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What's up fellow hornygoers, it's your boy Voulge here with another choice ass user profile description!

I'm somewhat of an artist with what I would consider a full-blown tummy obsession, so you'll be seeing female guts here mainly stuffed up with people, food, etc..
I also have a big interest in character design, so I make a fair amount of content based around my own characters and things of that nature.

Other things I'm into (horny or otherwise):
-Monster girls, anthro stuff (primarily reptiles and/or herbivores usually)
-Chubby, fat, BBW, MILF, whatever you want to call it as long as it revolves around big-but-not-too-big women
-Other parts of the digestive system coming into play (swallowing, intestines, graphic digestion, occasionally disposal)
-Fighting games
-Roguelikes (roguelites?)
-Assorted Nintendo properties
-Creature and environment design (let me see the avatar 2 creatures mr cameron i beg of you)
-Paleontology, Evo Biology, Speculative Evolution
-being epic

Things I'm not into (horny context):
-Male Pred stuff (male characters as prey or bystanders are fine but I'm not into guys in general)
-Vore types other than oral, ESPECIALLY cock vore I personally find a bit gross
-Sexual roleplaying, I cringe at my own writing as it is so I don't want to put words in characters' mouths any more than I have to
-Macro/Micro just doesn't do it for me unless the predator gets a belly, similar deal with stuff like hammerspace

Anyway, hope you like my shit, Eka's user! Cheers!

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An update for those waiting for Otachi's comic:

I'm sorry guys, I definitely shouldn't have said it was the next thing I would put out after the July update when at the time I hadn't made any significant progress on it.
It's still being worked on, but it's likely still a month or so from being finished, given my best estimate of my terrible work ethic.

Thanks for your patience!

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Posted by Assimilation 1 year ago Report

Love the characters you've come up with, love the settings you're established, love the forms you're drawing, love the video-game aspects and styling you reference and add to a lot of your images.

Hope to see more from you (at your own pace)! :)


Posted by bigboy1992 2 years ago Report

I like your oni character. Are you going to have any comics or stories with her?

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