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Proficient writer, avid roleplayer, lousy programmer, and absolute gun nut. Also I occasionally buy commissioned things when I actually have some money to spare.

I'm currently looking for artists who'd like to work in collaboration in making comics, both vorish and non-vore. I'd like to actually publish a non-vore graphic novel at some point for profit, and split the earnings.

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I want to start posting Guts and Glory comic pages consistently, once every two weeks, but I can't seem to make Postybirb work right. If anyone can help me, contact me on Discord.

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Posted by Dagre 2 months ago Report

If you had/have a Patreon I would subscribe


Posted by KevinK1993 1 year ago Report

@Aces Of all the stories that you've written thus far (i,e. Avarice, Dragon Pilot: Red Flag, Fallout: Guts and Glory, Little Lamia in the Big City [REDUX], Ouroboros 2090, The Good, The Bad, & The Hungry, The Legend of Peran, Voyages of the Voracious, E.A.T.U. - Interactive Vore Story, Fallout: Voracious), which ones did you start with first and which ones are you the most proud of?


Posted by WellsDeep 1 year ago Report

Really love yout work and it gave me some inspiration causing me to try my hand at writing a vore story


Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

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I asked BIGBIG and they signed off on it, but that's no problem if you're backed up on commissions! Let me know if/when you become interested :)

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Posted by wolfSnack 1 year ago Report

Hello. I had read your work for BIGBIG here ( and was a big fan. Are you willing to take a commission continuing this story, describing the main character's fate the next day? If so, I'd be happy to hash out the details in PM.

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Posted by ACrocWithScales 1 year ago Report

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Thank you :D


Posted by bootsynekomata 2 years ago Report

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ah, kinda forgot about her. maybe someday

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Posted by SuperSlosh 2 years ago Report

Ayyy good to see you are still keeping EATU alive!

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Posted by Badfurson 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by starwars2434 3 years ago Report

Idea, if you want to make another fallout guts and glory story, do one about nuka-world with the gator Deathclaw hybrid. Only idea


Posted by deletobn219gh6 3 years ago Report

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That's cool. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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