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Proficient writer, avid roleplayer, half-decent programmer, and lead administrator of the multiplayer SS13 mod called VORE Station.

Also I occasionally buy commissioned things when I actually have some money to spare.

I'm currently looking for an artist who'd like to work in collaboration in making comics, both vorish and non-vore. I'd like to actually publish a non-vore graphic novel at some point for profit, and split the earnings.

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Just a public announcement/rant about recent whining on my Guts and Glory comic and Little Lamia in the Big City.

I like digestion. If you don't like it, too bad. I don't want to hear your lamenting in my comments about it. Don't get me wrong, saying something lighthearted such as, "Aw, I liked (digested character)" is fine. I probably liked them too.

On the other hand, ridiculing me on how it rUiNS ThE sTOry for you or demanding that I should change it, you can go fuck right off, especially if you didn't actually help to fund the creation of the story in question.

I'm just deleting those comments. Apparently I have to block you people now as well because obviously you notice me deleting your comments, and you feel the...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by SuperSlosh 6 months ago Report

Ayyy good to see you are still keeping EATU alive!

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Posted by Brenden1k 7 months ago Report

What happened to your jingle jangle ficlet


Posted by Badfurson 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by starwars2434 10 months ago Report

Idea, if you want to make another fallout guts and glory story, do one about nuka-world with the gator Deathclaw hybrid. Only idea


Posted by unknownincognitoguy 11 months ago Report

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That's cool. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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Posted by unknownincognitoguy 11 months ago Report

Pleas continue Ouroboros! Very interesting!

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Posted by Wolfyguy05 1 year ago Report

Finally got my account going so i can both upload stories...and comment on my most liked vore. And i got to say your fallout fic is one of my favorite pieces due to my love of fallout itself, and also grown to love your lamia story. Keep it the good work!


Posted by Seroko 1 year ago Report

Hey Mr.Aces, I was just curious as to the whereabouts of Guts and Glory sections 49 and 50. Love your writing!


Posted by Skeletaldragin1 1 year ago Report

Why are there a couple chapters missing from no guts no glory


Posted by Bellyl0ver 1 year ago Report

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A shame, I’d love to see a comic or image of Kira with a prey filled stomach.

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