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This is the place where I upload all my gross stuff.
Things like scat/disposal, watersports, gore and other similarly niché fetishes I might have.

I do not roleplay, so don't waste my time asking.

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So I wanted to give an update, for the two, maybe three people interested in this.
Well over a year ago, I made a blog post encouraging people to help straighten up and clear up Eka's portals' tagging system, by rooting out grammatical error tags, or redundant ones (Like why have 'Woman pred' when you have 'Female Pred' etc) and it has been going pretty swell.
With the help of the few of you, we now have about 2400 corrections. And yet we keep finding more.

Some of you engaged in this might also wonder "Why isn't anything happening?" and to answer that, this project was never really something planned years in advance.
It was a suggestion made to Leshana, and...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by kelenkenwithfangs 4 months ago Report

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Yeah made it back when I first discovered vore, and pop in every now and then. Dunno if I'll ever be more active or set up a gallery here, the site is a bit of a faff, and my inbox errors whenever I try to view or delete anything; just endlessly collecting submission notifications. XD

Surprised to find quite a few familiar faces (and maws) as well!


Posted by selfrog 1 year ago Report

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I'm not sure, well under 18 though from what I was told.


Posted by BrokenButterfly45 2 years ago Report

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I actually am not sure what's going on because I'm NOT putting up stuff only to immediately delete it. I don't know what in the world Eka's is doing? I try not to delete stuff if I can help it and I definitely haven't deleted anything in like... months.

I'm gonna try to see what's going on over on my end, thanks for letting me know something weird is happening.

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Posted by Strega 2 years ago Report

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That was a great video. That sort of research doesn't end well in the Stregaverse. 83


Posted by CorporalDred 2 years ago Report

Much appreciated! Your art is absolutely fantastic!


Posted by Avios 2 years ago Report

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I asked because I am interested, and I want to know what my audience is enjoying so I can bear it in mind in future stories. If you're annoyed by it, rest assured you have no obligation to reply.

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