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On my tongue, on my tongue.
I put your fingers on my tongue.

I write vore stories.

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The campaign had been going for a while now. It was easy to tell by how much food the players had gone through. Several pizza boxes sat empty nearby, along with a small pile of empty snack bags. Leigh was just finishing up another soda, reprimanding himself for his sugar intake that day, as Jim rolled his latest move.
The dice came up double fours and the brown-haired boy gave a shout of delight. The cute boy pounded the table, saying, “Got him!” His blows on the table bounced the di

I tried to never think of myself as prey. Sure, that was hard to do, being born a rabbit. Especially the runt of the litter. Of my siblings, I was full head shorter than the next shortest, which even by doe standards meant I was a runt. Still, I told myself that didn’t matter. I was only a prey if I let myself be one. That’s what I told myself.
When I took on the job with the Channel 5 news station, I felt I could do some good in the world. Far from the pop pieces of entertainment TV

Though the land had been in peace all her life, Zell had been told the stories of how she was descended from the great warriors and leaders of Hyrule, the ones who saved the world from darkness again and again. Even as a child, on her mother’s knee, she was told, “You, Zell, have heroic blood in you. You are the hero of your generation. The one who will protect us should we ever need. You are the Hero of Hyrule.”
Needless to say, Zell grew up with a slightly bigger ego than mos

Cold Creek was a little, dark road of water that wound down through the country where the trees grew thick and wild. The vein of running water was too small to be a river, but still deep enough to fish and ride on. It might have been popular among the local old men if not for the fact that it ran down through thick Southern woods, with trees crowding the banks to the point of becoming a fence, the bushy canopy overhead blotting out the sun, turning the foggy water opaque and mysterious. Like rid

Gods, this truly was a sun-blessed land! Everywhere Ravio looked was light and color. Everything he heard was song. Forests and fields bursts with life all around, filled with animals that were genteel and humble. Nothing like the gnashing beasts and drooling monsters of his world of Lorule. Ravio could not help but feel, if only for a moment, a little burr of envy in his heart for those who had been fortunate enough to live and grow in a land so blessed, while all of his life had been spent in

Vivi had not had much time alone with Eiko since they met. So much of their time had been spent on adventures, fighting bad guys, stopping evil, being heroes. Now, though, things were calm, and it was just the two short-stacks alone as they returned to Eiko’s old home of Madain Sari, intending to gather up her Moogle friends and belongings now that she would be staying with Regent Cid as his adoptive daughter.
Ever since meeting her, Vivi had felt an odd sort of sensation around Eiko. He w

The sleepy village of Kulkey was far enough away from the hubbub of the capitol that stories and rumors of politics took a long time to reach them. Out in the quiet woodlands far from the center of the kingdom, away from any hostile territories, the simple villagers enjoyed a slow, calm life, tilling their fields, raising their cattle.
When word that the king had been banished finally reached them, the story had grown to a legend. One evening, a pair of travelers, a young man with fierce red ha

Dib saw the Irken coming down the hall, and it was quite clear that it was an Irken, not a human. Despite false contacts and a small hat, the alien had almost nothing to disguise his green skin, the strange backpack fixed to his back, or the wiry purple tongue in his mouth. Dib still couldn't believe no one else saw that this was an alien, no one but him and, maybe, his sister. Dib stepped out into the Irken's path in the school hall.
“Hey Skoodge,” he said. The pudgy invader stopped

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Man, you folks are too kind. xD I seriously appreciate the enthusiastic response I got to my opening up of commissions. In fact, it was enthusiastic, that I really must cap it here and now. Else I'll risk taking on TOO much at once.

So for now, I'm not adding any new comms to the queue until I've worked through what I've taken on. Inquires are welcome, but I won't be adding new slots till I'm ready.

Thanks again folks, and look forward to new content as I work through this queue!

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No problem!


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Hope to commission ya eventually if interested.


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Thanks for the watch

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It's highly deserved! Keep up the great work :>

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You're welcome!!


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you're very welcome! love your work ^^

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you're welcome!! love your content. :)

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Posted by Kelly 3 months ago

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Nah ~ Thanks for cresting stoures that somehow press every button even ones I didnt even knew exsisted you got me soooo hooked on your stuff now


Posted by Sy0p 4 months ago

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Meant to do it a while ago but totally kept forgetting. And thanks in return, too!


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Your welcome


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Your welcome

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