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Sing into my mouth~

I write vore stories. I'm a complex person.

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was in bed with his wife, Ginny, and her brother, Ron. He lay between
the two, but not in their arms or anything. Rather, he was resting
comfortably between Ron's thighs, his body draped heavily over the
curve of his friend's leg, his head pointing down at the mattress. It
would have been an uncomfortable position for Harry except that he
was Ron's cock. Flaccid, meaty, he lay against Ron's sweaty skin,
pulsing with the wizard's blood, still sticky from last night.
the past week, Harr

in the heart of the Great Bay Temple, Link stood on the edge of a
great hole. He could not see the bottom; it was too dark. Tatl
fluttered next to him, saying, “Guess it's down, huh?” The temple
had not been easy on them; Link was tired and showing it. As he
prepared to take the leap, the fairy said, “Link!”
little hero looked at her. Tatl nodded. “Let's be careful... and
show whatever's down there who they're messing with!” Link grinned,
nodding. He jumped into the hole, Ta

was alone now. Well... sort of alone. The brown-haired boy with the
gold and red eyes sat at the end of the table, his character sheets
(including the drawing of his character he'd worked so hard on)
spread out before him. At the other end of the table was the DM,
Leigh Walters: chubby, red-haired, messy, and currently filtering the
remains of Jim's friend Barth through his lower intestines.
could hear the awesome groaning and gurgling and whining of Leigh's
guts as they finished... cha

a wondrous world this was! The sun was beginning to set, gentle light
dipping over the expansive mountains that bordered off the
neighboring lands. Elongated shadows of trees morphed with the
ground, shifting and snaking out into contorted forms. The day was
almost over, but she still had so much more to learn! An intense
flash of bright excitement raced across the trees, lightly toasting
leaves and creating a warmth to the air. Faster and faster it ran,
zig-zagging through the

on a rampart of the pirate fortress, Link peeked out stealthily,
taking in the scene below. There were four guards in the main area of
the fortress, a great open area with a tower in the center connected
to one of the surrounding buildings by a rope bridge. The four guards
patrolling the area were tall, darkly-tanned, red-headed females, all
wearing the same exotic gear and carrying sharp lances. They
patrolled the area in a swift, military fashion, never slacking or
yawning, always kee

perched in the tree over looking Northern Clock Town. In the dark of
the late night, it was quiet. Nothing but a lone cicada, rattling
eerily in the gloom. Tatl peeked out from under Link's hat, hiding
inside to keep her light from revealing them.
this is the way she comes?” Link nodded. He was sure of it. They'd
missed her the past couple of tries, but he had a feeling about it
tonight. This was the way the old woman from the bomb shop would
come. He heard the clock tower, dista

after all this time, Yu and Chie were still going down to the
floodplain to train. They'd already spent two years solving mysteries
and saving the world... but still the pair came down often to hone
their skill. Which still meant, more often times than not, Yu taking
a foot to the chest.
didn't mind though. He liked spending time with the short, scrappy,
brown haired girl, though recently, his interests in her had taken a
turn. As they practiced, exchanging kicks, Yu couldn't help but ey

was going to be the worst summer ever. Ben Tennyson was stuck in an
RV with his freak of a cousin, Gwen. He'd been hoping to spend the
summer with his cool (if kinda weird) grandpa, Max, but instead the
young ten year old was going to be sharing air with his annoying
cousin, who'd already spent the first day of the trip pestering him.
Fed up with dealing with her, Ben had taken off from the campsite,
into the woods.
through the trees, trying to think of ways he could mail himself ba

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Just to keep folks updated, I've closed down commissions (that is, taking on NEW commissions) until I finish the current set. I hate making folks wait so long to get their stories, and it takes a good while to get through a dozen projects. xD So I'm trying to determine what sort of commish set up I prefer. Taking them as they come, opening up monthly slots, etc. I'll let you all know when I'm opening commissions for folks again.

If you're already in the queue, don't worry. I will be getting to you! :) Thanks for being so supportive.

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