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Mouth like a magazine.

I write vore stories.

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Despite his already high level of skill, Mao still took his training very seriously. Which one would not guess from a look at him. Outwardly, he looked like something of a country bumpkin: a cute, lanky young man with dark hair under a wide straw hat, his body clothed in overalls and a shirt two sizes too large for him, giving him a somewhat billowy, poofy appearance. Still, despite the rustic appearance, Mao was always determined to remain at the top of

The library had so much old shit.

Belloc had put this off for a while, but finally the day came when he had to clean out the “archives”: the cluttered, unorganized, dusty and lightless room of junk from god knows when at the back of the library. It’d been sitting there, taunting him ever since he started working there. Now, he had an evening t

“Roll! Lunch is ready!”
Roll looked up from the yard outside the Light Laboratory where she was training. Or rather, where she was trying out the new Super Roll Buster Dr. Light had made for her, practicing on targets of Dr. Wily’s face set up around the yard. The Super Roll Buster had quite a bit of knock back compared to her previous buster. It would take some getting used to.
Above the yard, Mega Man was leaning out the window of the second floor of the lab. His messy black

Omori did not like Sweetheart. He really did not like Sweetheart.
But, unfortunately, the haughty, infuriating, obnoxious princess was, once again, in their way, and this time she was proving a serious problem. As serious as a stay in a dungeon.
Omori, Kel, Aubrey, and Hero hadn’t wanted to deal with Sweetheart. They’d just wanted to search her oversized, gaudy, sprout-mole filled castle for any clues to the whereabouts of their friend, Basil. But one thing led to another and, well,

Maple had intended to spend the afternoon practicing her (already superb) broom flying skills, but her grandmother had other ideas in mind.
“You don’t need to be fooling around with that broom,” the old witch had croaked over her simmering cauldron. “You need to get out and gather more mushrooms. Hop to it!”
Fuming, Maple had done as she was told, flying up to Mt. Cucco. It was chilly even during summer, the mountain winds whipping up her billowing, patchy dress

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Hope everyone had a good Vore Day! Closing down new comms for now, gonna work on the ones I got this round. Thanks everyone who PMed. ^^

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Posted by SeekGr 12 days ago Report

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Imma read!

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Posted by notitthrowaway 2 weeks ago Report

Hey. Would you mind if your stories were used to help train a custom vore AI module for NovelAI or similar AI writing system? The stories would just be fed into this system to train the module, they would not be saved by the system or be recoverable from the final module file.

I like your writing and think it would be good to include in this dataset, but want to check if that's OK with you.


Posted by Bionicman 1 month ago Report

Any chance for another Miraculous Ladybug vore fanfic? Female and make pred?


Posted by z3d 3 months ago Report

thanks for the watch ; 3

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Posted by KittensMittens67 4 months ago Report

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Thanks for all your awesome content! :)


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No problem thosse squirrel nuts were sure something


Posted by JMTFS 6 months ago Report

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No problem, looking forward to more stories and audio


Posted by ryantokyo 7 months ago Report

Do you could do a part 2 to a well trained dragon


Posted by Nic386 8 months ago Report

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No u


Posted by BridgeCross10 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by wolfSnack 9 months ago Report

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Definitely! I should have watched a long time ago, I just somehow neglected to. I like your stuff :)

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Posted by DreamyGalaxy 10 months ago Report

Thankies for the fave and followww!!!

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