjoy about doing either?


Posted by GayPred 4 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch! It means alot coming from you! I've always loved your stuff.


Posted by ThoughtVision 4 days ago Report

Thank you for the watch. ^^


Posted by KevinK1993 6 days ago Report

<< Reply To Belloc

@Belloc I noticed that you also dabble in voice acting. Was that something you started doing before you started writing vore stories or afterwards?


Posted by noego 3 weeks ago Report

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Thanks for posting :). Really inspires me to try and give back when the noggin decides to work.


Posted by KevinK1993 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To Belloc

What was it that inspired you to write those stories, if I may ask?


Posted by Fran407 1 month ago Report

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you're welcome


Posted by muslone 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Belloc

You are very welcome


Posted by KevinK1993 2 months ago Report

@Belloc What do you like about writing stories, the most?


Posted by Ryujin 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To Belloc

No problem. I was certain I had watched you earlier, but then went to look for you in my watches and was like "whaaaaa....?"

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