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══════════════╡About Me╞══════════════

I am a simple man. I draw what I feel when I'm in the mood. Whether it be a pokemon, some feral animal, or a zorgoia... it's all fine and dandy.

I am a vorarephiliac if you couldn't tell from the profile. So, that means I'm into living things eating living things and all that jazz. (Keep in mind this is all a fantasy, and for some reason I enjoy it... so that's that.)

════════════╡Want to Commission Me?╞════════════

So, you've decided you like my gallery enough to spend a bit of your earnings on some art. That is FANTASTIC! Now, if you want me to do your commission I could just jump right out of the computer screen and gobble you up, but unfortunately that is not possible... so I'll just have to say it means a great deal to me. Thank you! All my info regarding comms can be found in the “Commission Status” tab.

══════════════╡What about TRADES?╞══════════════

Simply put, if you come to me with a request to trade, I will most definitely let you know if I'm up for it. If I like your art, what you propose, and I've got the time to do it... I think it'd be a lovely idea to trade with you.

══════════════╡Last Thoughts╞══════════════

I also communicate via Discord, which is where most of the discussion for commissions or trades goes down. Other than that, if you've got any questions feel free to shoot me a note. ^^

I also run a tip jar if you enjoy my work and would like to support me.


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Relarity's Blog - Gonna Take a Break! Posted 7 months ago

I honestly have no clue how many of you are going to look at this, but I'd much rather inform you than leave you in the dark! It's as the title says, I'm taking a break!

The reason for this being I need time to focus on other areas of my life. Mental and physical health are important, and my thoughts have been kind of scattered lately, so I think taking a refresher would be a good thing, yes? I'd hate to lose my passion with drawing, so taking steps to avoid burnout would be both in my and your best interest. On the bright side, when I do get out of this rut there'll be a bunch of art piled up that will be ripe for posting.

I should note this break will be indefinite, and until what's done is done, I'll be working to sort things out!

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by pingpong101 1 month ago Report

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Of course, and likewise, your art is wonderful


Posted by WeirdoMcWeirdFace 1 month ago Report

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Np yw. Reptile preds are just ????. Btw idk if this is a thing but if you're getting notis
or something saying I'm unfaving and faving I'm just trying to arrange my favorites. I'm on mobile so


Posted by AfraArt 3 months ago Report

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Aw, you are very welcome!~


Posted by Evergreenplate 4 months ago Report

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No probs, I like your snake


Posted by SOJITZL 4 months ago Report

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Hey, thanks, I don't really post here much anymore but I appreciate it

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Posted by Anaikondra 10 months ago Report

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Ok! thx!


Posted by Anaikondra 10 months ago Report

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Thx! By the way, I'm new here. Can you teach me how to create and submit Literature on this website please? I want to create stories for the site to enjoy.


Posted by DAC 11 months ago Report

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Posted by ifdre 1 year ago Report

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You're welcome!


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 1 year ago Report

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Aw I'm flattered, thanks <3

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Posted by CharlieDeCat 2 years ago Report

i love your style :D


Posted by GramzonTheDragon 2 years ago Report

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