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Garden Lamia User's Guide By Voulge -- Report

Trying something a little different here, let me know what you think. I really like scenarios where vore is not only casual, but useful and is seen as prime specimen behavior.

Hybridized Solutions Ltd. is the leading expert in the business of engineering demi-human hybrids for consumer applications. Otherwise, the setting is purely human, so understandably not everyone is on board with this new avenue of business. Others, however, love having a sweet little snake girl around.

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Posted by corruptedcroissant 4 months ago Report

Amazing! Where I can buy one?? Lots of insects pestering my delicate flowers..


Posted by Voulge 4 months ago Report

Thank you! You'll have to find an HS outlet location, they're super protective of their product so they don't sell to any distributors.


Posted by corruptedcroissant 4 months ago Report

I see.. well I better take my wallet.. will need to negociate i'm sure.


Posted by glorp 4 months ago Report

Very cute idea!!


Posted by Voulge 4 months ago Report

Thanks man!


Posted by Diamonte 4 months ago Report

Caution: Do not approach your lamia while bleeding or injured. It is imperative that she not get even a taste of human flesh, nor a sniff of blood...


Posted by Voulge 4 months ago Report

It should also be noted that any reports of our products consuming their owners are purely fictitious accounts and are considered slander against the company. No exceptions.


Posted by UBFanDrake 4 months ago Report

What happens if someone approaches a Garden Noodle they dont own andpets them or rubs their hard working belly?


Posted by Voulge 4 months ago Report

Most likely she'll blush and thank that person, or remind them that she's not a pet, depending on the noodle.


Posted by blergle 4 months ago Report

I need one. But I need one to eat squirrels and chipmunks, and possibly the tomcats that harass my elderly female cat. She is too old to protect my garden anymore and she deserves her retirement in peace. I'd love her to have a little snek friend that could give her a pat every now and then and maybe lay in the sun with her during the afternoons when it's too hot to water the plants.


Posted by Voulge 3 months ago Report

Mammals are definitely within their limits, although it might take a little while for one of these to choke down a whole tomcat. Also this scenario is adorable and I love it.


Posted by Cowrie 4 months ago Report

Very interesting concept! I approve!


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 4 months ago Report

...Okay, this is really neat. I'd love to see more hybrid files - maybe a minotaur girl next, or a larger lamia model?


Posted by Voulge 3 months ago Report

There's definitely a bunch of interesting stuff I could do with this premise, a minotaur as a high-end farmhand and milk factory, maybe a sea snake lamia for commercial fisheries? I'll have to give this some more thought...


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 3 months ago Report

Wolfgirls as the ultimate hunting companion, harpies for postal services and urban pest removal... there's a lot of possibilities!


Posted by UnreliableKnight 4 months ago Report



Posted by carlj 3 months ago Report

Such an interesting and cute concept ^^


Posted by doomed 3 months ago Report

so cute lol


Posted by Carpetpuncher 3 months ago Report

wasn't this one in Spy Kids 2?


Posted by Voulge 3 months ago Report

I don't think so? Steve Buscemi didn't make any miniature human hybrids if I remember right.


Posted by Bright 3 months ago Report

Cute idea.


Posted by TW 3 months ago Report

Amazing job on this. well done.


Posted by G0DF1RE 3 months ago Report