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Welcome. This is the page of the Court of Predators, the self-described "most blackhearted, gluttonous, amoral, merciless monsters in the entire multiverse." Stories written by me, and commissioned or gifted art, happen sometimes.

I like vore, a lot, and I love the dark intense kinds, full of fear and despair and obsessive desire. Expect a lot of that. Otherwise I like books, cooking, Dark Souls, various different species, and even more vore.

"SFW"-ish account with less lewd, more oral focused but similarly vorish stuff:  theguywhoknows .

I'm between jobs at the moment, and all the monsters I know are very, very greedy, so if you want to show your appreciation for their stories, I'd be delighted. I have a KoFi here.

I love every single comment I get, and try very hard to respond to all of them. I value a comment far more than a favourite or watch. Don't be afraid to communicate.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, but don't linger too long. The predators who haunt these pages have excellent senses of smell, and you do look utterly delicious.

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As you may have noticed, I really, really like vore. And my preferences and kinks have grown and evolved over my time here. However, for a few reasons, I didn’t feel comfortable displaying their full extent on my first account,  theguywhoknows . Of course, that didn’t mean they went away, and so several years ago, I decided to create a second account where I could explore these kinks more freely, calling it Avios on Aryion and later Court_Of_Predators on FA. While this was mostly just intended for some RP nonsense at first, it’s since developed quite a detailed storyverse of it’s own, one which I’ve had a lot of fun with.

I’m happy to say that most of the reasons for keeping things separate are no longer applicable, and maintaining two identities has been awkward and a...
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Posted by nephilim 6 months ago Report

You had me fooled, you did.


Posted by sallmcfall 1 year ago Report

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Thank you! I adore your writing so obviously I had to watch you and favourite your stuff :)


Posted by Kaltas 1 year ago Report

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Oh no I am honored to have your responses! Its very nice to get personalized responses! I welcome them anytime! I was peeking at your updates here and there and not expecting quick responses. I was very happy to get them! I like any peaks I can get into the lives of some of my favorite celebrities, and I figured I would give expressing my love for them with you a chance.


Posted by Wolf-9 2 years ago Report

You are very welcome my dear <3

your picture "Apotheothi" happen to catch my eye and I figured you were worth keeping an eye on ;3


Posted by shadowgear7 2 years ago Report

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The use of demonic ferals and every type of vore is very enticing. The level of worship and subjugation without physical pain being used is very rare, keep up the good work.
(Can’t wait for read more about the cow daemon)


Posted by Shophaune 2 years ago Report

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The tale Apotheothis definitely caught more than my eye, it caught my attention.


Posted by Sauvegarde 2 years ago Report

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I've stumbled on Bottomless Pit Stop some times ago. It's well written and your world picked my curiosity. I have mixed feelings about Rose but I do enjoy what she does and how.


Posted by Rothar 2 years ago Report

Not the copypaste survey shouts. That's for sure.

But if you really wanna know, its the stories like "The Perfect Moment" where ferals are the prey, especially specieses that are otherwise considered predatory. Humans and anthros getting ate there's plenty of. But something in the style of that story there is much less off, so I followed in the hopes that there'll be more stuff in similair theme to that. Perhaps even with some UB, AV or CV thrown into the mix.

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Posted by RyouBoy 3 years ago Report

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Sure! I came across the "Lesser Known Battles of EWII"either while tag browsing or looking at another's artist faves (no idea right now, sorry!) checked your gallery and loved what I saw :)


Posted by Shadow1998 3 years ago Report

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Mortals and eternity war


Posted by Aleksandrova 3 years ago Report

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Mhm! Username is Lor.


Posted by Aleksandrova 3 years ago Report

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You should also accept my friend request on Discord, you! We need to talk more~

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