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Sing into my mouth~

I write vore stories. I'm a complex person.

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Sophia got the job at Dorsia, she was immensely thankful. She didn't
want to work in the food industry at all, but if she had to (and she
had to; her bills attested to that) at least Dorsia would be better
than McDonald's or Burger King. The high class, uptown eatery was a
respectful, quite place, so Sophia hoped that she would be able to
avoid the worst sorts of customers.
Her first day, Sophia was still
getting use to things. The short, skinny girl was the smallest of the
crew; her pixie-

beauties answered the summons. They were a motley crew as they walked
into the Summoner's Rift. Ahri, purple haired and casually dressed in
short shorts and rolled up sleeves, came bopping along, a pair of
headphones over her ears, her head and nine tails nodding to the
music. Behind her was white-haired Riven, whose tight bunny girl
outfit hugged her curves, stockings running up her thighs, squeezing
her toned legs. She leaned on her sword, quietly surveying the place.
Less quiet was Sona,

arm was all that was left.
peeked into the clearing, hiding among the long, low branches of a
thick willow. A clearing was a dangerous place out in the wetlands.
Almost as dangerous as the woods themselves. In a clearing, there
were no trees, no brush, no escape. A prey could see the predator
coming. Which usually meant they had time to scream and cry before
dying rather than dying quickly and with only a little pain. But this
clearing, at least, seemed to be empty. Save for the arm.

and Tifa huddled together against the wind. It was getting cold, but
Chris didn't mind; any excuse for his girlfriend to snuggle up
against him was a good one. He had his arms around Tifa, the plush
curves of her breasts, her hips, her rump moving against him as they
walked. The muscular brunette had a fighter's body: toned,
long-limbed, thick-curved, powerfully built. She was firm in all the
right places, soft in all the best ones. Chris was eager to get home
and get “warm.”
they n

was it. Link stood, once again, on the observation platform of the
clock tower. The moon hung overhead like the roof of a tent, sagging
low with water. It's great, grimacing face glared at the world.
Hanging in the air between Link and that terrible face was the silent
Skull Kid. He too glared at Link, at least he seemed to from behind
that terrible mask.
came a tiny, ringing voice. A reddish, purple fairy darted to the
Skull Kid's side. Tatl tensed. “Tael!”
zipped forwa

you keep a secret?” the boy in the kitsune mask asked. He and Link
stood alone in a storage room at the rear of the Curiosity Shop, only
the ticking of a clock to accompany them in this secret place.
Without hesitation, Link nodded. Still, the boy in the mask was slow
as he reached up, small fingers closing around the yellow wood of the
mask. Then, he said, “Anju trusted you. I shall trust you.”
boy pulled away the yellow mask, revealing a youthful face, bearing
an aged and worr

last room of the Stone Temple Palace reminded Link a lot of that
final room of Woodfall: a bare chamber with a large pit in the
center. However, while Woodfall's had led to darkness, the pit at his
feet now led down into a pool of blue and yellow light. Not the sky
but something like it. Link felt a wave of vertigo wash over him at
the thought of this topsy-turvy world he was in. But he was ready.
is it,” said Tatl. “The last evil spirit. Whatever is beyond
here, if we can face i

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Just to let all the folks in the commission queue know, I'm not dead. XD Various life events have slowed my work down tremendously as of late and made it much harder for me to keep my normal pace. I'm sorry for the long wait time you folks have been experiencing. I'm still working through the queue though so don't worry! I will get everyone's story done. ^^

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Don't mention it! I'm glad you like my stuff, and thank you for sharing yours! Always lovely to meet fellow artists and writers~!

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