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of Patch Island, Late Evening
days later..
small patrol moved quietly along the darkened backroad, the mounted
lights on their rifles cutting narrow beams of brightness through the
gloom as they played over the treeline. Command back in Atlas had
finally started to simmer down after the initial scare over a week
ago involving the Xiao Long girl, and the patrols through the woods
were being cut down from over a dozen men apiece to half a dozen,
then halved once again a few days

Sized Sexy Girlfriends XXX
Enough of Nora
hope this works.” Jaune muttered to himself, then began to run the
tips of his fingers over Nora’s exposed belly.  
large slumbering girl soon began to wobble and jiggle…. well, more
than the usual. With the implacable surge of a rising storm, she
slowly began to laugh in her sleep as Jaune tickled her. As she
giggled and guffawed, her arms began to move, slowly but surely
freeing the blonde knight from Nora’s blubbery e

Warning: This story contains a monstergirl, vore

, digestion, post-digestion expansion

, snuggling, and motherfucking dinosaurs

, as well as

implied smut

. You have been warned.

T-rex na Kanojo is the rightful intellectual property of Sanzo. I’m just a perverted schmuc

This story contains vore, a mini giantess monstergirl, and sweet, sweet revenge. Don't read if you don't like it.

All characters shown here are depicted as at or above 18 years of age, if only for my own peace of mind than anything else.

RWBY is the intellectual property of Rooster Teeth.

Also contains spoilers to Season

Vengeance, pt. 1
Warning: This
story contains characters whose official ages are either not listed
or are below the age of consent. For the purposes of this story, they
are depicted here as at or above 18 years of age. Additionally, this
story elements of transformation, vore, digestion, multiple
types of female expansion, a mini giantess, and sweet, sweet revenge.
If you are not interested in or are offended by such themes, then
this is most definitely not the story for you.

Afternoon Meal: a RWBY Vore Story
was a pleasant afternoon at Beacon Academy. Classes had finished for
the day, and the students were spending their free time either
relaxing in their dorm rooms or out and about, socializing with one
another or sparring. The four members of Team RWBY were no exception,
and had split up to pursue various activities. Ruby was currently
sparring with Team JNPR, taking Zwei with her, Weiss Schnee was off
at the CCTV Tower to get in touch with a family me

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