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By JuiceFox

Wakey, wakey, little prey,

Today will be your final day.

Where are you and who am I?

Don’t you remember little guy?

At the bar, your friends they ditched you,

Cause their car, it would not fit you.

A very special Christmas present

By JuiceFox

Greenvale College Dorms, December 23, 5:37pm

Billy couldn’t get out of it. He had to work on Christmas Eve, but he was determined to make it home for Christmas day. So, after work, the goat raced to his dorm and gathered his bags. He slung his backpa



, furry, digestion, scat)

A porn director talks about the first


film he ever made.




furry, digestion)
PETBy JuiceFoxZack hated English. The scrawny deer
dreaded every class but he refused to miss a single one. Unlike
almost everyone else, Zack cared about his grades. He felt that he
had to attend but English had become unbearable. It was the teacher’s
fault. Mrs Moss wasn’t a bad teacher, but she had absolutely no
control over her class. The mole couldn’t see past her own nose, so
misbehavior would almost always escape her attention.Chaos
was the norm in

(f/m, furry, digestion,
Caitlin had been
friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. But over the
years the cheetah came to want more from the rabbit than his mere
company. She wanted to tell him how she felt but she was always too
shy. So, while watching videos with him in her room, the cheetah
plays a tape that demonstrates her desires better than words ever
By JuiceFox
Caitlin had been
friends with Matt for as long as she could remember. It seemed as

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When I made Vore Street, I had to make a lot of compromises due to the limitations of the game engine. There are so many details that I had to leave out because there was no easy way to make dialogue trees. And, unfortunately, the last update to Quest has introduced a bunch of problems that would make further development difficult, and addons like convlib are now faulty (though I’m unsatisfied with how convlib handles dialogue trees). I’ve looked into other engines, but they all have major limitations that would be very difficult to work around. It would almost be easier to make my own game engine, but I don’t have the knowledge or patience for that.

So I don’t know. I really want to flesh out that story more, but I don’t know … I also thought about doing like an RP/ask blog...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by ObsidianSphinx 5 days ago Report

Hey thanks for the watch, I'll be sure to give your stories a read too!


Posted by anyonarex 1 month ago Report

love your work man. X3 you've always been a big inspiration of mine in terms of vore writing. :p such good stories <3


Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the fave! :-)


Posted by Indighost 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To juicefox

Thank you for the sweet and kind comment. I want to say first of all how glad i am that you did not, as i expected, fade into "normal person" haze but instead you continue to pursue your passion of vore. Ive continued to love and enjoy it despite all life events and hope you will too. Now about the game. I think that yyou will be surprised about how user friendly the devwlopment tools are becoming, such as generic 3d models free for use in hobby games, and easily scriptable 3d engines. I do encourage you to explire and take the opportunity when you feel you have a good template and the free time to learn and use it. Or just enjoy traditional vore roleplay as i do :-) ♡ Be well, juicefox!


Posted by Tricks 2 years ago Report

Thank you very much for the watch! I hope you enjoy any future works I put forth.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Indighost 3 years ago Report

Just wanna say, hope you are well. :)


Posted by Indighost 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To juicefox

Hi juicefox. No, that's because I haven't read it yet. The way this forum software works, "Outbox" status is for a message that's sent, but not yet read. (Note: Unlike FA and FList's messages, Eka's messages you can edit anythign while it's in outbox status and the user will only get the final version.). I'm keeping it unread because I want to go through your comments with 100% full attention when I have a full day to work on this.

This week I've been either extremely busy with work or my table-top game mastering plans or with crazy erotic roleplaying at F-List. But i have made progress while working on the train and will continue to add 20+ hours to the project this weekend. :)


Posted by kernac 3 years ago Report

Well thank you~ You also seem to be a really cool person and I don't know why I wasn't watching ya^^


Posted by kernac 3 years ago Report

Many thanks for the watch and I'll be watching you as well!


Posted by Lurkergonnalurk 3 years ago Report

You maybe don't have a lot of stuff on here, but what's here I find absolutely adorable~

Also, loved the text adventure, great job! ^^


Posted by Jeschke 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To juicefox

Hahah, glad to help yeah


Posted by Jeschke 3 years ago Report

<< Reply To juicefox

I'd say just get the options ready because it's really not that complicated of a code thing, you could copy/paste things in once it's set up, I just can't remember the specific things the code was called

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