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Hey everyone! WolfSnack here, one of the writers for MarkusFreeman320's interactive project Graduation (accessible here). I'm a great fan of furry preds, human prey, digestion, and disposal (unsurprising, for anyone who's read my Favorites or writing).

I am the primary writer for Graduation, with my girlfriend  vixingirl, our artist  markusfreeman320, and colorwork done by an anonymous friend <3

I will also be posting some of their stuff with permission, as well as attribution and a link to their original copy, to keep everything for Graduation in one place.

Check out all of MarkusFreeman's awesome art for the game here! https://aryion.com/g4/view/421756

I don't take commissions at the moment, I've got more than enough work to do on Graduation. I try to publish one complete story every few weeks, but sometimes life gets in the way...

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Hey all -- In my last post, I mentioned that I've been writing a very long commission for someone.

It's nearly done, but it's going to be more than 25,000 words when it's complete. For context, the stories I upload are usually 5-15 thousand words.

I want to get my readers' opinion -- should I post the 25K word commission as a single gigantic document, or break it into "chapters" that I upload on the same day?

This problem is only going to get worse with another upcoming commission (one that I bought, this time) which is likely going to be over 35,000 words.

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Posted by FrivolousFoxGirl 10 days ago Report

Why is the S in your username capitalized but the w in your username isn't?


Posted by RoxxiFoxxi 4 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To wolfSnack

A pretty dang good chunk of your collection, I like the way your stories a lot :3


Posted by RoxxiFoxxi 4 weeks ago Report

The story you recommended with Rossi was very good, but I like all your stuff anyway so it's not hard to recommend a good pick from your stories~


Posted by heromc 4 weeks ago Report

<< Reply To wolfSnack

I'll check it out! What sort of changes should I be on the lookout for?


Posted by saturn 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by grz01 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To wolfSnack

Your dialog is excellent, I'd argue it's a strength - the teasing bit particularly. I have a link directly to your stories now when I need erm, a little 'inspiration' ;-)


Posted by grz01 1 month ago Report

I used to not be fussed about pov prey stories - wow, your stories have completely changed my opinion, they are amazing! Adore the teasing and the pre vore exchanges, all very very well written stuff - well done.


Posted by VoraciousPreyator 1 month ago Report

Thank you so much for the fave!


Posted by MrEaten 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To wolfSnack

A reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely ;)


Posted by Thorne 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To wolfSnack

Your welcome! I really like your stuff too, you have a fantastic setting for casual vore and I love how caring your preds are. Hit me up if you'd ever like to chat!


Posted by Fhaalen 2 months ago Report

Same! Great stories that you are writing <3


Posted by Disposabletwink 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To wolfSnack

I'm meaning to write it, but most of the stories kinky stories I've done in the past have had a different subject matter, so it may take a while

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