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i'm in my mid-twenties now lol
i don't check here often, i'm sorry, but thank you for your support!
i'm mostly on twitter: https://twitter.com/meatflav0r

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kveis' Blog - :3c Posted 1 year ago

it's been literal years since i last checked here but i'm trying to ease myself back into drawing. i've been using twitter recently (https://twitter.com/meatflav0r) and will probably be more active there but i promise i'll try to crosspost everything. this will remain a more formal gallery whereas twitter is for shitpost stream of consciousness bullshit lol so you definitely don't need to follow me there unless you want to see my every horny on main go directly to pervert jail thought. thank you so much to anyone who still follows me, remembers me, looks at my drawings, etc! i know i'm not good at replying to comments and messages but i appreciate all the input i've received here, i hope my future self-indulgence continues to be something you can enjoy...

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Posted by Nieck 2 weeks ago Report

soft expression


Posted by SherlokKirya 1 month ago Report

Your art and style are certainly one of the most memorable for me. Hope you we will see more of it in the future)


Posted by borobo 1 year ago Report

Ohh you came back! I'm really glad you're drawing again


Posted by MianQ 1 year ago Report

Welcome back you beautiful bastard!


Posted by TheKawaiiCommie 1 year ago Report

Hey man, just discovered you but your art looks incredibly and I look forward to your continued posts. For what it's worth, you have my interest.


Posted by Kroskoo 1 year ago Report

Glad to have you back. I discovered your art a couple of months ago and I say, you're really good. I was kinda curious as to why an artist with pretty good skills just up and left but now you're back and I'm happy for that.


Posted by courtoftheweirdos 1 year ago Report

Glad to have you back.


Posted by Tilalumtar 2 years ago Report

Even though you don't upload that often, your amazing art is worth the wait!

Just take yourself the time you need. You are providing us free pleasure after all :3


Posted by Lexus 4 years ago Report

Curious if you got your original styling cues from the Vagrant Story art style? Your style seems so similar to it.


Posted by incubite 4 years ago Report

I just discovered your art today and may I just say holy fuck your coloring and grasp on shapes is so fucking good, the way you draw bodies and especially bulges is absolutely amazing 8'I They all look like I could just reach out and grab em, absolutely lovely gallery! <3

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Posted by Skeletop 5 years ago Report

You okay?

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