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Sing into my mouth~

I write vore stories. I'm a complex person.

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Shashanna almost didn't notice the new restaurant as she walked past it. It's doorway and sign were stuck back in a cramped, dark alley a bit off the street. At first glance, it didn't even look like a restaurant; more like an office or receiving entrance for the tall building it was in. But Shashanna turned back, took a second look at the sign, and saw that it read “Pastry Parlor.” It was certainly an odd place for a restaurant. The road Shashanna was on was already infrequently use

“Oh no.”
Tiny fires of panic fell into Lane's stomach as he stood by the mirror of the changing room, looking at himself. He had hoped it wasn't this bad... but it was. It was bad. It was BIG.
Lane Mulner wasn't a big guy; his chest was slender, his stomach flat. He looked younger than he was both because of his thinner, more graceful stature and his youthful face, still in full, rosy bloom under his dark hair. But Lane had one problem. An enormous problem. His ass.
Lane's ass was,

Letting out a sigh of relief, Link reached the end of the shrine. There was the chest, with the Spirit Orb inside. Another Spirit Orb, another boost to his strength for the trials ahead. The tall, blonde hero stepped up onto the raised platform, lifting the ornate lid of the chest.
However, instead of the swirling dark orb inside, Link was shocked to see a thick, gooey, green liquid filling the huge chest to the brim. As he starred in disbelief down into the goop, the substance grew a strange, g

Out in the forests of Berk, Hiccup and Astrid stopped in a glade, far from the village. The couple, now married, Hiccup having succeeded his father as leader of the island, would come out here often to train and exercise. Or at least, that's what they called it when anyone asked. Of course, really, the two would use anything as an excuse to enjoy each other.
No sooner had they found a nice spot than the husband and wife, exchanging a quick smile, began to cast off their leather armor and clothin

When James walked through the door to his apartment, he immediately jumped as a crowd of people shouted, “Surprise!” A few blew streamers, the rest applauded, James's heart racing first in shock then in happiness as he walked right into his own birthday party.
Laughing, James said, “Oh, come on! You guys.” His girlfriend, Mai, came over, hugging him, laughing. She said, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I couldn't help it. You should have seen your face though!”
James j

Just as Suguha Kirigaya was grabbing a midmorning snack, a knock came at the door. The young, dark-haired woman was not expecting anyone this morning and had been hoping to have the house to herself. Her brother, Kazuto, had gone out for the day, called away on a small emergency, leaving her with the house to herself. Still, she went to see who was at the door.
On opening the door, Suguha was surprised to find Asuna Yuuki there on the other side. The tall, red-headed girl smiled and said, &ldquo

pride was her shop. The tall, golden-furred lion taur had owned The
Full Mane for years, having built the shop from the ground up. She'd
started out as a simple sweets shop, but now the store was carrying
all variety of goods: baked goods, fresh foods, basic household
supplies. All manner of customers came and went these days, and
Caelin was pleased to see how well her little business had turned
course, it wasn't always good news. Getting bigger, expanding the
store, adding more

had been several days since Chie went missing, and Yukiko was
starting to get nervous. It was all she could talk about while she
and Yu went out shopping. Standing in the aisle of the stationary
department at Junes, looking first this way and then that, the dark
haired girl fretted, “If I could just a get some sort of sign of
where she was, I'd feel better. It just isn't like her to go off like
maybe the third time, Yu said, “I'm sure she'll turn up.” He put
a comforting ar

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Just to let all the folks in the commission queue know, I'm not dead. XD Various life events have slowed my work down tremendously as of late and made it much harder for me to keep my normal pace. I'm sorry for the long wait time you folks have been experiencing. I'm still working through the queue though so don't worry! I will get everyone's story done. ^^

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