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You taste so sticky and sweet.
How could you not expect me to show my teeth?

I write vore stories.

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Kylie awoke groggy and unsure where she was. She felt something cold and hard under her and around her, but it was dark. Too dark to see. She heard voices, but the world was swaying and rocking so that she thought she must still be dreaming. Only she couldn’t remember falling asleep. She’d been on a hike with her friends. Then… what?
The swaying stopped and, suddenly, a blinding light fell on Kylie, shocking her into wakefulness. She gasped, blinking, shaking her head. She tri

For Kara Danvers, life as a superhero was tiring.The need for help was constant and the burden it put on her was heavy. Whether saving the city or just saving one stray mountain climber, she had little time to herself. So, frequent breaks away from the stress and struggle were the only thing that kept her sane.
After prevent a train collision, a bridge collapse, a dam breakage, and foiling several robberies, Kara needed a night off. And she could think of no better way to spend it than with Mon-

“The Yowie Yahoo,” Dylan said, the young blonde making his voice as deep and threatening as his childish vocals could. He had a flashlight, which he directed under his chin, making his face the only lit thing in the living room for his friends who sat gathered around him in a circle, four other boys listening to the campfire stories of a sleepover, trying to look unshaken.
“They say that it’s a vampire,” Dylan went on, “but the Yowie Yahoo is nothing like what

It was Riku who found the new world. He’d not really explained much to Sora, only that it was “different.” So, the young keyblade master wasn’t sure what to expect when they arrived on the new world.
Stepping out of their ship, Sora at first thought things looked fairly normal. They were in a city; there were lots of people around. He wasn’t underwater or black and white or any of the odd things he’d been before now. Until he realized two things about all the

His sleep was pleasant and dreamless. But what caused Chris to begin drifting out of sleep was a sensation that was more than just pleasant; it was real. A arousing, tantalizing feeling of pressure and touch on his cock. At first, it felt like the beginnings of a wet dream, though his dream had nothing erotic to it on its own. But slowly, his body began to awaken to the realization: this was real.
When Chris felt a powerful suction take hold of his dick, he rose up from sleep, opening his eyes.

“Looks like that’s best three out of five,” Leigh said cheerfully as he leaned back, folding his hands behind his red-haired head, grinning happily at his latest victory. He gave his big, round rump a wriggle, which drew a muffled moan from beneath it as his “opponent” squirmed under his ass. It hadn’t really been much of a match the last game: not with Keegan’s head buried under Leigh’s massive tush. The cute boy’s body was laid out on Leigh

“Look, I’m just saying that white chocolate is better. You can tell me all about the health aspects of dark, but I’m still going to pick white.” “Oh, you’re just being difficult.”
Caelin smiled as she watched her two customers picker over which chocolates they wanted to try. Business at the Full Mane had been steadily growing more and more, and the lioness taur couldn’t be more proud. Her firm, built upper body was clothed in the brand new uniform

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Man, you folks are too kind. xD I seriously appreciate the enthusiastic response I got to my opening up of commissions. In fact, it was enthusiastic, that I really must cap it here and now. Else I'll risk taking on TOO much at once.

So for now, I'm not adding any new comms to the queue until I've worked through what I've taken on. Inquires are welcome, but I won't be adding new slots till I'm ready.

Thanks again folks, and look forward to new content as I work through this queue!

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Posted by dangochao 9 days ago

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oh you're welcome! btw i figured out where your icon comes from! you have good taste!


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Aaaah, thank you so much for the watch! It means a lot to me to see such a talented writer in my watch list like this >w<


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Thanks for the watch!


Posted by SpaghettiZ 3 months ago

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No prob! Keep up the great work!

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Posted by Zookmaos 3 months ago

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Thank you for sharing your writing! I hope I'll be able to create backgrounds for roleplaying games that are a tenth as good as your works!


Posted by Gef 4 months ago

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No problem!


Posted by Sitharc 5 months ago

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Hope to commission ya eventually if interested.


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Thanks for the watch

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It's highly deserved! Keep up the great work :>

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You're welcome!!


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you're very welcome! love your work ^^

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