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On my tongue, on my tongue.
I put your fingers on my tongue.

I write vore stories.

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In the quiet dark, Elliot lay in bed with Grace, his body pressed to her’s. The air was heavy with musk and sweat, the sheets damp with the same. Though the two of them were now resting in the afterglow of sex, they still breathed a little heavily, their bodies shaken with pleasure. Elliot’s cock lay nestled between Grace’s smooth cheeks, still throbbing in fading delight from time to time, twitching against her ass. When his cock twitched, Grace’s body would respond, her

Here he was again. Back at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. But Jeremy wasn’t a kid coming in to scarf down pizza and play with the animatronics this time. Now, the young man wore the official purple jacket and pants of a Fazbear Entertainment employee. His thick red hair, waist long when not tied up, held up the cap that blazed with the word “Security.” He was the new night guard of the second Freddy location. And quite frankly, Jeremy couldn’t be more excited.
As the da

“The library’s closing. Why don’t we just head back to your place?”
Alan had been worried that Cathy would say that. Sure, he knew this would come eventually, but he still wasn’t eager to have to deal with it. Not because of Cathy, not at all. The small, slender, lovely young brunette was perfect for Alan in every way: just like him, she was a bit shy and awkward, at least around other people. Her glasses on her prim nose and her bunned, brown hair gave her the clas

“Wha?! You… you have a crush on Cody?!”
Minnie gaped at Jiro as if the boy had just confessed to a murder, not anything as simple as a crush. Jiro blushed, feeling awkward, but he’d already let the beans spill on his secret crush of their mutual friend. No taking it back now.
“Yeah,” he said. “I have ever since we met in grade school. I mean, how can I help it? Cody’s always been so nice. He’s helped me through a lot and he’s made me l

They had always been there. Timeless as the hills. Certain as the sun. Before Keva was old enough to know anything, she knew that they were out there, watching them. The Keepers in the forest.
Keva’s mother, a comely, kind doe who, like her, had the softest fur of brown, had whispered lullabies to her while she was still a swaddled infant. Lullabies of the Keepers in the forest. Around the clearing. Beyond the grove. The Keepers watch us with all their love. Ever young. Ever fair. The Keep

The campaign had been going for a while now. It was easy to tell by how much food the players had gone through. Several pizza boxes sat empty nearby, along with a small pile of empty snack bags. Leigh was just finishing up another soda, reprimanding himself for his sugar intake that day, as Jim rolled his latest move.
The dice came up double fours and the brown-haired boy gave a shout of delight. The cute boy pounded the table, saying, “Got him!” His blows on the table bounced the di

I tried to never think of myself as prey. Sure, that was hard to do, being born a rabbit. Especially the runt of the litter. Of my siblings, I was full head shorter than the next shortest, which even by doe standards meant I was a runt. Still, I told myself that didn’t matter. I was only a prey if I let myself be one. That’s what I told myself.
When I took on the job with the Channel 5 news station, I felt I could do some good in the world. Far from the pop pieces of entertainment TV

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Man, you folks are too kind. xD I seriously appreciate the enthusiastic response I got to my opening up of commissions. In fact, it was enthusiastic, that I really must cap it here and now. Else I'll risk taking on TOO much at once.

So for now, I'm not adding any new comms to the queue until I've worked through what I've taken on. Inquires are welcome, but I won't be adding new slots till I'm ready.

Thanks again folks, and look forward to new content as I work through this queue!

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Posted by SpaghettiZ 4 weeks ago

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No prob! Keep up the great work!

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Posted by Zookmaos 1 month ago

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Thank you for sharing your writing! I hope I'll be able to create backgrounds for roleplaying games that are a tenth as good as your works!


Posted by Gef 2 months ago

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No problem!


Posted by Sitharc 3 months ago

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Hope to commission ya eventually if interested.


Posted by jaxbeef 3 months ago

Thanks for the watch

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Posted by Itsuune 3 months ago

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It's highly deserved! Keep up the great work :>

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Posted by stuffedpotbellies 4 months ago

You're welcome!!


Posted by sweetbunnii 4 months ago

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you're very welcome! love your work ^^

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Posted by njeraldson2 4 months ago

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you're welcome!! love your content. :)

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Posted by Kelly 5 months ago

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Nah ~ Thanks for cresting stoures that somehow press every button even ones I didnt even knew exsisted you got me soooo hooked on your stuff now


Posted by Sy0p 6 months ago

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Meant to do it a while ago but totally kept forgetting. And thanks in return, too!

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